The Flexible Compensation Plans For Part Timers Commerce Essay

This survey investigates the flexible compensation programs for parttime employees. There is a demand for flexible compensation programs in the present twenty-four hours scenario because a rapid alteration is taking topographic point both in the work environment and in the work force. Workers and organisations in the modern concern environment, and in the industrialised states face many challenges including, but non limited to, an unstable economic environment, the recent economic slack, a by and large slow rate of growing, an addition in outsourcing, more ordinances, and a lessening in worker ‘s benefits.

Although organisations resist alteration, they must cover with challenges. Change is inevitable, and it is good for most concerns to do their organisations more dynamic, profitable, and efficient.

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The Flexible Compensation Plans For Part Timers Commerce Essay
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This would take the concern to follow a new attack, endorse inventions. And tendencies, to accept new chances even, when the economic state of affairs is flooring.

One of the best solutions possible to pull off alteration efficaciously is the flexible compensation program. This program would assist the concern in cut downing turnover, tardiness, and absenteeism.

Research workers have indicated that the flexible compensation program for parttime workers would take to an addition in the productiveness. It would besides better the employees ‘ trueness to the company, their occupation satisfaction of the workers, and client satisfaction.

The bulk of the employees working with an organisation are paid in benefits, and fiscal wagess. It is of import that these run into the employees ‘ demands.

No interviews will be conducted with parttime employees associating to the capable affair. Hence, the research worker will trust upon the secondary informations that is available to finish the research.


Flexible compensation programs permit employees to take from many options in make up one’s minding how their compensation will be allocated. Such programs besides help in finding the compensation bundle that best satisfies the employee ‘s peculiar demands. Traditionally, a big per centum of college pupils and homemakers with kids prefer parttime employment. For these groups, flexible compensation programs are non a major concern to them.

Part-time work adds many extremely qualified persons to the labour market. At the same clip, their personal demands will necessitate to be addressed. Surveies have shown that flexible compensation programs have proved to be successful and the results are positive.

The construct of a flexible compensation program is to supply for flexibleness in the figure of hours worked, in add-on to fringe benefits. The Human Resource Department ( HRD ) lays the model for a specific set of compensation benefits, accruing for the workers during their employment at U.S organisations.

. Therefore, flexible compensation has been introduced to an increasing figure of American organisations. The important construct of flexible compensation is that the employee can see different picks, and the organisation can supply a bundle that meets each worker ‘s demands. American companies have traditionally allowed a limited figure of one or two signifiers of flexible benefits to offer to their employees. Organizations frequently avoid these benefits due to the tremendous sum of costs associated with them.

Problem Statement

Companies in the United States are researching the acceptance of the flexible compensation program for parttime workers. Therefore, it has become necessary to analyse the cardinal factors in finding the costs every bit good as the schemes for execution.

Purpose Of Study

The intent of the survey is to look into the effectivity of flexible compensation, peculiarly for parttime workers. This paper will exemplify the importance of such benefits and weigh these against the costs associated with the compensation programs.

Research Questions

1-Why is it good for corporations to hold a flexible compensation program?

2-What are some advantages of parttime workers?

3-What type of entire compensation, it should companies hold in topographic point?


Compensation: Most parttime workers are paid on an hourly footing and are non entitled to company benefits, such as drawn-out holidaies, company pension and profit-sharing programs, wellness insurance, and other benefits

Eligible benefits: To measure up as a flexible compensation program, the program must curtail the employee ‘s pick of benefits to certain statutory, non-taxable benefits and hard currency:


Taxable group-term life insurance in surplus of $ 50,000

Group-term insurance to $ 50,000

Reimbursement for measure uping medical disbursals

Payment of wellness insurance premiums for employee or dependants ( including premiums for personal dental insurance )

Qualifying dependent child-care services

Vacation yearss which can non be refunded for hard currency

Contributions to 401 ( K ) programs

Equal wage commissariats: The equal wage commissariats of FLSA prohibit gender-based pay derived functions between work forces and adult females employed in the same constitution who perform occupations that require equal accomplishment, attempt, and duty and which are performed under similar on the job conditions. The Equal Opportunity Commission ( EOC ) enforces these commissariats, every bit good as other legislative acts forbiding favoritism in employment. More elaborate information is available from the EOC ‘s offices which are listed in most telephone directories under U.S. Government.

Flexible compensation programs: As defined in IRS Section 125, a flexible compensation program means a written program under which all participants are employees, and the participants have the pick among two or more benefits. The benefits which may be chosen must be certain statutory, non-taxable benefits pursuant to the 1984 Deficit Reduction Act ( DRA ) and hard currency.

The term flexible compensation program does non include any program which provides for deferred compensation. This, nevertheless, does non use in the instance of a profit-sharing or stock fillip program which includes a qualified hard currency or deferred agreement ( as defined in Section 401 ( K ) ( 2 ) to the extent of sums which a covered employee may elect to hold the employer wage as parts to a trust under such a program on behalf of the employee.

Flexi Time: Flexi clip represents different start and terminal times of a standard twenty-four hours around nucleus hours either on a regular footing or adjusted daily.

Part Time: Part clip means working for less than the clip scheduled for full-time wherein wage and benefits would be commensurate to the work done. Harmonizing to the US Department of Labor ( DOL ) , approximately 32 million people who are working in industries other than the agricultural industries are working portion clip. While 37 % of the people prefer to work full clip, the staying 63 % of the people work harmonizing to flexible clip

Phased retirement: Phases retirement means working part-time or stepping down to less duty in readying for retirement.

Restrictions: Time restraint is one of import restriction during the class of the survey. Due to the restriction of clip, the survey could non be done in much item. The available informations on the flexible benefits for parttime workers is besides limited. There is a demand to foster research the costs associated with the benefits and the execution

Chapter II



Employee ‘s benefits program

The literature are taken from the experts in the field who written, interviewed by academic magazines and cyberspace sites. Therefore, the experts have provided their concert idea and analysis on the benefits and costs of flexible compensation, the advatages, and the pattern for supplying compensation program in the workplace.

In this chapter, the research worker will mention the beginnings, highlits and depict the cafeteria program, flexible disbursement history, and the important of worker ‘s compensation.

Flexible compensation program is one of the values that supplying to the employees, and give them the option to take what tantrum for their demands, besides is good chance for both employers and employees to cut down the revenue enhancement measure.

Organization provides legion benefits to their workers and there is increasing concern about the cost and the benefits, peculiarly among parttime workers.

Harmonizing to ( Karla Maschmeir 2006 ) , American employers ( private and public ) , spent

$ 596.5 one million millions on wellness benefits, in 2005.

Therefore, companies offering periphery benefits that would incentive employees by supplying such a good chance assisting them to manage their struggle between work and other personal ‘s duties need to be done during the work hours. ( Langdon, 2009 ) .

These are several types of flexible benefits program, including cafeteria programs and flexible disbursement histories. The research worker have defined the cafeteria programs in chapter one.

Here is the flexible disbursement history ( FSA ) , is a tax-deferred economy history established by an organisation to assist workers run into certain medical and dependent attention disbursals that are non covered under the worker ‘s insurance program it allows workers to lend pre-tax dollars to an history set by their employer ‘s, they can later retreat these financess tax-free to pay for qualify wellness insurance premiums, out-of-pocket medical costs, twenty-four hours care supplier fees, or private pre-school and kindergarten disbursals.

The types of flexible disbursement histories are:

Premium merely programs, which allow employees to put aside financess to pay medical and life insurance premiums.

Unreimbursed medical disbursals a program, which allows employees to put aside money for projected wellness attention disbursals non covered by insurance, Dependent attention reimbursement program, that allow to the employees to set side money for twenty-four hours attention dependent kids. Worker must demo legal paperss for the disbursals in order to be measure uping for reimbursement from these histories.

Why introduce flexible benefits?

Many organisations are practising family-programs to help workers to suit their personal lives with work duties, by offering flexible benefits program such as household leave, kid attention support and telecommunicating, in order to heighten keeping and maintaining good people ( Home & A ; Griffet 2005 ) .

A study was conducted by Hewitt ( Human Resources Consulting and Outsourcing ) , the study indicated that about 75 per centum of the companies have been questioned, their respondent as follows: companies offered medical wellness benefits to their employees who works 30 hours or more per week.Additionly, the study revealed that merely 25 per centum offered medical benefits to portion -time workers, who works less than 20 hours hebdomadally.

Harmonizing to the BLS U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic ( 2005 ) , there are 18.3 % of the work force in the U.S were of parttime workers.

Human resources professionals and part-timer workers understand the value of the flexible compensation program. Most organisation provides some sort of benefits, where the smellers houses are unable to supply every bit much as the larger houses ( Jason Taylor 2007 ) .

Recent surveies released by Hewitt Associate in Lincolnshire, Illinois, found that employers are offering more benefits to parttime workers late than antecedently, above 80 % they provide holiday, vacation, and ill leave benefits, there are over than 70 % offering wellness attention benefits. ( HR magazine v.45.p56-62 )

Most concern relay on parttime workers, those concerns recognizes the value of their part to the scheme and concern success. In the short term, organisations evidently benefits from sharing costs with workers. But an organisation may besides take to crest its hereafter parts to benefits by go throughing along increased costs to workers through these programs. ( Hewitt ) .

Some of advantages of flexible benefits strategies are: Employers provide benefits at a defined cost which is fixed irrespective of the pick those workers make ; leting them to crest future benefits costs. Hence, workers have a true thoughts of the full worth of the benefits bundle and gives them a sense of control and engagement.

In add-on, to the above advantages, it can retain valued workes, for illustrations, during period of alteration ( including amalgamation and acquisition ) ; flexible benefits can assist to harmonies wagess every bit good.

Employee ‘s turnover is one of the most of import issues that most employers have to cover with invariably. That is valued workers in the work force to show the issue.52 per centum of companies in national study shows how the turnover has been escalated in recent old ages, ( Wilson, 2000 ) .

A study of surrender rates conducted by the Saratoga Institute reveals that on norm the organisation will hold to replace one seventh of their workers. Besides, research workers systematically believe that competitory wage and supply benefits are the major factors to pull and keep talent workers, ( Rodger W.Griffen/Peter W.Home ) .

Another factor is that the last decennaries, the participating of adult females in the labour force U.S labour force has increased by about 50 per centum. Therefore, married twosome and their dependants have lead to extra demand on compensation benefits to run into their households ‘ demands, ( Questa media America, 2010 ) .

Furthermore, the issue related to worker ‘s compensation is related to the increased figure of U.S companies of engaging parttime workers, and required of them to work ab initio 1,000 hours ( approxmatly-forur month ) prior to their registration in the cafeteria program, ( Karal.Maschmeir,2006 ) .

If the flexible compensation is implemented in the workplace, it would protect the employees from a high revenue enhancement liability, it gives them the chance for salary decrease option, and can be used to reimbursement disbursals ( deductible insurance ) ,

( R.G.penner, 2003 ) .

Occasionss where ending the benefits after payments has commanced.In certain utmost instances, the organisation may name the workers back to work even the employee is non wholly recovered fro the hurt. In such state of affairs, an injured single demand to name an lawyer against the illegal and immoral organisation, in order to protect his/her rights.

Worker ‘s Compensation and occupational hurts

Furthermore, the wellness attention costs have increased quickly due to the fact that many workers remained uninformed about their rights to benefits for hurts that occurred at work. It is duty on the portion of the organisation to inform the workers about the possible jeopardy at the workplace.

The importance of worker ‘s compensation for Michigan workers will be described and analyzed.

Historically, the construct of worker ‘s compensation was introduced in Germany in 1856, and adopted by England every bit good as in most Western Europe, and ratified in Michigan State in 1912.

Today, it is compulsory that every employer in Michigan must supply worker ‘s compensation in conformity with Michigan State jurisprudence, ( ) .

A study was conducted by Michigan State University, and W.E Institute for the Employment Research, were involved 5568 employees from 29 different industries on hurt bar and loss control. The consequence revealed a lower claim by workers who paid attending to safety guide-line and bar.

( Michigan Business Guide to workers Compensation ) .

It has been stressing that workers must understand the following sing the worker ‘s compensation as to what, worker ‘s compensation does supply and wo n’t supply:

Worker ‘s compensation does supply these are:

Protection from occupation loss due to work related hurt.

Protection from go forthing without income while off work related to hurt.

Proper medicine attention to assist worker ‘s covered every bit rapidly as possible.

Worker ‘s compensation wo n’t every bit stated below:

Fully replace company rewards while off work.

Act as a comprehensive medical insurance ( merely medical cost related to injury/illness ) .

Furthermore, Michigan has one of the strongest worker ‘s compensation in the state. For case, an injured worker in Michigan is entitled to have 80 per centum of the after revenue enhancement value pay ‘s loss. The computation of 80 per centum is of mugwumps, based on revenue enhancement filling stautas, figure of dependants, and revenue enhancement rate at both State and Federal degrees, the value of benefits would be reduced at the rate of 5 per centum yearly until be worker range 65 of age.

Numbers of occupational injured and illness by industry and instance types for 2008 are described in the tabular array below:

Table ( 1 )


Entire recordable instances

Cases with yearss a manner from work or limitation

All industries including province & A ; local authorities



Private industry



Good bring forthing






Building equipment & A ; contractors






Metallic element working Machine






Beginning: ( World Wide Web. )

Harmonizing to the BLS there were 1,350,82 occupational injures and unwellness reported in the U.S in 2008, and that 80 per centum of the hurts occurred in private industry in which,15 % occurred in local authorities besides, 5 % in State. See chart below:

Cafeteria programs:

The type of flexible benefits program is called “ cafeteria program ” which enables workers to take between having portion or all on worker ‘s exempt benefit, having hard currency or other nonexempt benefits such as stock. Harmonizing to the Federal Act of 1978, organisations may offer a list of benefits except tuition aid. Thus, workers may take to purchase benefits from a list of options as described below:

Dental insurance, vision attention, life insurance long and short term disablement every bit good. The IRS has set up a figure of limitations on flexible benefits program.

For illustration, workers are unable to turn over over fresh credits or benefits to the following program twelvemonth, organisation demand to be certain that no more than 25 per centum of the tax-favored benefits go to extremely compensate workers. ( remunerated workers are those who have greater than 1 % of ownership in the house and over $ 150,000 ) , www.refrence ) .

The Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) issued counsel sing the exclusion of part-time, impermanent, seasonal and project employees under certain makings program, including 401 ( K ) s program, that exclude parttime and others non full-time workers. For illustration, the maximal service is one twelvemonth require being qualified for participate in 401 ( K ) s program. The IRS will non dispute an exclusion categorization that is defined without indicant a certain hours of work, ( ) .

Entire costs associated with compensation benefits.

The Society for Human Resource Management ( SHRM ) conducted its one-year study to garner information on the types of benefits offer to their workers. The information indicted that American organisation spent about 20 % of worker ‘s one-year wage on benefits such as worker ‘s compensation and societal security, spent 19 % on medical program, dental, prescription coverage, vision, and subsister benefits, also,11 % for clip non worked benefits ( such as holiday, vacation, personal and ill leave ) , as shown in tabular array ( 2 )

Table ( 2 )

( Average Percentage of Payroll Reflecting Total cost of Benefits )

Types of Benefits

Over all


( 1-99 ) employees


( 100-499 )



( 500-or more employees )

Differences Based on Staff size



20 %

20 %

21 %

20 %

Not available



19 %

15 %

21 %

21 %

Large, medium & gt ;


Wage for non

worked benefits

11 %

11 %

10 %

11 %

Not available

Employee Benefits: A study Report by SHRM ( 2009 )

Harmonizing, to the ( BLS ) , that indicated there is addition in entire compensation benefits for employees, which is increased about 0.5 per centum by season, and adjusted from March, through June, 2010.The compensations rose about by 1.8 per centum, and benefits costs rose 2.5 per centum.

It is deserving observing that, municipal authorities provides parttime workers benefits at a lower cost than full-time employees. ( Robert, G.E.2003 ) .

Harmonizing to Susan Chambers, Wal-Mart frailty presedent, ” the version of the wellness attention program will be $ 23 monthly plus $ 15 for the workers kids regardless the size for the household, these costs are applied to Wal-Mart associate, ( full and portion clip ) ” ,

( Sheldon M. Geller, 2007 ) .

The of import of supplying the basic cafeteria programs have been challenged for more than a decennary ago, but the recent recession and fiscal crisis have made salvaging to the U.S organisation are more important ( cut down cost ) . At this point, the most of import attack to cover with benefit ‘s costs are long-run cost-saving schemes, wellness instruction plan to maintain wellness attention cost down, and increase premium cost of by working, ( raising it from 10 per centum to 20 per centum over three-years period ) , the constitution of an histories that can be used to pay for medical disbursals now, and after retirement, ( Institute of Management and Adminstration, Feb 2009 ) .The costs of group per full- clip workers are overpowering. The information on the group insurance costs per full clip nonionized workers are described below.

Table ( 3 ) shows the group insurance costs yearly and per hours for workers ( dickering units ) . Table ( 3 )

Average Cost Per FTE Union store )

Bargaining Unit

Cost Per Year

Cost Per Hour

Safety & A ; Regulatory

$ 13,114

$ 6.28

Labor & A ; Trades

$ 13,514

$ 6.47


$ 13,959

$ 6.69

Human Services Support

$ 11,238

$ 5.38

Scientific & A ; Engineering

$ 13,765

$ 6.59


$ 13,171

$ 6.31


$ 12,223

$ 5.85

Human Services

$ 12,367

$ 5.92

Administrative Support

$ 11,847

$ 5.67

State Police Enlisted


$ 17,694

$ 8.47


In drumhead, the literature provides significant informations to back up the demand and effectivity of flexible compensation programs. The information provided shows that there is need to supply cafeteria program and other flexible compensation benefits.

Flexible benefits in the present twenty-four hours state of affairs have non merely go really popular among the workers, but they besides help the organisation as whole in presenting best flexible compensation programs constructions, and commanding the costs.

More of import, the literature revealed the complexness and the kineticss underlying the flexible benefits, concerns are most clearly expressed on the costs, the cafeteria program, and the worker ‘s compensation. Both the workers and employers are seeking for schemes within this context.

Precisely, the U.S organisations provide legion benefits to their workers. To keep endowment and skilled employees on one manus, on the other manus, there is increasing concern about the costs and benefits.

Over the last 10 old ages, the labour engagement rate has increased considerably.Consequentlly ; organisations would wish to pull skilled and gifted workers for the concern success.

It appears that a cardinal benefit to all workers is the worker ‘s compensation due to the figure of hurts and unwellness in the past two old ages. More significantly, American companies spent 20 % of worker ‘s one-year wage on benefits, 19 % on societal security and 11 % for holiday and ill leave.

Today, there are several attacks, to cover with costs that associated with the flexible compensation. These are: Long-run startegeis, health program, and increase premium costs sharing by worker, and the creative activity of histories that are to be used for medical costs at present and after retirements.

Chapter III

Problem Restatement

Over the old ages the Organization Theorists have been reasoning that the economic theoretical accounts are excessively limited and that the non economic factors play a important function in act uponing the managerial compensation procedure in a critical mode ( Baron, & A ; Cook, 2002 ) . Consequently, the research workers have come up with an thought to that contains assorted other options so as to depict the facet of compensation which peculiarly emphasizes on the sociological facets like the relationship between the internal labour market and societal stratification ( Baron & A ; Cook, 2002 ) , the impact of the ownership and supervising of the external parties on the compensation programs, ( Finkelstein & A ; Hambrick, 2001 ) , the managerial power and the impact of society and, the societal comparing theory. ( Allen, 1991 ) All that on attempt to place the capableness of new and alone compensation schemes adopted, by the organisations in the United States for portion clip workers.

At this occasion, there is a demand to cognize the footing of compensation programs, the degree of motive and committedness among the employees, and the degree of satisfaction that derive from such compensations.

Sample and Population

If the survey is done utilizing a study or questionnaire method, the Slovin ‘s expression, ( statistic technique ) would break suit the survey for finding the sample from the population. The survey is wholly based on secondary beginnings, and there is no usage of Slovin ‘s expression. Therefore, the research worker will concentrate on flexible compensation programs in fabricating organisations in general, and in the province of Michigan in peculiar. Therefore, the population of the survey would consist the fabrication organisations in the United States, while sample would be the fabrication sector in Michigan.

Data aggregation

Data aggregation will be limited in range to installations the different between the early survey and the information that is available to the research worker. The secondary information has been collected from assorted literature and initial work. These informations will be analyzed and compared without supporting or denying its contents and consequence. Hence, the major beginning of the secondary information is the literature reappraisal in this survey.

Therefore, the chief consideration that will be emphasized is the issues related to flexible compensation at the private sector of fabricating peculiarly in the province of Michigan.

Variables and Measures

Two types of variables have been taken into consideration for the intent of the survey. They are the dependent variables and the independent variables. The independent variables are organisation civilization, society and personality of the employees. The independent variable that is taken into consideration is the flexible compensation program. Therefore, through the survey we will be able to uncover how the flexible compensation program would hold an influence on the organisation civilization, society and the personality of the employees. Culture, society, and the employee ‘s personality.

Figure 2: Dependant and Independent Variable Definition Chart

Data Analysis Methodology

Part of the research that is documented in this paper has taken into consideration the qualitative research methods. ( Creswell, 1994 ) . While aggregation the information the pick and design of methods have been on occasion changed analyzed this would let the survey to analyze the important issues and urge options to extinguish the unproductive countries of research from the initial research proposal. Again, the aim of the research is to analyse the qualitative informations, the variables involved with the Flexible compensation, rating of different state of affairss of a peculiar variable for a specific clip period.

Therefore, descriptive research are used that will construct webs and explains the association of one variable with another variables ( The relationship between dependant and independent variables ) .

Furthermore, the qualitative research is multi-method in nature which involves an clarifying and unconditioned attack to the capable affair ( Creswell, 1994 ) . It can be said that the survey is done taking into consideration the natural and built-in scenes, thereby doing an attempt to understand and decode or measure and construe the incident or event in relation to flexible compensation issues.

Therefore, carry oning a qualitative research would take the research workers to form and set up a figure of incorporate and consistent methods in order to better apprehension every bit good as provides consciousness of the capable affair.


The degree of employee public presentation and satisfaction through the flexible compensation program will be positively related to the degree of wages eventuality that employees experience in the program.

The degree of satisfaction and public presentation of the employees with respects to the flexible compensation will be related in a positive mode to the degree of engagement of the employees in the program.

Inadequate flexible compensation with an organisation, accordingly, employees will go forth the workplace.

Chapter IV


The information in this chapter will concentrate on the standard periphery benefits that Michigan workers received from their employers, the group insurance costs per full clip nonionized workers, and the informations relegated occupational hurts and unwellness in the U.S and Michigan every bit good. Michigan workers can have merely certain specified or standard periphery benefits. For illustration: Defined part 15.40 % , defined benefits retirement 30.125, unemployment insurance 0.15 % , workers compensation 1.28 % , and FICA 7.65 % . : ( )

The group insurance costs per full clip nonionized workers as described in table below ( TABLE 1 )

Average Cost Per FTE Union store )

Bargaining Unit

Cost Per Year

Cost Per Hour

Safety & A ; Regulatory

$ 13,114

$ 6.28

Labor & A ; Trades

$ 13,514

$ 6.47


$ 13,959

$ 6.69

Human Services Support

$ 11,238

$ 5.38

Scientific & A ; Engineering

$ 13,765

$ 6.59


$ 13,171

$ 6.31


$ 12,223

$ 5.85

Human Services

$ 12,367

$ 5.92

Administrative Support

$ 11,847

$ 5.67

State Police Enlisted

$ 17,694

$ 8.47


The Numberss and instances of hurts and unwellness in the twelvemonth 2008, indicates the importance of worker ‘s compensation to protect workers from occupation loss, and having proper medical attention to assist worker ‘s recovered. For illustration, there were 1,350,82 occupational hurts and unwellness reported in the U.S in which 80 % of hurts occurred in the private sector and 15 per centum occurred in local authorities and 5percent occurred in the province authorities.

Worker ‘s compensation and benefits

Historically, the construct of workingmans ‘s compensation was introduced in Germany 1856, adopted by England and most Western Europe, and was ratified in Michigan on 1912. ( Anterior to that twelvemonth, there were no worker ‘s compensation benefit and regulations ) .

That is, any worker who has injured at work will take an action to protect his or her well-being ( e.g. civil/tort action ) .

It was required that the injured worker has to turn out grounds by puting carelessness on work topographic point. Indeed ; it was hard on both side and clip consuming.

Today, private and public workers ( Full-time or part-time ) all covered by the Federal authorities jurisprudence.

Therefore, it is compulsory that every employer in Michigan to supply worker ‘s compensation harmonizing to the jurisprudence, failure to supply workingmans ‘s compensation to the workers in the instance of hurt would be capable to break up punishment plus civil amendss and payment of a immense sum of money to the injured person.

Harmonizing to the Michigan compensation benefits program, every employer that employs three or more workers, for 35 hours or more per hebdomad for a period of 13 hebdomads or more, so such employer must supply insurance coverage ( compulsory ) .

The term workers compensation means an insurance system that benefits workers and organisation.


The benefits are two creases:

Benefits to workers who have suffered any sort of hurt or unwellness during employment with the house.

Safeguard the organisation against dearly-won judicial proceeding over claims related to hurts or unwellness.

At this occasion, Michigan has one of the strongest worker ‘s compensation in the state. It includes proper and equal medical intervention, replacing of income loss, vocational rehabilitation.

Every worker in Michigan is entitled receive to 80 % of the after revenue enhancement value pay loss, which is based on medical repot. Hence, the computation of 80 % of loss rewards is taking into consideration the undermentioned factors: revenue enhancement filling position, figure of dependants, and revenue enhancement rates at both the State and Federal degrees.

Harmonizing to Michigan jurisprudence, the easiest method of computation an mean hebdomads pay is the highest of 39 hebdomads out of 52 hebdomads from the old twelvemonth prior to the hurt. The value of benefits would be reduced at the rate of 5 % yearly until the worker reach 65 of age.

No worker is entitled to have benefits greater than 90 % regardless of the net incomes, and if a worker happened to decease on the occupation, so his or her legal inheritor is entitled to have benefits equal to 50 per centum of the province mean hebdomadal pay.

Features of employee ‘s benefits.


Research shows that flexible compensation benefits are the most of import factors in determine occupation satisfaction ; this satisfaction is straight related to worker keeping and productiveness. These flexible benefits are critical to parttime workers ( i.e. pension program, healthy insurance, vacation, holiday payment, etc ) .

Furthermore, parttime workers understand that the cardinal factors in occupation satisfaction are:

Benefits bundle are simple -to-use registration engineering.

Cost-efficient and an attractive.

Workers are to choose the benefit they need to protect their life style and households.

Datas on the basic outgo the organisations have on benefits are: 20 % yearly, 19 % voluntary benefits and 11 % outgo on wage for clip non worked.

Hence, the entire per centum of costs are really high as consequence over 60 % of U.S organisation planning to cut down worker ‘s benefits

.Furthermore ; American organisations are looking for ways to pull off costs. The challenges are the intensifying disbursals of employee benefits, and slow growing of the U.S recession and the fiscal jobs. Here in the U.S for illustration, there are 30 1000000s people working part-time would wish to have benefits, and 4.2 million parttime workers ( either wanted to work full-time and could non happen suited full-time work or worked fewer hours of a impermanent slack in consumer demand ) .

The figures above about the last groups, revealed there are partly UN employed and partly, but by numbering them as to the full employed per BLS say critics, the BLS informations understate the unemployment rate.

Chapter V


The issue of flexible compensation for parttime workers has become mature for argument. Policy shapers, houses, and workers have covered both sides of the contention.

The flexible compensation program is necessary to all parttime workers to run into their immediate demands, provide inducements, and set up trueness to their employers.

Workers will be able to carefully choose alternate options that will run into their demands.

One such alternate option is the construct of the cafeteria manner. Cafeteria manner is defined as a flexible benefits plan incentive system in which employees can choose the periphery benefits from a bill of fare of available options.

The flexible compensation program has two parts: ( a ) the prejudice and ( B ) optional benefits. Prior to 1996, there was a feeling and uncertainty in respects to the legality of the flexible benefits program, but with 1986 revenue enhancement reform, the uncertainty has been erased wholly.

Today, 22 per centum of U.S. houses have a flexible benefits program for U.S. workers. The survey revealed that flexible compensation will pull workers to the houses and better productiveness, the quality and the measure of the labour force.

The importance of a flexible compensation program can non be overstated. If a worker is partly or to the full injured at work, the house is supposed to pay 80 % after-tax rewards lost. With these benefits, nevertheless, workers have lost rewards and possible promotion. On the other manus, the sum of loss without a flexible program is impossible.

Michigan jurisprudence provinces that a individual who is either injured wholly or partly would have the same benefits irrespective of the earnestness of the hurts. In the yesteryear, Michigan spent less on compensation payments for injured workers. Today, the State of Michigan is increasing its disbursement on medical claims due to hurts and on its hard currency benefits for hurts.

The overall cost of worker ‘s compensation benefits has increased, non as a consequence of an addition in the figure of claim ‘s, but due to an addition in the cost of wellness attention. Here, for the interest of the house every bit good as the workers, the house should set up for vocational rehabilitation and preparation plans.

These plans would assist houses to cut down medical costs and to forestall future hurt. Every organisation has to confront parttime workers ‘ demands for holding benefits that cover their dependants. At this occasion, workers request comprehensive information on the benefits that are just, sensible, and impartial. Their petition will bring forth a response and the costs are the major concerns. Further, if the response is positive, workers see it as the way of success ; in most instances, houses will state that every individual is a victor.

The State of Michigan adopted the flexible benefits program for the parttime workers. However, many workers do non understand the full significance of the program. They question the program ‘s possible benefits, inquiring what is in it for the parttime workers.

Furthermore, the workers must understand this acceptance. To accomplish lucidity, theoreticians believe that Michigan ‘s fabrication houses should guarantee the bringing of the followers:

A. fabrication houses should inform the parttime workers of the handiness of the flexible benefits and invariably remind them about the coverage.

B. Fabrication houses should guarantee and assist parttime workers, non by giving information, but by following up on something and explicate exhaustively.

C- Manufacturing forces are responsible for constructing trust between the house and the parttime workers.

D- Fabrication houses persuade the parttime workers to fall in the flexible benefits and the advantages.

Recent studies have shown that Michigan has a figure of organisations, including the fabrication sector. The fabrication sector adopted variable wage, or the wage for public presentation system. The logic behind it is that most organisations would wish every worker in the organisation to believe public presentation. This logic would actuate the parttime workers to increase productiveness and competition. It would finally take to a steady workplace with a maximal end product ; accordingly, the parttime workers would hold a high morale. More significantly, the research inquiries have been answered and analyzed throughout chapter four.

Recommendation For Future Research

In decision, the flexible compensation program for parttime workers would hold considerable value for the workers. It would increase their productiveness, hence, bring forthing touchable benefits to the houses, keeping, revenue enhancement tax write-off, and retirements.

Significantly, the national unemployment rate is 9.8 % , while the unemployment in Michigan is the highest in the state. This state of affairs makes it hard for Michigan houses to offer flexible programs to all parttime workers. That is, the supply of workers in the fabrication sector exceeds the available financess for supplying benefits, and this is one of the major factors of economic stagnancy and recession. Therefore, the unemployment rate in Michigan is 13.4 per centum ( higher than the state norm ) , many workers are fighting and frequently facing foreclosure, and the chance of making new occupations is at the lowest degrees.

Restriction and the current economic state of affairs are likely to maintain Michigan fabrication houses high on the docket of the policymakers in the close hereafter.

Significantly, much information exists on the importance of worker ‘s compensation due to instances of hurt and unwellness. Unfortunately, informations on the flexible benefits programs for parttime workers is limited. Therefore, there is a demand for farther research on the conditions and costs associated with the benefits program.


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