The Great Gatsby Essay

The Great Gatsby. written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. introduces the reader to scenes of force that contribute to the significance of the complete work. Wealthy. powerful characters such as Tom Buchanan are the major causes of force introduced because they are selfish and careless. Through an accident that killed Myrtle Wilson. or the passionate slaying of an guiltless adult male. Fitzgerald incorporates subjects of the novel. The violent act that begins the downward spiral in The Great Gatsby is when Tom Buchanan hits Myrtle. his kept woman. in the face.

It was a organic structure capable of tremendous purchase — a cruel organic structure ( Fitzgerald. 12 ) . ” is how Nick describes Tom’s intimidating build when he foremost meets him. So it is non surprising that when Myrtle begins to tease him by reiterating his wife’s name that he reacted and “broke her olfactory organ with his unfastened manus ( Fitzgerald. 41 ) . ” This scene of force demonstrates that people like Tom. life in East Egg. think that they are better than everyone else and can disrespect or disregard others because of societal position. This is the underlying cause of the deceases in the novel.

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One of the most tragic scenes of force occur when Daisy Buchanan is driving in the auto with Gatsby. returning place from their dramatic visit to the metropolis with her hubby. She is hysterical because Tom revealed that Gatsby is a moonshiner. While go throughing through the Valley of Ashes. Myrtle runs out to the auto because her hubby is coercing her to travel and she needs aid. “The ‘death auto. ’ as the newspapers called it. didn’t halt ; it came out of the assemblage darkness. wavered tragically for a minute and so disappeared around the following crook ( Fitzgerald 144 ) . is how the violent death is described.

As a consequence of Daisy’s foolhardiness. she viciously ran over Myrtle Wilson. Besides the fact that Myrtle was murdered. the importance of this scene is that Daisy did non even halt to take a expression at the harm her province had caused. Her ignorance finally was the cause of Gatsby’s decease. Fitzgerald intentionally included affluent. irresponsible characters in his novel that caused the force and completed narrative. To sum up the importance of the crowd with “old money” . this is a quotation mark from when Nick is talking to rejected Gatsby.

He says. “They were careless people. Tom and Daisy- they smashed up things and animals and so retreated back into their money or their huge sloppiness or whatever it was that kept them together. and allow other people clean up the muss they had made. ( Fitzgerald. 188 ) ” It is clear that all they cared about was themselves. and after the slayings occurred. they left town and did non go to one funeral. The last act of force. when Gatsby is murdered. leaves an of import feeling on the reader and the novel. George Wilson is devastated by his wife’s decease and thinks that God wants him to kill the individual who is responsible for it.

Naturally. he went to the Buchanan’s to acquire some replies because it was their auto. Tom was in a delicate province because he genuinely loved Myrtle. and directed George to Gatsby. Gatsby did non kill anybody but he paid the monetary value for it. He was puting in his excessive pool and saw “that ashen. antic figure gliding toward him through the formless trees ( Fitzgerald. 172 ) . ” First George shooting Gatsby. so he shot himself and ended two guiltless lives. It was because Gatsby invariably chased one individual dream his whole life that the scene of force had to go on.

Daisy was non good for him. and dreams maintain acquiring pushed farther and farther off from people because the yesteryear is stalking and unchangeable. The violent scenes Fitzgerald included in The Great Gatsby are the changing minutes that support the underlying subjects of the past. society and category. and love. Tom’s powerful nature. rip offing on his married woman. and force represent the danger and authorization. Fitzgerald made a point to include careless. affluent characters in the novel that contributed to finishing the force and work as a whole.


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