The Generation Gap Sample Essay

Completing this S. B. A would non hold been an easy undertaking if done by myself. I thank my cousin for supplying the necessary assets in order for me to make my S. B. A and besides for being there invariably promoting me to make my work. I thank my female parent. who motivates me to make good in my school work. for assisting me in the completion of this assignment. My friends have besides been a aid to me in the completion of this S. B. A. I am really much grateful of their aid. Last but by no agencies least I thank God for leting these people to be here and giving me the forbearance and strength to accomplish full success.

Statement of the Problem

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The Generation Gap Sample Essay
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Generation spread – a existent job or merely a human figment?

Method of Investigation
The Researcher has chosen to utilize Questionnaires in order to roll up required information. The questionnaires were printed in equal figure and were delivered to individuals in the community in order for me to have my informations and analyse it. It consists of four ( 4 ) background inquiries. six ( 6 ) inquiries associating to the causes of the job. three ( 3 ) relating to the effects of the job and four ( 4 ) relating to solutions of the job. This instrument of roll uping informations provided with me with the undermentioned advantages: ?It is really much a cheaper process.

?Time that it took to roll up information was fast.
?It is a warrant of designation namelessness.

Reason for Choosing the Area of Research

The ground the research worker chose the selected country is to happen out more about The Generation Gap in the community. Then to seek and work out this job by proposing solutions needed to assist forestall this job.

Procedure for Data Collection
In Aberdeen Heights there are about 100 families. I chose to publish 20 transcripts of the questionnaire for distribution in the community. I went through the different methods of roll uping informations and found that a questionnaire was a better option for me roll uping informations. Specific houses were selected so that I could guarantee a return of the questionnaires after being answered. These houses were given a clip frame of 48 hours in order for completion and so be collected. In these families merely 45 per centum of them were grownups and 55 per centum were childs. Questionnaire

1. Gender

2. What is your age group?
12-15 19-21
16-18 22-over

3. What is your business?

4. What cultural group do you belong to?
Assorted Descent African Descent
Asiatic Descent Indian Descent

5. Are you cognizant of any coevals spread?
Yes No Possibly

6. In what country do you believe the coevals spread is the biggest? Work Social Life Family Culture Others

7. When you are confronting a coevals spread issue. what do you make? Talk about it Fight Run off Forget about it

8. Make you hold there is a job between the older and immature coevals? Yes No

9. If yes. so what are the marks?
Not plenty regard
Lack of tolerance
Different outlooks
Different attack to engineering
Pace to life/ Conforming to accepted society

10. Make you believe the coevals spread can be narrowed?
Dialogue between coevalss ( assorted activities ) ?
Undertakings like this one?
Aid from the household ( Psychologists etc. )

11. What state of affairs would do you to be disrespectful to a young/elder individual?

12. Does the other coevals underestimate you?

13. Make you accept the other coevalss?

14. Are icons bridge builders? ( Marcus Garvey. Bob Marley. Kartel. Tommy Lee etc. )

15. Make you bask sharing clip with other coevalss?

Presentation of Datas

Figure 1 Pie chart demoing the response to inquiry six of the questionnaire “In what country do you believe the coevals spread is the biggest? ” in which 50 % of respondents say household is the biggest country.

Figure 2 shows that 40 % of respondents say that duologue between coevalss ( assorted activities ) can contract the coevals spread.

Analysis and Interpretation of Data
In the research of Generation Gap in Aberdeen Heights. information showed that 50 % of 20 community members believe that the biggest country of coevals spread is the household while merely 10 % say work. Another cause which would be the undermentioned cause after household. due to the fact that 20 % of the community members believe that societal life is the biggest country of Generation Gap. However another 10 % severally believe that civilization and others are the biggest in their community. Therefore the informations collected proves that household in Aberdeen Heights is the major cause of Generation Gap. The research showed that the chief solution to contracting Generation Gap is to make duologue between coevalss ( assorted activities ) . 50 % of the selected community members believe that which is a immense difference compared to the other choices. While the least chosen solution is aid from the household ( Psychologists etc. ) . which merely 20 % of the community members selected. And 30 % of the community members chose instruction as the manner of contracting the Generation Gap. The information shows that in Aberdeen Heights. the best solution would be to make duologue between coevalss ( assorted activities ) .

Statement of Findingss
* The biggest country of Generation Gap in Aberdeen Heights is the household. * The best solution in Aberdeen Heights to contract Generation Gap is to make duologue between coevalss.

Recommendations and Implementation Strategy
I would urge bridging the Generation Gap by actuating immature grownups to voluntarily learn their older counterparts the indispensable accomplishments. Certain information like how google searches the web on the computing machine etc. . will likely do the older coevals much more in melody with velocity and give them more clip to larn about other facets of computing machines than merely acquiring the bare necessities. For this spread to go narrower and narrower we need our older grownups to besides utilize their wonder and pass some clip looking into what they want out of their digital experience.


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