The hippie generation, It's remarkable effect on Canadian Essay

The help era was a time of change. Society did not understand the help generation; therefore they started to fear them. Parents began to feel that this counter-culture was a bad influence on the youth; therefore they started to discriminate against them. The hippie culture had a whole different outlook on life and society, oppose to the previous generations. They believed in peace, love, freedom, and had a great amount of respect not only for others, but for our earth. Hippies believed that everyone should be equal, and money should not separate us.

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The hippie generation, It's remarkable effect on Canadian Essay
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The main force behind their different outlooks were the drugs, free sex, and rock n OLL, which then led them to protest. The hippies went against the American Dream, and American culture. The largest factor in their deferent style of life was the drugs, because It had altered their outlooks on various ideas and point of views. When the hippie culture died off, they left us with a great amount freedom in our society, and they taught us It’s k to do what you want, and to stand up for what you believe In.

Along with the hippie culture, came a lifestyle. Hippies believed that God blessed them with the ability to love, therefore they thought that they should be able to share t freely, and not reserve it for only a selected few (1). They also believed that there should not be any boundaries in sexual expression. This meant “you were free to love whomever you pleased, whenever you pleased, however you pleased” (2). Sexual expression had changed dramatically.

There were no longer boundaries, and it was k to explore homosexuality, group sex, and if you were already in a relationship and you felt attracted to someone else, you could explore that relation ship without having any regrets or Jealousy (3). Sexual diseases began to arise, AIDS started to become a big problem along with teenage pregnancy. As a result, sex education started to play a role In the public. Many schools started up sexual education programs, which allowed them to inform the kids on the precautions of sexual diseases along with abortion.

The hippies brought sexual freedom to a whole different level. They changed the whole aspect of “no sex before marriage” to “If it feels good, do it! ” This was considered ignorant and disgraceful from society’s point of view With all the teenage rebellion, and disapproval, came a new sort lifestyle that this counter-culture could finally relate to. It was Rock and Roll music. Rock and Roll music was not Just a music genre, but it was a lifestyle (5). Prior to the sass’s, the musicians were older and played more formal music such as Jazz, which they would play at weddings and formals (6).

Now the music Industry became more youthful, and had the teenagers could finally relate to what the musicians were communicating oppose to their parents music. Rock and Roll fit perfectly Into the hippie culture, they the government’s point of views and were against the norm. People like Jim Hendrix, and Janis Joplin became role models for many youth, which meant more kids started nuking away from home, living in communes, taking drugs, and challenging society (7).

Music festivals started to become popular during this era also. Woodstock was one of the biggest festivals that ever existed, which totaled 500,000 people who were mainly hippies from around the world, who would camp outside for 3 days and enjoy the music, sex / free love, and drugs (8). From society’s point of view, the youth had gone wild and this new sort of rebellion was heavily looked down upon. In the sass’s, fashion did not really play a big role in the hippie culture.

The hippies seed anti-fashion to go against society’s perspective that each gender should look a certain way, and more wealth people should look a certain way; therefore they usually dressed in bright colors such as tie die, to expose their freedom (9). They also believed that money should not separate us, that we all are one no matter what race, gender, or skin color (10). Unisex clothing was another big thing in the hippie culture. Hippies thought that women and men should be considered equal, therefore they should not be separated by having to look a certain way or dress a certain way (11).

Many hippies felt that they did not even need to wear clothes. A lot of the hippies felt that by being naked, you would be more natural and be free (12. ) Therefore a lot of hippies did not wear clothes at all, which caused more hatred within in the society. Fashion in the sass’s for the hippies was basically anything that was against stereotypical fashion, and anything that relate to class identity. Protest became a huge issue within society. Hippies began to express their different political views. Therefore, they began to challenge society, and the government. The main protests were based on war (Vietnam) and racism.

They believed that war was wrong and rather than solving something, it Just made a larger problem (13). Equality was the goal the hippies were fighting for; they wanted everyone to be considered equal (14). The Vietnam War had a tremendous impact on the hippies. Civil and student rights movements became popular; blacks began to express their true feelings on segregation. The Vietnam War was probably one of the most emotional wars in history. Many innocent people died, kids were getting shot in the streets, all because the United States felt that if they let this nation to fall to communism, most likely the rest of Asia ill follow (15).

The hippies and their anti-war protests started to create a spark in the society, many people started to share the same hopes as the hippies dreamt to achieve (16). As many Americans saw their children grow up, they always enforced strict rules which would hopefully lead them on the track to success. Americans wanted their children to get a wife, good Job, and eventually create a family. The hippies were the culture that broke this dream, and started to invent their own goals and lifestyles (17).

They believed that sex should not only be for married couples, they thought popular within the hippie culture including non-stereotypic clothes and clothes that would reveal your wealth status. A lot of the time the hippies would protest against the government. Hippies wanted the world to be free of racism, war, and struggle (19). Most of the time the hippies rebelled against their parents, they would often run away and live in communes, or do drugs (20). The hippies’ exotic point of view became popular throughout the sixties, during this time it caused a lot of conflict within the community and the government.

Many people considered hippies a threat o society (21). The main force behind what drove the hippie era into what it turned out to be was simply the drugs. Drugs had a huge influence on the hippy lifestyle. The drugs would often change the perspectives and outlooks the hippies would have on certain things, such as government decisions or music. Marijuana taught the hippies to “go with the flow”, and for many of them it was like a subculture (22). Acid also known as LSI, a hallucinogen drug was a different story. Many people referred to it as a “mind- expanding drug” (23).

Some people say that LSI opened their life up, showed they hat there are no boundaries, and some people say they became more in touch with God and spirituality (24). LSI sometimes was related to “oneness”, where you could relate more to humans, and normal barriers and distinctions would be broken down (25. ) Most of the time the people who had or have taken a drug such as LSI, had way different outlooks on certain ideas. Some say it has increased their creative ability and their ability to be unique and different from others. It helped them “create your own reality” (26).

Despite all of the commotion the hippie culture caused. I believe that they did achieve some good within our world. My perspective of this culture / era is that they left us with an everlasting amount of freedom. The hippie culture helped break down the racism boundaries, and even though we do not have a huge amount of hippies today, we still have groups supporting similar points of views such as anti-war groups, which are not really that different from the hippies in the sixties. Music was at its finest, I believe that this era created some of the best music ever created.


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