The Excretory System Bio 2 answer keys

Gout is a disease that is caused by a buildup of unprocessed uric acid. When a doctor diagnoses a patient as having gout, which organ is most likely malfunctioning?
removing carbon dioxide that is produced during respiration.
The excretory system helps the respiratory system by
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The Excretory System Bio 2 answer keys
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skin and anus
Which of the following are sites where waste products are released from the body but not where they are produced?
maintaining homeostasis
Which is the overall purpose of the excretory system?
He built the machine and tried it with various patients, collecting data about its effectiveness.
What was Dr. Willem Johan Kolff’s first step in using the scientific process to invent the hemodialysis machine?
large intestine
In the diagram below, which organ of the excretory system is at the end of the arrow?


toxic build up
Which would be a result of a malfunctioning excretory system?
Which is the functional unit of the kidney where blood is filtered, water and other dissolved substances are reabsorbed, and waste is sent out to be excreted?
Which substance is constantly processed by some excretory organs even though it is not excreted by the excretory system?
build up toxins
What would most likely be the result of a malfunctioning liver?
tubules in the kidney
As blood is filtered in the excretory system, which of the following functions like a recycling center?
Urine is held in the bladder before excretion. Where is feces stored before excretion?
either water or salt in the body.
The kidneys and sweat glands both work to prevent excesses of
data that profile the various patients who report these symptoms
A team from New York Presbyterian hospital is conducting a study about a recent increase in cases involving both excess sweating and kidney stones. What would the team need before it draws a conclusion about the cases?
group 4
In biology class one day, Mrs. Chabon wrote six physiological functions on the board. Then, she asked groups of students to each choose the three functions that are purposes of the excretory system. These are the lists they made.

Group 1: maintaining pH level of blood; transporting hormones throughout the body; regulating growth

Group 2: removing wastes from the body; digesting solid foods; maintaining salt and water balance

Group 3: maintaining salt and water balance; maintaining pH level of blood; regulating growth

Group 4: removing wastes from the body; maintaining pH level of blood; maintaining salt and water balance

Which group correctly listed the functions of the excretory system?

pH balance.
Acidosis and alkalosis can occur when the excretory system fails to keep a functional:

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