The Hong Kong Government Commerce Essay

The Hong Kong Government had decided to construct the new track in HKIA. It will convey the advantage and the disadvantage to Hong Kong. It will place the 3rd track ‘s impact by reexamining the literatures. Furthermore, it will make the study with the Hong Kong citizen to place what factor they are concern with build the 3rd track and whether support to construct the new track. It besides review the instance survey to place which factor needs to concern during concept the 3rd track in Hong Kong. After making the study and reexamine the literature and instance survey, I expect to happen out the reply whether to construct up the 3rd track and the ground to back up the reply.


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This undertaking will place the impact of the new track in HKIA and happen the reply which is whether to construct the new track. I will happen out the reply through reappraisal the literatures and do the study. The 3rd track is an issue which we need to concern. In the yesteryear, HKIA had contributed straight to Hong Kong ‘s economic system. Hong Kong ‘s air power industry generated HK $ 78 billion in value added part in 2008. It represents 4.6 % of Hong Kong ‘s GDP. In 2010, it supports the four pillar industries of HK. They are touristry, trading and logistics, fiscal services, manufacturer and professional services which together accounted for 58 % of Hong Kong ‘s GDP in 2010 ( Airport Authority Hong Kong n.d.a ) . The new track will convey the advantage and the disadvantage to Hong Kong. We need to analysis it whether it is better or non after construct the new track.


1. Find the ground of the HKIA need to construct up the new track.

2. Finding literatures for the treatment or information about the 3rd track, such as any positive and negative positions, suggestions, analysis the impact which the 3rd track will convey about the HKIA to construct up the 3rd track.

3. Gathering the position of people support and oppose to construct the 3rd track in Hong Kong International Airport by work out a questionnaire/survey.

4. Gathering the concern factor in Hong Kong International Airport by reappraisal the instance survey.

5. Analyze the information of ( 3 ) , ( 4 ) and comparison with literatures to find jobs that is impact of physique the 3rd track which is Hong Kong local concern.

6. Suggestion of recommendations and decisions will be based on the above information.


Table -1 tentative layout of the Three Runway System

( Airport Authority Hong Kong n.d.e ) The Hong Kong International Airport is the universe ‘s busiest lading gateway and one of the universe ‘s 10 busiest rider airdromes. In 2011, 53.9 million riders used HKIA and 3.9 million metric tons of air lading passed through Hong Kong ( Airport Authority Hong Kong n.d.b ) . The AA had considered the long term development of HKIA. To get by with the increasing air traffic demand and competition, Airport Authority has published “ Master Plan 2030 ” and makes a three-month audience to estimate public sentiment on HKIA ‘s hereafter development. 73 % of respondents supported the proposal to construct the 3rd track to run into the airdrome ‘s long-run growing demand ( Airport Authority Hong Kong n.d.c ) . The development of the 3rd track is involves building of a 3rd track, related taxi strip systems and pilotage AIDSs, and landing field installations, the 3rd track aprons and rider multitudes, enlargement of the bing Terminal 2 etc. Tentative Layout of the Three-Runway System

Critical reappraisal of literature

The ground of physique the 3rd track

The demand of HKIA in the 2030

The International Air Transport Association Consulting had estimated by 2030: the flight motions are estimated to make 602,000 flights with a CAGR of 3.2 % ( Airport Authority Hong Kong n.d.d ) . It reflects the demand of the HKIA is increase in the hereafter.

Table -2 the demand of flight motion ( Airport Authority Hong Kong n.d.e )

HKIA Flight Movement Projection ( Up to 2030 ) – The base-case demand prognosis shows that one-year flight motions at HKIA will make 602,000 by 2030

The capacity of two track in HKIA

For the capacity of the two bing track in HKIA, it is 54 flights/ per hr in 2007, 55flights/ per hr in 2008, 58 flights/ per hr in 2009, 62 flights/ per hr in 2011, 68 flights / per hr in 2015. It is the ultimate capacity of the two tracks in 2015. If no action taken, the ultimate capacity would be saturated around 2020 and it would take more than 10 old ages to finish a new track ( Dr. C.K. Law 2012 ) .

The airdrome competition

The HKIA have rivals in Asia. The about all major hubs in the part are holding program or complete to construct more tracks. The Seoul Incheon Airport ‘s 3rd track taxi strip system began in 2002 and was completed in 2008. It presently service with 40 four million riders. For capacity of the flights, it cans capacity of 410,000 flights and about 4.5 million metric tons of lading per twelvemonth. The Seoul Incheon Airport is continued to spread out. The building is set to go on until 2020. After the building, it will be able to manage one hundred million riders, 700 million metric tons of lading and 530,000 flights per twelvemonth ( Halcrow 2011 ) . The Construction cost is about US $ 1.22 billion ( Aviation Policy and Research Center, Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics 2007:8 ) . In Mainland China, GuangZhou Baiyun Airport besides implement the 3rd track and will be completed in 2015 ( Dr. C.K. Law 2012 ) .

The position of different people in Hong Kong for construct the 3rd track

The position of Hong Kong Government

In March 2012, the secretary for conveyance and lodging Eva Cheng stated that the HK authorities would demo the support to the Airport Authority. The Airport Authority can continue an environmental impact appraisal which is expected to take two old ages, must cover Marine ecology, noise and air quality, and program design inside informations and fiscal agreements ( Alisha Haridasani 2012 ) . ”

The position of the air hose

Cathay Pacific has been rooted in Hong Kong for more than 66 old ages and today connects the metropolis to 170 finishs around the universe ( Cathay Pacific 2012 ) . For the position of Cathay Pacific, it believes that a 3rd track is the lone feasible manner to guarantee the long-run fight of Hong Kong as an of import international airdrome. John Slosar, the Chief Executive of Cathay Pacific, stated that the 3rd track is importance for Hong Kong citizen. It can convey the public assistance for them. Furthermore, the 3rd track is critical the sustainability of the Hong Kong economic system. The demand of build the 3rd track is become increasing. He besides mentioned that the bing tracks are already to a great extent used through most of the operating twenty-four hours that happening take-off and set downing slots for extra flights is progressively hard. The bing tracks will saturate between 15 and 20 old ages early before the prognosis of 2040. Mr Slosar said that as the airdrome becomes busier and busier, the capacity of the two tracks will shortly be saturated. If Hong Kong does non resolutely to construct the new track, it will lose its advantage for competitory in air power industry ( Cathay Pacific 2011 ) .

The position of environmental group in HK

The WWF is the 1 of the environmental group in HK. It supports the sustainable development of Hong Kong, and the associated benefits for its citizens ( WWF n.d.a ) . However, it has a figure of serious environmental concerns about the 3rd track proposal. The Chinese Dolphins, the piscaries and C emanation are the WWF hopes the Hong Kong authorities will see during construct the 3rd track ( WWF n.d.b ) .

The position of the citizens in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Airport Authority was held the three- month public audience on Hong Kong International Airport Master Plan 2030. It was held between 3 June and 2 September 2011. It was done 24,242 of the questionnaire during the public audience. For the consequence of the questionnaire, it indicated that the bulk of respondents 80 % agree or strongly hold that Hong Kong Airport Authority should do a determination desperately on Hong Kong International Airport ‘s future enlargement programs. There are 73 % of respondents prefer the three-runway option, with 11 % choosing to keep the two-runway system and 16 % staying impersonal ( Airport Authority Hong Kong 2011 ) .

The impact of the 3rd track in Hong Kong International Airport

Economic impact

In fact, the air power industry is indispensable function in Hong Kong ‘s development of economic. The professional services, trading and logistics, fiscal services and touristry are impacting largely by the air power industry ( James Tong 2011 ) . The new track can increase the economic system. After the Enright, Scott & A ; Associates Ltd analysis, it estimate the direct, indirect and induced part of HKIA to Hong Kong ‘s GDP in 2030 will be HK $ 167 billion, tantamount to around 4.6 % of the HKSAR ‘s GDP prognosis for 2030. For the occupation chance, it estimates the direct employment associated with HKIA would make 141,000 and indirect/induced employment would be about 199,000 ( Airport Authority Hong Kong n.d.g:189 ) .

Keep Hong Kong ‘s place as air power hub

James Tong stated that the approaching 3rd track building is to keep lead in the air power industry. The geographic location is the Hong Kong ‘s advantage. The chief advantage of the location of Hong Kong is its international connexions in finishs and flights. It can be connected to 160 finishs. The 3rd track can increases capacity. It is enhanced the Hong Kong ‘s air power place by maintain up with the turning tendencies of air power industry and grip with the strong demand in air power industry. The overall of Hong Kong economic besides be increased after concept the new track. If non to construct the new track, Hong Kong may lose the place as air power hub in Asia.The rivals in Asia is aggressive to heighten its air power place and transcend the Hong Kong ‘s air power place ( James Tong 2011 ) .

Environmental impact

The WWF had stated some of the environmental impact during building the 3rd track in Hong Kong International Airport. The building brings the negative consequence for the Chinese mahimahis. During the building of 3rd track, it is increased activity in the H2O. The Chinese mahimahis will increase the hazard. It is because mahimahis in the nearby Marine park. It is less than 1 kilometers off from the proposed building site. It will doubtless be disturbed by the building. The building may alter in H2O quality and affects their nutrient supply. The WWF stated that the C emanation is the concern. The 3rd track will increase the figure of aircraft motions per twenty-four hours. It is taking to a monolithic addition in Hong Kong ‘s C emanations. The 3rd track will merely drive them higher ( WWF n.d.b ) .

Research Methods

In the research, it will be implemented the inductive attack. The intent of this research will roll up different position, sentiment and the concern factor about build the new track in HKIA.


For the study, the research will roll up the informations through the questionnaire. A non-probability sampling techniques like convenience sampling and sweet sand verbena sampling would be adopt for the questionnaire. For the types of questionnaire, it will be used Internet-mediated questionnaires and bringing and aggregation questionnaires. For the Internet-mediated questionnaires, it would post the questionnaires on the cyberspace. It is chiefly station on the Hong Kong web site. For the bringing and aggregation questionnaires, it is traveling to inquire 200 interviewers to roll up the information. It would analysis the informations after information has been collected.

Case Study

There are similar state of affairs with Hong Kong International Airport in other state. It will reexamine the instances which are about concept the new track. Identify the factor which needs to concern for the Hong Kong International Airport during the instance survey.

Undertaking Plan

Degree centigrades: UsershpDesktopYuenCITY???a‘?a??2.png


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