The Factors Influencing Procurement Route Construction Essay

Recent developments in the field of building have led to a renewed involvement in procurance which helps us to bring on the proficient complexnesss by forming and presenting the building undertakings utilizing assorted specialised methods towards the precedences of the client. In add-on, it creates perfect relationship between many organisations working on the undertaking sing their duties and hazards. This paper attempts to describe the Principal of Heriot Watt University ( HWU ) about the advanced procurance strategic attack for the new auditorium which is planned to construct at the HWU with domination. However, it comprises of 200 comfy tiered siting supplying first-class visibleness, high specification engineering, multimedia theater with air conditioning, a full size synergistic screen and computing machine driven presentation installations.

2.1 Premises

It is required from the initial phase of the undertaking which clearly paves the manner for the satisfactory completion of the undertaking. The undermentioned premises are considered in this study.

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The Factors Influencing Procurement Route Construction Essay
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Capital Cost

Cash flow is energetic in the administrations which determine the size of the undertaking which is considered chiefly. Likewise, updated cost information was shared by the measure surveyor to the client who correlates them to the contractor. Recent grounds suggests that during urgency the deduction of cost is partly neglected whereas the initial cost and lifecycle cost is ever preferred.


The two chief factors regulating the clip of the undertaking are Design of the undertaking and Methods adapted in the building site by the contractor. Datas from several beginnings identified that above characteristics are considered consequently to the client ‘s precedence.


Quality depends upon the stuffs used during building allowing the design specifications. Lifecycle costing is reflected in the quality of the building work used to cut down the care and replacing cost taking to the better economic sciences overall in the hereafter. The rule of procurance is the ageless trigon which favours the client towards high quality, lowest cost and short clip period. All the three factors are reciprocally concerned in a undertaking if one is given high penchant so the other two will endure.


It chiefly relies upon the interior decorator who prepares the program and structural designs for the undertaking, indispensable for aesthetic entreaty and eco-friendly. The pick of stuffs and the builders plays the cardinal function in public presentation and besides for the future care and renovations.

Hazard Factors

The common hazards faced during the building undertakings are ground conditions, unreal obstructors and faultiness in craft, stuff trials and samples, conditions. In add-on, hold and differences from both the parties, unapproved payments and the disagreements from the Government policies and Law & A ; arbitration.

Planing aa‚¬ ” Early acquisition planning is done to choose the procurance path.

Environment aa‚¬ ” Sustainable environment is attained through planning

Flexibility aa‚¬ ” Changes can be done in the ongoing undertaking or in future

3.1 Procurement Strategy

In general procurance is defined as “ the obtaining of goods and services ” [ 1 ] which in building field refers to the building stuffs, works and services in order to plan, agenda, manage, form, put to death and committee the undertaking until presenting to the client. A assortment of method have been developed and introduced to measure edifice through procurance which is obtained by group of multiple organisations experience and expertness. The procurance scheme describes the part that the effectual procurance will do to the fulfillment of the organisations vision and strategic aims [ a ] .

Second, procurement scheme identifies the chief aims, restraints, support, and hazard and plus ownership of the undertaking which subsequently enhances to accomplish the mark of the client. Besides, it promotes high criterions of professionalism and high quality of direction information. Furthermore, decrease in cost is attained through aggregated buying power and minimizes the exposure through effectual hazard direction.

3.2 Necessity for Procurement

To accomplish the value for money

To organize swimmingly with the organisations and to provide focal point on concatenation direction

To obtain sustainability by doing value for money determinations over the life of the plus and non entirely on capital costs [ b ] .


3.3 Procurement Paths

The procurance paths are accomplished with great engagement and cognition of the persons and organisations who worked in the industries for old ages in distinguishable subjects. Procurement path is defined as the “ systems and processs for commissioning the work ” . This path is concerned chiefly for the strategic attack of the undertaking which simplifies the building executing by organizing with the specialist squads of the undertaking.

3.4 Factors act uponing Procurement Path

Central to the full subject of the procurance is the construct of appraisal about the ability of the economic operators of the undertaking to fulfill the necessity of the client. The cardinal facets of this path are employer ‘s demands, stamp period/contractor ‘s proposals, choosing the specialized contractor and building. Into the deal, the undermentioned factors are besides taken attention in this method such as cost certainty, cost decrease, contract period, quality and criterions, constructability and judicial proceeding. Equally good as this path is concerned it depends upon the cost and clip of the undertaking at the disbursal of quality which is good suited for perfect passenger car of the undertaking. Following, the factors which encourages this path are listed below [ 3 ]

User acquaintance with design and construct procurement agreements

Preference of a client or adviser

The desire for the individual point duty for the client

Greater certainty of results, ab initio and in the longer term

Despite the fact, follows the present guaranteed maximal monetary value ( GMP ) which is prepared at the clip of understanding and if the contractor finishes the work below GMP so staying sum will be shared between the client and contractor in most instance.

Situations Where Design & A ; Build Arrangement Used Widely

In the instance of simple and standard signifiers of building are required.

Example: Warehouses

Where the edifice needs merely minimal architectural plants.

Example: Farm edifices

Where proprietary system is used in edifices as it reduces the design and blessing clip.

Example: Buildings with Automations ( such as automatic doors )

Where the undertakings requires local contractor specializers.

Example: Specialised in Flooring and Masonry

To put to death Fast-track undertakings

Examples: Hospitals

In undertakings where cost certainty is most preferable.

Example: Housing Unit of measurements

3.5 Types of Procurement Route

There is a big volume of published surveies depicting the function of procurement path obligatory for bring forthing the needed undertaking results and have a profound consequence towards completing point. In general there are many procurement paths available which are listed as follows:

Traditional / Conventional

Design and Build / Package trade agreement

Construction Management

Management Catching

Two phase stamp

Prison guard

Public Private Partnership

Framework Agreement


Even though there are many paths available, traditional, design & A ; construct, building direction and direction catching are the major methods used by and large. On the other manus, harmonizing to my sentiment for this auditorium undertaking we can follow Design and Build path or Traditional path.

3.5.1 Traditional Procurement Path

This is the criterion method which is in pattern for the past 150 old ages in the building industry. In this path the client appoints the contractor, designer and advisers to steer the undertaking from the initial phase to prosecute flawlessness in planning and design. Furthermore, the client owns the whole duty of the design and undertaking squad. Here the contractor involved in the tendering certification and dialogue procedures of the proposed undertaking. The rating and payment in the administrative section is authorised by client ‘s advisers. To set in a nut shell this method benefits the client in cost and quality with some disbursal of clip. However, can be used in a figure of state of affairss on the footing of pricing consequences in a ball amount contract, a measuring contract or a cost plus contract and whether the undertaking is a individual one undertaking or a portion of a plan under individual specific term [ c ] .

Second, for case with mention to the proposed auditorium undertaking the three organizers advisers, designer and contractor are employed ab initio and the undertaking exhaustively managed by the client from the preliminary plants.

3.5.2 Construction Management Route

3.5.3 Design and Build Procurement Route

The Design & A ; Build method is one of the more practical ways of client friendly attack used worldwide to take peculiarly when the edifices to be produced are either really specialized, and the contractor is an expert in that forte or when they are generic [ vitamin D ] . Initially, the construct aimed to cut down the struggles that exist between the designer and the contractor which ensuing in hapless repute for the building undertaking and gave great confidence the timely completion of work at lower cost. However, the client needs to see the three of design, cost and quality of the undertaking in progress before using the contractor. Besides, the desires of the employer ( client ) is clearly proposed to the contractor to do him/her to the full involved in the undertaking including both design and achievement which encourages least engagement of the client. The nature of this procurement path is minimising the design divergences from the original design which aids in cost and clip salvaging for the employer.

Furthermore, one major issue in early procurance research is concerned is the quality which is quickly turning because this method is popularly spread outing towards profitableness. To derive more undertakings and net incomes the design & A ; construct contractual houses are concentrating profoundly on the quality in add-on to clip and cost which is a positive consequence in favor of this method. The client gets the entire fiscal committedness in progress before the work is initiated and so the contractor shields the complexness of the client in the building. At first this method is characterised by the stamp paperss which is developed harmonizing to the client ‘s demands which is published to welcome the different proposals from the possible contractors with legion quotation marks of undertaking rates. The possible contractor who wins the stamp, run intoing the client ‘s precedences will be employed by the client to develop design and finish the design proposals. Here, the contractor performs entirely under the client towards the start of the undertaking by holding his ain design squad and building squad. On the contrary, the contractor is entirely responsible for the design, building planning, organisation and control of the undertaking and besides he has the upper manus to prosecute subcontractors and the specialist sub-contractors for the undertaking. In some instance, the client may/may non seek adviser to steer and oversee the contractor ‘s work in the undertaking. .

Execution of the Design & A ; Build Procurement path

Equally far as the auditorium in the HWU is alarmed the major thing to be considered was the clip and cost of the undertaking. If the proposal is given by the contractor it should be performed within the certain clip bound such as the undertaking must be finished in between the summer vacations because the pupils should n’t sorrow from the building activities. Furthermore, the proposed undertaking should non transcend the fiscal budget of the university. Therefore, design & A ; build procurement method is extremely recommended for this undertaking which augments the successful completion of the undertaking. However, if the university requires a adviser they can seek aid from the Built Environment modules to supervise the undertaking which saves the adviser cost for the university.

Benefits of this path

There are several benefits why this path is adopted for this undertaking which are responsible for successful completion of the undertaking on clip and for perfect bringing.

It follows the two stage choice procedure that narrows the field of the concluding suggesters to those that are most extremely qualified based on experience, capableness and capacity [ vitamin E ] .

The elaborateness in the proficient facets is to the full eliminated because the contractor ( individual authorization ) is answerable for all the issues faced in the design and edifice of the undertaking.

The work moves frontward quickly as there is no demand for tendering once more for the edifices.

Because this method the contractor can reassure the client sing the fiscal aid needed for the undertaking, how to have the support from the loaners as he is cognizant and good experienced in the field

There is no demand that a client should be an experient person in the building field as contractor hold the whole duty.

As the contractor is involved from the really get downing he can bring forth specialized building cognition and methods.

There is a direct nexus between the client and the contract as there is an understanding signed before the start of the undertaking.

The clip ingestion is less in this path, as the traditional methods are eliminated in this procedure.

As cost certainty is major concern for this path which benefits the client both economically and technically.

There is a possibility of dropping pre tendering and initial tendering costs.

The functional edifice at the sensible cost can be achieved.

As the contractor is in charge for all sub-contractor assignments the client can get away and get away from those load.

Besides there are no claims for the contractor if he/she fails to run into the client ‘s demands and has a delayed in clip for completion.

Following this method upper limit hazard is transferred, although commercial response in design in order to turn to contract conditions can ensue [ vitamin D ] .

Many argue that this path agonises from deficiency of architectural virtues, but the fact is it clearly benefits the client by ignoring the hazards which arises from those designs.

Criticism Faced in this Path

Although this method has a immense figure of benefits it besides suffers from some common drawback such as,

Since this path is utilizing simplified building formats and activities there might be decrease in design quality.

Neglecting the advanced design is extremely followed in this method which consequences in the disheartenment of designer ‘s inventions.

The contractor ‘s position is ever on the capablenesss of the house alternatively of the demands of the client.

The aesthetic visual aspect of the undertaking is surrendered towards the cost effectual solutions and easy work executings.

The long term life and care of the edifice is non considered by the contractor because low cost budget.

The influence of contractor over the measure surveyor leads to some controversial happenings/activities at the clip of payment blessing.


Dunican Cartlidge ( 2009 ) . Quantity Surveyor ‘s Pocket Book. Great Britain: Elsevier Ltd. 197.

Allan Ashworth ( 2006 ) . CONTRACTURAL PROCEDURES IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. 5th erectile dysfunction. Edinburgh: Pearson Education Limited. 77.


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