The Idea of Human Capital Essay

Essayl , Proposal Mr. Long Human Capital affects our everyday life. It does not discriminate against anyone no matter what race or part of the world you are in. People blinded by human capital can have a mislead future. David Brook states: “But skills and knowledge-the stuff you can measure with tests-is only the most superficial component of human capital. U. S. education reforms have generally failed because they try to improve the skills of students without addressing the underlying components of human capital” (The

Longman Reader) (210). Human capital is more than Just having a genius I. Q. or attending an Ivy League school. Our other factors in life help dictate a person’s skills and knowledge for what it takes to get the Job. Society and the marketplace is focused on education, but not anyone’s social skills or morals that come hand and hand with dealing with the responsibilities of the any Job. I will be addressing how just because a Master’s Degree listed on a resume’ does not make a person the right ne for the Job.

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The Idea of Human Capital Essay
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What if a person has been on a Job for fifteen plus years that was grandfathered in their position, now all of a sudden has to step down to let that person with the degree take the position and does not know how to say good morning or use Microsoft office. This is what brings us back to “We now spend more per capita on education than Just about any other country on earth, and the results are mediocre” David Brooks stated in his essay on Psst! “Human Capital. “


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