The Great Gatsby Sample Essay

The Great Gatsby. by F. Scott Fitzgerald. is a novel about the upper-class American life in the 1920s. Specifically. it takes topographic point from spring to fall in the twelvemonth 1922. The stoping of the novel is really tragic and glooming. In the terminal. Myrtle. is ran over by Gatsby’s auto. and the auto does non halt ; it keeps on hurrying by. Tom is profoundly affected by this because Myrtle was his girlfriend. George Wilson. Myrtle’s hubby. finds out the proprietor of the xanthous auto the killed Myrtle. George goes to Gatsby’s house. and shoots Gatsby in the pool. and eventually. hiting himself. After that. Nick reveals that Tom told George the proprietor of the xanthous auto. The stoping of the novel does non look carnival because some of the characters who committed offenses were non punished. For illustration. Daisy was really supposed to be punished for running over Myrtle. non Gatsby. and Gatsby should be punished for being portion of organized offense. because he is a moonshiner.

Daisy was non punished for the hit and run state of affairs with Myrtle. and she had gotten away with it. No 1 else knows about it except for Gatsby and Nick. Tom assumed that Gatsby was most likely driving the auto and hitting Tom’s kept woman. It was a immense error. and he tells George Wilson so Wilson could revenge Myrtle’s decease. Wilson does believe that Gatsby ran Myrtle over: “‘It was the adult male in that auto. She ran out to talk to him and he wouldn’t stop’” ( Fitzgerald 137-138 ) . Justice was non served reasonably because Gatsby was given the penalty alternatively of Daisy. If Nick had told Tom that Daisy was the one drive and Daisy confesses it. she would hold to be badly punished.

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Gatsby was ne’er punished for his portion in organized offense. Tom knows about Gatsby’s offense. He says that Gatsby and his concern spouse. Meyer Wolfshiem. are in a drug shop concern which makes Gatsby a moonshiner: “‘He and this Wolfshiem brought up a batch of side-street drug shops here and in Chicago and sold grain intoxicant over the counter”’ ( Fitzgerald 118 ) . The quotation mark shows that Meyer Wolfshiem is besides linked to organized offense and helped lend to Gatsby’s luck. The ground why Gatsby is a moonshiner is because the plot line takes topographic point during the Prohibition. which is a national prohibition on the production. transit. and merchandising of intoxicant. Gatsby’s end was to do tonss of hard currency. and he strives to obtain his end because he has so much doggedness.

The novel’s stoping should be more fairer because some of the characters were non punished. If the stoping of this novel would alter. so Daisy should hold got jailtime for killing Myrtle. It was Daisy’s mistake for non holding control of the auto: “‘You see. when we left New York she was really nervous and she thought it would calm her to drive’” ( Fitzgerald 126 ) . Daisy was being careless. and in order for the stoping of the novel to alter. Daisy should hold stopped her auto after hitting her and province that she had ran over Myrtle to the police officer. Unfortunately. she left the scene of the accident. so she would hold to be arrested and punished for. If Daisy was punished for the accident. and Gatsby was non. so in the declaration Gatsby would non hold been murdered by George Wilson. Gatsby should be punished for perpetrating illegal Acts of the Apostless ; selling intoxicant and drugs. This was all portion of organized offense. and it takes topographic point during the Prohibition. Bootleggers were made millionaires like Gatsby.

Gatsby. a rich moonshiner attempts to win Daisy’s love by his wealthiness. Gatsby’s munificent parties. colossal sign of the zodiac. and how elegant he dresses makes him more charming. However. these things made Gatsby vulnerable. and Tom was able to detect that Gatsby was a moonshiner. Tom does non swear anyone who gets rich that quick: “‘I didn’t hear it. I imagined it. A batch of these freshly rich people are merely large moonshiners. you know’” ( Fitzgerald 99 ) . If Tom had carried out his program of describing Gatsby as a moonshiner. Gatsby would hold been arrested and thrown in gaol. He would non hold been shot by Wilson.

These offenses depict the corruptness of moral decay. The American Dream is besides corrupted. The American Dream means independency and difficult work. In The Great Gatsby. the American Dream appears to be about the chase of wealth. Gatsby did non set difficult work in to gain his hard currency. He was selling illegal spirits.


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