The Importance of Being Beautiful Essay

Being Beautiful To be successful in life, beauty is a very important attribute to have, according to Sidney Katz’s article, “The Importance of Being Beautiful. ” Beautiful people are more successful in more than one way in life. For example, beautiful people attract more friends and lovers, get higher grades and are able to cash checks easier. Beautiful people are also more successful in their careers. There are better jobs that will offer higher pay and more pay raises, for the reason that the employee is beautiful.

Meanwhile, a six-foot tall man has a better chance of getting the same job that a shorter man also applies to, since taller men are seen as being dominant. In addition, promotions are more likely to come to beautiful people before less attractive people. Next, Katz explains how a study shows how more attractive elders would be better patients. For instance, eight photos of patients were given to medical staff and the attractive patients were classified as more motivated and cooperate better. However, the less attractive patients would not improve as well as the more attractive ones.

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The Importance of Being Beautiful Essay
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Katz also gives details how doctors are more attentive to beautiful patients. He believes this is true because the more attractive patients will respond better the procedures and medications. In addition, a study was given that beautiful children could not possibly be guilty of crimes such as torturing a dog repeatedly. The study’s results were conducted by people viewing children’s pictures. The more attractive children were not accused of committing the negligence towards the dog, only the unattractive children.

The children that were accused of harming the dog seemed to be children that were also classified as dishonest and unsociable. In court, beautiful or glamorous women could never commit a crime unless there was hard evidence of them actually committing the crime. Since those women are classified as beautiful, they are not found guilty. Being beautiful has numerous advantages in careers, healthcare, law enforcement and everyday activities. Therefore, Katz states that having beauty is an important aspect to being successful in life.


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