The Functions of the Parts of a Microscope

Term Definition
body tube reflects light up to the viewer's eye
revolving nose piece holds the objectives lenses and can be turned to change from one magnification to another
low power objective (4x magnification) the first lens that you use when using a microscope
medium power objective (10x magnification) the second most powerful lens
high power objective (40x magnification or more) the highest magnification
stage clips holds the slide in place for viewing on the stage
diaphragm used to vary the amount of light passing through the slide; usually it is better if the amount of light is low
light source sends light through the diaphragm to see the specimen
ocular lens/eye piece (10x magnification) the part that you're looking through
arm the part that supports the body tube; part that you hold to safely transport the microscope
stage the flat part where slides are placed
course adjustment knob the larger knob- moves the body tube up and down to allow focusing of the image; the first used to using the smallest power *never to be used under the highest power*
fine adjustment knob the smaller knob- moves the body tube slightly to bring the image into a sharper focus; the sharpest focus when using the highest power
base supports the microscope- important to transport

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