The IFAC code of ethics for profession accountants Essay


Presents, independency is major issues to achieve highest degree of public presentations to run into the public involvement demand. ( Messier et al, 2006 ) Therefore, International Federation of Accountants ( IFAC ) has its mission to supply systematically high quality of service in the public involvement by continues set up and beef up the world-wide economic development and sweetening the accounting profession with consonant criterions. ( ICEAW? , 2005 ) [ Online ] .An IFAC Ethics Committee which besides known as The International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants ( IESBA ) has been established by IFAC Board to develop the issues of the mission and hence published the Code of Ethics for professional comptrollers to stress the independencies and principle-based attack to its professional moralss. ( IFAC? , 2010 ) [ Online ]

The Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants ( The Code ) is counsel for professional comptrollers place, measure and react to menaces in supplying independent audit and confidence service. Independence in confidences services are ever being discussed in the Code in footings of a principles-based attack which takes into history menaces to independence, accepted precautions and the public involvement. ( Rick Hayes et al,2005 ) It is really of import since they implicitly set bound for unethical behavior and supply counsel in scrutinizing. ( Gary Pflugrath,2007 )

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IFAC codification ever focuses on the issues of independent. Auditing is virtually worthless without independent as it is referred as basis of scrutinizing. An hearers should unbiased, and unaffected by struggle of involvement in their point of view to supply a true and just position of the entity ‘s audit study. ( Brenda Porter, 2008 ) It is of import to independent to avoid possible menaces and entree to confidential and sensitive information when carry out their work with professional and due attention. Public ever rely on the hearers knowledge, accomplishments and expertness in order to organize an independent sentiment when supplying confidence battle. ( ACCA? , no day of the month ) [ Online ]

Main Report


The function of IFAC ‘s codification of moralss is beef uping the independent of external hearers to supply sensible confidence service. With comply with cardinal rules and the conceptual of model, the Code can provides information that is more confidential and dependable in public practise while keeping professional competency and independency. ( Graham W.Cosserat, 2009 ) .These cardinal rules fulfil their duty for public involvement and achieve aim of accounting profession. The conceptual model of professional behavior and moralss besides provided to place evaluate and respond to menaces with conformity with the cardinal rules are non compromised. ( ICAEW? , 2005 ) [ Online ] . The Code besides forbiding members from incompatible activities like leting committee or securities firm that beging clients or infringing upon other members work. ( Emmanouil Dedoulis, 2006 )

For positive facet, the codification of moralss provides high quality criterions and strong professional accounting to function public involvement in a transparent, efficient, and effectual mode. Independence plays a critical function for truthfulness and confidentiality fiscal coverage to investor to function public involvement. ( IFAC? , 2004 ) [ Online ] . As the public involvement continually increase in demand, the revised Code of Ethics has been issued and keep in principles-based attack to beef up independent demand. The revised codification is sing the ethical duties of the hearers who encounter illegal Acts of the Apostless and fraud by developing extra counsel. Newer precaution besides has been applied into the revised precaution to supply counsel for more quality model from professional comptrollers. ( IFAC? , 2008 ) [ Online ] The revised codification is turn toing relationships and old and current involvement which related to new entity that may impact independency. Relationship and involvement may make important menaces that objectiveness could be compromised. ( IFACa?? , 2009 ) [ Online ]

Apart from that, Mr. George has point out that the Code besides helps in facilitate the planetary harmonizations. ( IFACa?µ , 2010 ) [ Online ] .Global harmonization is of import because it is to cut down complexness and provides decisive strategic for future planetary capitals market. It provides greater assurance and sensitive in dependable and crystalline information for single companies. Therefore, it needs high quality accounting model to develop the truly planetary set of the criterions. ( PWC,2007 ) [ Online ] Independence helps to supply high quality work which are run intoing the information needs for capital market to let the market operate efficiency, swimmingly and efficaciously. This has improves the ability for investor and stakeholders to planetary footing to accomplish significant benefits from capitals market and lowers their hazard and mistake of opinion. ( ACCA? , 2006 ) [ Online ]

On the other manus, the revised codification of moralss has its negative side. It takes times to follow the revised Code of moralss as all the professional comptrollers needs to absorb new information, cognition, proficient and accomplishments in order to beef up up the demand of independent. It is besides need to incur excess costs to supply preparation and readying to follow the newer information and demand. Besides that, it needs to hold excess communicating for clearly understood all the demand affecting in revised Code of Ethics to understate uncertainness and confusion. ( ACCA? , 2006 ) [ Online ]

The pattern of professional accounting may make loopholes activities which may discredit the profession. Independent of profession comptrollers will hard to decide this state of affairs because the codification is hard implementing by lawfully. ( ACCA P1, 2008 ) [ Online ] Because the IFAC is non in a legislative place, the Code of Ethics contains no formal countenances. ( Hansrudi Lenz, 2008 ) . Therefore, the hearers can take to accept and follow with such a codification without coercion. In such state of affairs, the Code will neglect to follow because they appear out-of-touch on moralss as they are unwilling or excessively busy to take the duty. ( ACCA P1, 2008 )

Other than that, the codification of moralss consists moral norm in provides counsel to beef up up independency. Unfortunately, it has been basically questioned about the moral base of the profession. It is neither a pure-lip-service nor a rigorous self-binding understanding in the sense of the Code of moralss. The independency may neglect to keep via the Code as there are self-binding that create chance to offend a moral norm since independency of head are hard to detect. ( Hansrudi Lenz, 2008 ) There is empirical grounds that shows moral norm are useless if the human natural are neither genuinely selfless nor truly egocentric of the human behavior. A selfish individual will go forth no suites for moral duties and maximize opportunism in determinations doing which creates the ethical struggle of involvement. ( Sara Ann Reiter, 2000 )


The IFAC codification of moralss for profession comptrollers is basically to keep the principles-based attack in using the cardinal moralss rules and conceptual model. The IESBA have highlighted the principles-based attack as critical functions in scrutinizing which gives counsel to deciding struggles of involvement. ( ACCA P7, 2007 ) . IFAC are more preferred to principles-based attack instead than rules-based attack as rules-based attack professional behavior and moralss can non supply for all fortunes. There may ensue in inappropriate or unequal precautions for cardinal rules of moralss when the rules-based attack lead to unquestioning conformity to regulations. ( Philomena Leung, 2009 )

In positive facet, the IFAC codification with conformity with principles-based attack provides legion set of specific regulations for each ethical state of affairs that had been identified. There are varied in the nature of battle and work environment to professional comptrollers. ( Messier, 2006 ) Therefore, the codification with principles-based attack provides suited counsel for every possible identified state of affairs that involves ethical consideration with conformity with the cardinal rules that are non compromised. It is hence the principles-based attack is acts as a driver to supply high quality work of audit. ( IFACa?¶ , 2004 ) [ Online ]

Harmonizing to IFAC, external hearers ‘ independencies are more preferred to principles-based attack because it creates the robust constructions and applied to varied and diverse fortunes faced by professional comptrollers as it is continues to applicable in the rapid alteration of environment. ( IFACa?µ , 2010 ) [ Online ] As it is applicable to planetary environment, it helps professional comptrollers to avoid proficient equivocation of elaborate regulations. The Code is more robust and capable of more consistent application as the IFAC codification clarifies the absolute limitations or prohibition. ( IFACa?· , 2009 ) [ Online ]

The principles-based of the Code are potentially really flexible because it provides flexible model for multi-culture, multi-lingual, and multi-jurisdictional environment. ( IFACa?¶ , 2004 ) [ Online ] This attack besides provides best suited to the rapid alteration in concern environment which allows battalion fortunes that may originate in practise. As such, the criterions of the Code can be antiphonal to the altering demands of the public involvement and serves better for the demand and involvements for both user and fiscal markets. ( Intosai, no day of the month ) [ Online ]

Conversely, principles-based attack in the Code of moralss may hold possible drawbacks. Although the Code provides basic rules to guidance, it is nevertheless that a deficiency of precise guidelines may make incompatibilities. ( IVSC, 2007 ) [ Online ] As there are many similar fortunes to follows, the exemplifying illustrations can be erroneously interpreted. ( ACCA P1,2008 ) The professional comptrollers may covey the false feeling in descriptions of state of affairs where it may be mislead the work in practise. Hence, they may non set up any basic rules or indispensable processs to be followed in audit reappraisal, other confidence and related services battle. ( IFACa?? , 2009 ) [ Online ]

The Code with principles-based attack does non and can non capture all ethical fortunes and quandary unless the professional comptrollers have really good and clear apprehension in the implicit in rules. ( ACCA P1, 2008 ) Ethical quandary can be necessarily happening when the codification can non be honoured without evident breach of another. ( FIG, 2007 ) [ Online ] As there are argue in the regional fluctuations in cultural, societal and ethical norms, the IFAC codification can non capture of import differences in accent in some portion of the universe. In extra, the Code of moralss is non technically enforceable in any legal mode although there are countenances exists in breach of the codification in some legal power. Therefore, the voluntary and possibly for the ethical codification is less effectual. ( ACCA? , no day of the month ) [ Online ]

Principles-based attacks are required hearers to exert or use opinion because specific audit may use Torahs and ordinances that impact on the audit aims. However, it is depends in the ethical behavior of the hearers. ( Gary Pflugrath, 2007 ) Fairness look are necessary require in the audit sentiment which bounds of the consistent application. Auditor may non to be able to show unqualified sentiment and opinion if there are uncertainnesss impacting in the fiscal statement. Materiality by nature or by context may establish in consideration. ( Intosai? , no day of the month ) [ Online ]

2.3 Other recommendations

Apart from Code of moralss, there is support grounds that shows positive relationship between audit commissions and hearers ‘ independency which means that audit commission can heighten hearer ‘s independency. ( Nur Barizah Abu Bakar, 2005 ) Audit Committee is a commission of independent non-executive managers that provide independent point of mention to hearers with position of a company ‘s personal businesss other than executive managers. By supplying extra channel of communicating, the audit commission are beef uping the independency of external hearers. ( United Nations, 2006 ) [ Online ] The audit commission might supply an impartial organic structure for hearers to confer with struggle of involvement. Audit commission will besides take to increasing public assurance in the credibleness and objectiveness of fiscal study. ( ACCA P7, 2009 )

Besides that, audit effectivity and independently can be raised through audit quality control procedure. The international Standard on Quality Control ( ISQC ) further heightening assurance in independent audit by encourage stakeholders work together with unfastened and constructive duologue in order to lend the work of authorities and regulators by bring forthing practical thoughts. ( ICEAW? , 2006 ) [ Online ] . ISQC besides provides counsel for hearer to get required capablenesss and competencies by impose quality control in perform audit and reviews fiscal statement and other confidence and services battle. The ISQC require all professional comptrollers execute all professional duties with unity and maintain objectiveness which gain the populace ‘s assurance in the credibleness of their work. ( Brenda Porter, 2008 )

In to boot, IFAC besides issued the Continuing Professional Education programme ( CPE ) to heightening the professional proficient accomplishments and competencies which help to develop independent of professional comptrollers. CPE provides high degree of preparation to assist it members get the cognition they need to confront the modern-day asperities and challenges of the professional. ( MIA, 2007 ) .CPE provides rapid development in statute law, accounting criterions and guidelines, engineering development and increase public outlooks of the services to keep professional competency and guarantee due attention at all times. ( MIA, 2005 ) [ Online ] By developing the higher professional criterions and furthering greater sharing information between member and expert of the industry, it geared heightening the quality of the profession. ( MIA, 2007 )


IFAC codification of moralss dramas an of import component for professional comptrollers to function public involvement. The Code has stress the of import for external hearers to be independent in provide sensible confidence battle. With counsel by the Code, the professional comptrollers can supply high-quality criterions works with entree of truthfulness and confidentiality fiscal coverage.

From positive position, the independency can be strengthen up by the codification of moralss with comply with the cardinal rules and conceptual of model which allow professional accounting achieve their aim of accounting profession and maintain competencies in patterns. Besides that, the codification of moralss had been revised in order to beef up independencies demand. The codification besides helps in facilitate harmonization.

The codification ever based on principles-based attack to supply flexible for professional comptrollers. Principles-based attack in the Code besides provides legion set of counsel for every possible state of affairs. Apart from that, the principles-based attack of IFAC codification provides robust construction to many different fortunes. It is besides suited for concern environment that rapid in altering to allows battalion fortunes.

Whereas from negative position, the Code needs clip consuming and cost incurred to absorb the new information, new engineerings and cognition and accomplishments. The Code besides creates loopholes from professional comptrollers which will possible discredit the profession. Independent can non be beef uping because of pure-lip-service and self-binding understanding that transgress moral norm.

The principles-based attack of IFAC Code has some lacks. The counsel ‘s illustrations may erroneously construe as it is deficiency of precise guidelines. IFAC Code besides does non and can non capture all ethical fortunes and quandary. The principles-based attack besides requires the professional comptrollers provides excessively many opinion which may convey to uncertainnesss of fiscal statement.

Therefore, besides the IFAC codification of moralss, the professional comptrollers are advices to farther develop other international criterions or regulated organic structure such as audit commission, ISQC and supply CPE to beef up independent of hearers in supplying confidence service.


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