The Happy Prince and Other Tales Book Summary Sample Essay

*Evaluation of topic:
In this book writer has written fairy narratives. He explained the common things go oning in our lives. He has written about true friendly relationship. jealosy. wages of virtuousness and discourtesy. He wants to state us that Earth has good every bit good as bad people. Some people want to assist others while some want to be strong. rich and male monarch of others. *Evaluation of linguistic communication:

The poet has used a good linguistic communication. At some topographic points. He has used hard universes. He has used Proverbss.
In short the linguistic communication of the book is good.

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The Happy Prince and Other Tales Book Summary Sample Essay
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*Evaluation of presentation:
The presentation of book is really good. The publishing house has made the book easy to read by composing the significances of hard words on the opposite page. The pages of the book are of really high quality. The rubric of the book attracts people to read the book. The presentation of book is really good.


*The happy prince:
High above the metropolis. the statue of happy prince stood on a tall column. He was gilded all over with thin foliages of gold. He had two sapphires alternatively of eyes and a big ruby glowed on his blade. All the people admired him. One dark at that place flew a sup over the metropolis. His friends had gone to Egypt six hebdomads earlier. but he had stayed here for he was in love with the most beautiful reed. But now she has told her that she will non travel with him. He was now making readying for his journey. At last he set off. All the twenty-four hours long he flew and at dark he came to the metropolis. He saw the statue on the column. He went at that place and prepared to kip. But as he was seting his caput under the wings a big bead of H2O fell on it. He thought that it has started raining but he was surprised that there was non a individual cloud in the sky. Then another bead fell. He thought that he must go forth this topographic point as it could non maintain the rain off. But before he had opened his wings another bead of H2O fell. He looked up and found the prince crying. He asked him why he was crying. The prince told him that when he was alive he lived in a castle where sorrow was non allowed to come in.

His life was really beautiful. But now when he is dead he is so high that he can see the wretchedness and ugliness of his metropolis and now he can non take but cry that’s why he is crying. The prince said to get down that far off in a place at that place lived a dressmaker her boy is ill. will he convey the ruby out of his blade and give it to her. The sup said that he has to travel to Egypt. The prince requested him to remain for a dark with him. He agreed he took the ruby and gave it to seamstress. Then he came back and told the prince what he has done. She so felt asleep. Following twenty-four hours He visited all public memorials and at dark he came back to the prince. The happy prince requested him to remain for one dark more. The swallow replied that his friends will wing to following contract and he has to travel. The prince said that across the metropolis he could see a adult male in loft. He is seeking to complete a drama but it is excessively cold for him to compose. He has nil to maintain himself warm. He said the sup to take the sapphire of his oculus and give it to him. The swallow agreed. The sup was non willing to make it but prince insisted so he plucked the sapphire and gave it to the adult male. The following twenty-four hours get down visited the seaport and at dark he came to the prince and the prince once more requested him to remain for one dark more as he could see a small lucifer miss crying because of doomed of lucifers.

The sup said that he could non remain because here is excessively cold but he agreed to make so. Happy prince said the sup to give his other oculus sapphire to her. Swallow did non desire to make it but prince ordered to make so. So he plucked the sapphire and gave it to her. Then he returned and told the prince that he will populate with him ever. Following twenty-four hours she told the prince the narratives what he has seen in unusual lands. The prince said the sup that he is covered with all right gold so take of the gold and give it to hapless. The swallowed took of the gold and gave it to the hapless. Then the snow came and swallow became colder and lame. And at last he knew that he was traveling to decease he said the prince good pass. He replied that he was happy that he is traveling to Egypt at last but swallow said that he is non traveling to Egypt he is traveling to the house of decease.

He kissed on his lips and fell down dead at his pess. At the same clip a loud scream was heard the ground was that the dull bosom of prince was broken into two pieces. The following twenty-four hours the city manager of the metropolis came he saw the statue and ordered to convey the statue to furnace to be melted and construct his ain statue as it was no longer beautiful. But the dull bosom of the prince and the dead sup was thrown on a pile of dust. The God said to angels to convey the two most cherished things to him. The angels brought the dull bosom and the dead sup. The God said that they have justly chosen. Prince will ever populate in the God’s metropolis of gold and sup will ever sing in the Eden. *Nightingale and the pupil:

Once a pupil was
sitting in a garden. He was crying because his beloved said that she will dance with him if he conveying a ruddy rose and he had non any ruddy rose in his garden. He was crying and shouting. A nightingale heard all this. He knew that he was a true lover and he wanted to assist him he flew to the Centre of a grass secret plan where a rose tree was standing. He said to him that gave her a ruddy rose and he will sing for him. He replied that his roses are white but his brother could assist him which grows round the old Sun dial. The swallow flew to him and asked a ruddy rose. He replied that his roses are xanthous but his brother which grows under the student’s window possibly could assist him. He flew to him and asked a ruddy rose. He replied that his roses are rd but the winter has chilled his venas. the hoar has nipped his buds and the storm has broken his subdivisions and he has no roses but the lone manner to acquire the rose is that he must shed blood the rose with his ain heart’s blood. The Luscinia megarhynchos said that decease is a great monetary value for a rose but he agreed to make so.

After some tome the pupil went to his bed room and went to kip. When the Moon shone in the celestial spheres the nightingale flew to the tree. All dark long he sang and the thorn went deeper and deeper into his chest and he died in the terminal but a ruddy rose appeared on the tree. And in the midday the pupil opened the window. He was much surprised to see the ruddy rose. He was really happy. He plucked the flower and went to his beloved place. He said to her that he has brought a red rose. She said that it will non travel with her frock as it is redder. And secondly that a male child has brought gems for it and they are more beautiful so the rose. He said angrily to the miss that she is really thankless miss and he threw the rose on the street where it fell into a trough. He said that love is a really cockamamie thing and it is non the half of logic as it does non turn out anything. He went into his room and took out a really dust-covered book and began to read. *The selfish Giant:

Every afternoon when the kids were coming from the school the kids used to play in the giant’s garden. It was a really lovely garden with soft green grass and the birds American ginseng in it. One twenty-four hours the giant came back. He has been to see his friend and has stayed with him for seven old ages. When he returned he saw the kids playing in the garden. He asked them what they were making at that place in a crusty voice and the kids ran off. He built a lofty wall around the garden and set up a notice board.

Will be Prosecuted
Now the hapless kids had no topographic point to play. The wander around the wall and said to each other that how happy they were in the garden? Then the spring came and all over the state there were small flowers but in giant’s garden there was still winter. Then the fall gave fruits to every garden but in giant’s garden there was still winter. He was really much worried that the winter was non go forthing the garden. One forenoon he was lying awake in his bead. He heard the birds’ vocalizing in the garden. He looked out and found the kids providing in the garden. The kids had crept indoors through a small hole in the wall. The sight taught the giant that the garden was blessed with spring on the history of kids. He saw a small kid rolling along a tree. He put the male child on the tree and the male child kissed him. He put down the lofty wall and the garden became the kids resort area for of all time.

When the kids were traveling he asked the kids about the small male child but they told that they have seen him for the first clip. Every twenty-four hours elephantine played with garden but the small kid ne’er came. Old ages passed over and the elephantine became old and lame. One twenty-four hours while he was dressing he saw the small child standing under a tree. He went to him and asked him who has dared to crush you as there were prints of nails on his thenar and pess. He replied that cipher these are the lesions of love. Giant knelt before him and asked him who was he. He replied that he allow him play in your garden one time and now he will play in his garden ever and when the kids came in the afternoon the found the elephantine lying dead under the tree. *The devoted friend:

One forenoon the old H2O rat put his caput out of his hole. He saw the kids of duck standing in the pool and the duck was seeking to learn them how to stand on caput. He said that these kids deserve to be drowned. The duck replied parents should non be excessively patient. Every organic structure has to do a start. The rat said that he does non cognize the feelings of parents as he is non a household adult male and he thinks that the best thing in the universe is devoted friendly relationship. A green house finch asked him what he thinks about the responsibilities of devoted friend and the rat replied that he should anticipate his friend to be devoted to him. Bird said what he would make in return. The rat replied that he could non understand him. Linnet said that let him state a narrative. Once upon a clip there was a small fellow Hans. He had many friends but the most devoted to him was the Miller. He was so devoted to him that he ne’er passed his garden without tweaking flowers or by make fulling his pockets with fruit. Neighbors thought it strange that Miller did non make any thing in return although he was a rich adult male. Hans worked in his garden in summer. spring and fall but in summer he suffered a good trade from cold and hungriness.

Miller boy said that if Hans is in problem. we should inquire him to come here. Miller replied if he would come here he can see our comestibles and can acquire envoy and minister plenipotentiary is the most awful thing. Miller said tonss of people act good but he thinks that speaking good is better. He said that he will pay a visit to Hans when he will be able to give him a big basket of flowers. When spring came he went to a small Hans with a big basket. Han dynasties said that winter was really tough for him. He has sold his wheel barrow and Ag buttons. And now he is traveling to sell his flowers and purchase back his wheel barrow. Miller said that he has a wheel barrow but it is non in good status but he will give it to him. Han dynasties said that he has a board of wood and he will mend the wheel barrow. Miller said that he needed the board to mend the roof of his barn. Han dynasties gave it to miller. Then the Miller said Hans to make full the basket with flowers. It was a large basket but Hans did non decline him. Then he went off. Following twenty-four hours Miller came with a poke of wheat and asked Han dynasties to sold it in the market. Hans said that he was busy that twenty-four hours but Miller said that as he was traveling to give him his wheel narrow it will be really unfriendly of him to decline him.

So the small Hans sold the poke in the market. Following forenoon Miller came and said Hans to come to mend his barn roof. He got dying because his flowers were non watered for two yearss but he did non decline him. So Hans repaired the roof of his barn. He worked for the whole twenty-four hours and the Miller came and said him to come in the forenoon to drive his sheep. So he went in he forenoon drove his sheep boulder clay Sun set and the came back and went to kip. Now he was happy that he did non decline Miller and was free to work in the garden. One dark it was blowing hard. Miller came and asked Han dynasties to name the physician because his boy has fallen from stepss and injured himself. Hans said Miller to give his lantern to him but he did non gave it to Hans. Hans went to the physician and told what had happened.

When he was coming back he lost his manner and drowned in a Moor. His organic structure was found by a shepherd following forenoon in a great pool. Every organic structure went to his funeral as he was really popular. Miller said that his decease is a great loss for every organic structure and me. He said that he was his true friend as he was traveling to give him his wheel barrow. Water rat asked house finch if it was the terminal of narrative. Linnet said that this is the terminal and he is happy that he has told the narrative with moral. Water rat said that if it was the narrative with moral so he should state it in the start. So that he could knock. He said that he could besides make this now so he said in a loud voice ( pooh ) ( pooh ) . gave a whisk with his tail and went back into his hole.

*The singular projectile:
The king’s boy was traveling to be married so there were rejoicings. He has waited for a twelvemonth for his bride and now she has come. On the gate the prince was waiting to have her. When she came. he sank on his articulatio genus and kissed her manus. He said to her that her image was beautiful but she is more beautiful and she bushed. A immature page said to his neighbour that she was white rose before and now she is ruddy rose and the whole tribunal delighted and the male monarch ordered to duplicate his wage. When three yearss were over matrimony was celebrated. Bride and bridegroom walk manus in manus under the canopy. The there was province feast. The prince and princes sat on a top of great hall and imbibe a cup of clear crystal. The immature page said that it was rather clear that they love each other every bit clear as crystal. After feast there was ball. The bride and bridegroom danced and the male monarch played the flute. He played really severely but no 1 daring to state him. The last point was the expansive show of fire plants. As the princess had ne’er seen pyrotechnics so he gave particular orders to pyrotechnic. Equally shortly as the firework placed every thing in right place the vegan to speak each other. A small squib said that he is happy because he has traveled.

A Roman taper said that king’s garden is non merely the universe and it is excessively large. But Catharine wheel said that any topographic point which you love is universe for you but he said that love affair is died. Roman taper said that she did non accept this. She said love affair and love ne’er dies as prince and princess love each other. Then a projectile said that how happy the prince that he was traveling to be married when he was traveling to allow. A small squib said that he thought that it was rather the other manner. The rocked said to her that it might be with her but he was a really singular projectile. He said that his female parent was a Catharine wheel of her twenty-four hours and his male parent was a singular projectile like himself. He said that he hates rudeness and bad manners and he is really sensitive and ever thinks of others. He said for illustration if prince and princess go to river side with their lone one boy and it fell in it so it will be a really bad luck for them and he began to cry. The Roman taper said to him non to cry but he said that he will cry if he chooses.

Then king ordered to allow the fire works and pyrotechnic began his work. Whizz! Whizz! Went the Catharine wheel. Boom! Boom! Went the Roman taper. Then the squibs danced all over the castle. Fire balloon said good pass as he soared up. Bang! Bang! Answered the Catharine wheel. Every organic structure was successful except projectile as he was excessively wet by his cryings. The following twenty-four hours workingmans came to do every thing clean. When they were traveling the one of them saw the projectile. He said expression at this bad projectile. The projectile said to him self he has said expansive projectile non bad projectile as the voices of bad and expansive are same.

The adult male threw the projectile in the clay where a toad came and invite him to his hilarity nine and a firedrake fly said him to give talk on doctrine. Then a duck came and they had a transition. The duck said that he did non like public life but the projectile said that he has been made for the public life. Suddenly two male childs came to him. One of them lifted him up and said that it was a really old stick and they should set it in the fire and it should assist to boil the boiler. So they put it in the fire and went to kip. The projectile said that they are traveling to go forth in twenty-four hours so that every organic structure can see. Fizz! Fizz! He went directly up in the air and so he exploded and all that left of him was a stick. He said that he knew that he could do great esthesis and went out.

This is a really good book. Writer has discussed every affair of life and taught us many lessons. The publishing house has made the book easy to read by composing significances on opposite page. Every college and school male child should read this book.


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