The Human Body- Unit 7

Question Answer
The Muscular System A collection of organs that work together to move parts of the body.
Name the 3 types of Muscle smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle
Smooth Muscle Found in the digestive tract and blood vessels.
Cardiac Muscle Found in the heart.
Skeletal Muscle Attached to bones to help you move; protects organs.
Voluntary Movement A muscle action that you control.
Give examples of muscles with voluntary movement. Skeletal muscle and Tendons
Tendons Connective tissue that attached muscles to bones to produce movement.
Involuntary Movement Muscle action that you cannot control.
Give examples of muscles with involuntary movement. 1. Smooth Muscle
2. Cardiac muscle
3. Sometimes skeletal muscle- blinking
Give examples of smooth muscle. 1. The digestive tract
2. blood vessels
Give an example of a cardiac muscle. The heart
Why do skeletal muscles work in pairs? Skeletal muscles move in pairs to produce smooth, controlled movements.
Flexor A muscle that works to bend part of the body.
Give 2 examples of flexor muscles and their function. Bicep- bends the arm
Hamstring- bends the leg
Extensor A muscle that works to straighten part of the body.
Give 2 examples of extensor muscles and their function. Triceps- straighten the arm
Quadriceps- straightens the leg
How do using your muscles help you? 1. It keeps the muscles strong and healthy
2. It increases blood flow
Resistance Exercise It develops size and strength of skeletal muscles. It requires muscle to overcome weight.
Give some examples of resistance exercise. sit-ups, push-ups, lifting weights
Aerobic Exercise It increases endurance of skeletal muscle and strengthens your heart. It is a steady, moderate, intensive activity
Give some examples of aerobic exercise. jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics

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