The human behaviour Essay

Discuss the thought that to understand human behavior we have first and first to take history of familial heritage

In order for us to understand Human behavior, we foremost need to admit the fact that human behavior is influenced by familial heritage and it is besides influenced by the environment. A really good known argument refering the influence of cistrons on human behavior is the Nature vs. Nurture. This argument dates back to the seventeenth Century In this argument we can place that it is either nature ( familial heritage, or raising ( the environmental influences upon an person, that influences a homo ‘s behavior. if we look back into this argument we can see that some philosophical minds had different positions on this affair than others. A good illustration to demo this is when John Locke belived that when a chold is born they have a “ clean slate and bit by bit they are filled with experiences. Whereas the Gallic philosopher Rene Descartes belived that the nature ( heredity ) determined certain abiltys of an person.

on the other side in modern psychological science it has been agreed that human behiovuoir is non merely based on one factor but it is the combination of the two factors. A method to analyze this subject is done by mensurating intelligence of th person. Due to this research many research workers belive that both factors conturbuite to intelligence. However even though environment can impact human behavior Familial heritage does play a really siganfinant function in understaning human behavior. to back up this claim of how the two factors contruibute in understang human behaviour the candaian psycolgist, D. O. Hebb in 1949 researched the inquiry whether behavioral differeances occur due to familial heritage or is it based on the environment. He came to an conculsion that in order to understand human behaviour we can non merely look at familial heritage or even the enviroement. To turn out this statement he gives us a instance of Phenylketonuria ( PKU ) , this is an upset where the indivuals organic structure has certain cistrons which breaks down Phenylketonuria ( protein ) which is poisnus to the nervous system. Due to this this can take to the indidual holding mental redartion. As we can see from this unwellness this unwellness can impact human behavior through familial heritage and will impact the induduals IQ. Howver if this unwellness is idnetyfied at an early phase of the kids life and they are kept on a protein free diet they can develop usually and hold a normal IQ. From this instance we can place that although familial heritage can impact human behavior foremost at times and plays a immense function in understanding human behavior we besides need to aknolwege the fact that genetic sciences are dependent on the enviroemnt. and the 2 factors play a immense impact on human behavior.

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The human behaviour Essay
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On the other manus in order to understand human behavior if we foremost and first make up one’s mind to take history of expression at familial heritage and we belive that familial heritage plays more of an of import factor than the environment we should anticipate so an persons IQ trial to be changeless throughout their lives We would besides anticipate their behavior non to alter due to experiences besides we would besides anticipate people with similar genotypes to hold similar behavior.

When we analyse whether persons with similar genotypes have similar behavior we foremost have to take many factors into consideration non merely because of their similiartity. One of the chief factor is the environment. It is lead to belive that people who have a better relationship within their households will hold more of a similarity in their behavior than others. A goo illustration to demo this could be a brother and sister. By analying siblings we can come to a consulsion that they will normally resemble eachother more than other people such as their friends. Siblings will usually be given to hold really similar intellienge. To turn out this statement Jenson ( 1973 ) provided research that revealed a probe the part of intelligence by familial factors from this method it was revelved that so siblings had a similarity in their intelligence even though from this method it may propose that familial heritage is the chief nexus which affects human behavior nevertheless farther statements suggest that envoriment plays a immense function on the consequences.

However in favor of Jenson survey another survey was taken out in favor of the familial position was by Shields ( 1962 ) who based his survey on twins. Their are two types of twins known as the Monozygotic ( MZ ) twins and the Dizygotic ( DZ ) twins the difference between the two is that the MZ develop from the same fertilized egg, which splits to bring forth two persons which are indistinguishable and the DZ twins deveop from 2 fertilized eggs. For these type of twins we need to take into consideration that they will hold really similar environments due t their age besides their genotypes will be like ordinary siblings. When Shields perfomed his survey he discoverd that MZ twins who had been seprated and Mz twins who lived together had really similar inteliigence tonss which suggested that their sepration did non hold any affects in respct to their intelligence on the other side the DZ twins did non hold really similar consequences like the MZ twins. nevertheless their was jobs in the twins study to propose that due to to the MZ twins holding similar physical similaritys and besides they are more likely to be trated the same manner. Where as the DZ twins do non hold this advantage and due to the MZ twins holding similar environment and physical similiatries this could hold affected the trial. This claim was suggested by Eyesenck. ( 1996 )

When we look at familial heritage and if we look at familial heritage foremost and see it as the most of import factor which impacts human behavior so an persons intelligence quotient should be changeless throughout their life. However there has been some important grounds to propose that gentiticinheritance is non the lone factor which effects human behavior. Pollitt and and Gorman ( 1994 ) did a instance survey to propose that environment can play an factor in understanding human behavior. this was done by giving kids in developing states high quality nutritionary addendums during babyhood and early childhood, it was subsequently found that their IQ were well higher than those who did non have the addendums.

Finally we need to take into consideration that familial heritage does act upon to a certain extent a good illustration to demo this could be a kid with Downsydrome when that child his older the unwellness will impact the individual they become. Another manner to look at it could be a individual with a mental upset due to this heritage they may be violent towars others aggressive or may to be able to work in society. However we need to take into consideration we can non ever look at familial heritage foremost to analysle an persons behaviour a good illustration could be person who is a homosexual we can non establish that on familial heritage apart from the environment that individual has lived in. With taking everything into consideration all the research suggests that yes, cistrons do play a important function in the development of behavior, nevertheless is can non be said that cistrons play a more important function. Because several factors such as environment, experiences can impact human behavior. Research and surveies upon Monozygotic and Dizygotic twins has offered important support to the familial statement, On the other manus if familial heritage did hold a impact on human behavior and it was the chief ground to explicate human behavior so foremost, an persons IQ would ever stay changeless over clip and neither addition and diminish nevertheless surveies antecedently considered provide grounds to propose that this is non the instance and that the impact of a persons personal experiences does increase an persons IQ. A good illustration to demo this is when an kid goes to school they gain their instruction to work in different callings. Or a individuals female parent could hold a really good proffesion but their kids may be felons. So this would intend that if cistrons are the exclusive determiner of behavior so any efforts to alter behavior should neglect, yet grounds of success rates such as guidance or choler direction would non assist an person at all. Taking everything into construct It is by and large now accepted by psychologists worldwide that behavior can non be determined by either familial or environmental factors but alternatively a changeless interaction between the two.


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