The Ghost in the Darkness Essay

The Ghost and the Darkness The Ghost and the Darkness is a great movie that incorporates a historic struggle with conflict between man vs. nature, and man vs. man. Col. John Patterson is presented with the task of building a bridge to expand the British railroad in Africa. He is forced into leaving his pregnant wife behind while he travels to Tsavo, Africa where he must live and work. The colonel is then faced with a struggle between man and nature where he must protect the people from lions that are invading the camp. The reoccurring theme of man vs. ature dominates the story line. A white man is brought to Africa where he must build a bridge over a river, and is then expected to keep people safe from lions in the night. The colonel kills a lion in the middle of the night, and the camp praises him for making the night safer, but little do the people know there are more lions. The lion attacks scare the people and make them weary of putting their trust in a white man. The lions end up killing thirty or so people before an expert killer, Charles Remington, is brought to aid.

Charles tells the colonel, “Everybody has a plan until they’ve been hit… and you’ve been hit. ” The line refers to the lions acting more like beasts then lions at all. Lions normally do not attack humans, or hunt them as prey, so why were they doing this? Remington and Patterson hunt and kill a lion, but there is still another one. After a night of celebration, Remington disappears only to be found slain by a lion. This enrages Patterson, so he hunts the lion down and kills it. This struggle of man vs. nature is prevalent in the plot of the story, and makes for a great theme.

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