The Excretory System-Paragraph Questions

All living things make wastes. The excretory sytem removes wastes and helps keep the body’s water balanced.
a) A huge number of reactions take place in your body.These reactions break down food into smaller pieces, bring oxygen to red blood cells,and capture the energy from food.
b)These reactions cause the body to produce a lot of waste. A waste is any material that the body cannot use. The job of the excretory sytem is to remove wastes and to keep the body’s water balanced.
What is the Excretory System?
Excretory Sytem-body cells create wastes-blood carries wastes to liver-the liver converts wastes into urea-Blood carries urea to kidneys-Wastes are removed from the body-The kidneys filte wastes-Filtered blood returns to the body.
Explain how the exrectory sytem works using an arrow diagram.
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The Excretory System-Paragraph Questions
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Blood carries wastes that containNITROGEN, a gas, to the LIVER.
Complete the chart to tell about the excretory sytem. Blood carries wastes that contain WHAT, a gas, to the What?
The liver converts NITROGEN to a compound called UREA
The liver converts WHAT to a compound called WHAT?
Blood carries the UREA to the kidneys.
Blood carries the WHAT to the kidneys.
The KIDNEYS take wastes from the blood.
The WHAT take wastes from the blood.
The liquid remaining after the blood is cleaned is called URINE
The liquid remaining after the blood is cleaned is called WHAT?
Urine leaves the kidney and flows down the URETERS
Urine leaves the kidney and flows down the WHAT?
Urine is stored in the BLADDER.
Urine is stored in the WHAT?
Filtering urea from the blood is the main job of the kidneys.The kidneys are bean-shaped organs that are near the middle of the back.People have two kidneys. Kidneys take waste from the blood. The liquid that remains after the blood is cleaned is called urine. The kidneys need to be well protected . They are surrounded by a layer of fat. They are also kept away from the part of the body that holds the organs of the digestive system.
What is the main job of the kidneys?
What carries waste to the kidneys?
What is bean-shaped organs near the middle of the back?
The Bladder
What is a muscular bag that holds urine?
The Kidneys
What filters urea from the blood?
The Ureters
What are the tubes that lead to the bladder?
The Liver.
What changes nitrogen into a compound called urea?
Wastes and poisons wouls build up in the body.
What happens if the excretory sytem stops working?
a)Kidney disease.
b)Born with missing or damaged kidneys.
c)Kidneys can also get infected causing infections
List three problems that can occur to kidneys?
a)Drinking lots of water and eating healthy foods
b)Following safety rules during excercise to prevent injuries.
List three ways to keep your kidneys healthy?
When kidneys stop working. Dialysis is a way to clean the blood. THIS IS WHEN DIALYSIS IS NEEDED.
When is dialysis needed?
1)Blood containing wastes is removed from the body.
2)Wastes are filteredfrom blood in a machine.
3)Filtered blood is returned to the body.
Describe Dialysis?
a) In one method , a machine cleans waste and extra fluid from the blood.The machine returns the clean blood back to the patients’s body.
b) Anothe kind of dialysis uses the patient’s bodyas the blood cleaner. A drug helps turn tissues in the body into a simple blood cleaner. A machine pumps in the drug and drains out the wastes.
There are two types of dialysis. Name them?
A long-lasting treatment for a sick kidney is to transplant a new kidney.
a) A doctor cuts out the damaged kidney and puts a new, healthy kidney into the patient’s body. People only need one workingkidney to stay healthy.
Kidney transplants do not always work. Sometimes the body tries to reject , or not work with, organs and tie=ssues that are not its own. It helps if the new kidney is from a close relative of the patient.
What is a kidney transplant?
All living things make wastes. There are many different ways to get rid of them.
Earthworm-Wastes pass directly to the outside through animals wet skin.
Snakes and Lizards-Change nitrogen wastes to solid uric acid.
All Mammals-Make urea, which flushes out of body with water
Plants-Store wastes in a vacuole.Plants also make wastes. Plants may also keep wastes in parts it does not want anymore, such as the leaves a tree drops in autumn
Describe waste removal in other organisms?
List three parts of the human excretory system?
A camel has such powerfl kidneys that its urine can be saltier than sea water. A camel’s kidneys remove waste without losing a lot of water.
Describe a camel’s removal of wastes?

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