The Importance Of Construction Planning And Preparation Construction Essay

Construction planning and readying play a really of import function in today s building. The effectivity of the planning and readying lead to the success of a undertaking including the quality and clip consumed in finishing the undertaking. A good and properly planned building site can better the efficiency and even the safety of the building operation. Therefore, to build a good edifice, the measure of be aftering can non be eliminated or skipped in order to salvage the building clip and money.

A 20 floors of tower block edifice is to be built on the proposed site at Jalan Universiti Utama. It is planned to be used as the highest edifice of condominium. Before the building is started, a several phases of readying have been conducted in order to hold the most efficient building operation.

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The Importance Of Construction Planning And Preparation Construction Essay
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1. SITE Probe

First and first, a site probe on the proposed site is conducted. Desktop survey is conducted where the initial survey is done utilizing the available informations and information given by JKR. Time and money can be saved due to desktop survey on the proposed site. Based on the historical informations, no utmost conditions is expected. Then, the site probe is conducted to make up one’s mind whether the site is by and large suited to construct the 20 floors constructing as different location has different types of geology and geographics. Previous informations may non be accurate as the belongingss of dirt support altering due to the environment. Boring method has been done to place the dirt profile. The status and contents of proposed site dirt can be identified. Laboratory trials are conducted to find the dirt bearing strength. Based on the consequences, dirt on the proposed site is strong plenty to back up the 20 floors edifice. However, particular dewatering equipment and blasting are required for the readying of site.

Analysis of site informations is as below:

– Site is in urban country = no conveyance and labour jobs

– Subsoil = house sandy clay ; dewatering and sheeting are needed as the H2O tabular array is high

– Based on historical informations, no utmost conditions expected

– Sum of earthwork needed = normal

– 3 resident clerk of plants ; 15 workers normal ; 75 workers maximal ( estimated )

– 1 site office ; 1 shop ; 2 lavatories ; 1 canteen ; 1 auto park

– Fence

– Guard house

– Water, electricity, telephone

– Warning and mark boards

2. SITE Preparation

First, site glade and destruction activities are conducted where tree, stump and all flora are removed and exist edifices are demolished. This is followed by earthworks activity, where a monolithic measures of dirt demand to be moved. Volumes of cuts and fills are calculated decently in order to minimise the motion distance besides determine the mass draw cost and distance. Time and money can be saved. Bulldozer and backhoe are used during the earthworks. After all the earthworks activity have been done, fencings are built around the proposed site margin. Perimeter fence is of import to guarantee that the building can be operated safely. Dewatering is so conducted in order to run out the land H2O due to the high location of H2O tabular array. Next, impermanent edifices included site office, canteen, guard house, shop, lavatories and auto park are built to better the efficiency of building operation. Impermanent entree route, H2O, electricity, phone and air conditioning are ensured available to optimise the efficiency of building plants. Finally, mark boards and warning boards are placed at the certain topographic points to do certain that no interloper breaks into the building site besides to guarantee the safety during the building operation.


Periodic review will be carried out by the Authority during farther building. A study of each review shall be prepared in extra and a transcript of the same study signed by the Authority shall be given to the proprietor or to his Architect/Engineer/Supervisor. Besides, proprietor shall subject a notice of completion of the edifice to the Authority. It may besides submitted by the proprietor through his Architect/Engineer/Supervisor, accompanied by three transcripts of completion program and the needed paperss.


In a decision, a building phases are included site readyings, concept of sub-structures, concept of super-structures and external plants. All these phases are every bit of import in order to optimise the efficiency of a building operation in any industries country.


One of the intents of a site lay-out is to command and to increase the site efficiency. Time wastage demand to be avoided by minimising the walking distance within installations and edifices. On the other manus, strategic stuff storage and use are needed to minimise rehandling cost, breakage and wastage. Site lay-out is besides needed in order to maximise the site and infinite use. Other than that, appropriate stuff monitoring and security can better the efficiency of building operation. Last but non least, the intent of the site lay-out is to guarantee the safety of workers and visitants. An illustration of bad site lay-out is as below:

Based on the above lay-out, there are several failings of the site lay-out demand to be improved. First, there is merely one entrance/exit in this site, which can do negative effects to the building operation. Construction operation may be delayed due to the traffic congestion at the entrance/exit. Two Gatess should be constructed where one is for entryway while the other is for issue. Second, shop in the above site lay-out is located near the entryway. This may besides do traffic congestion when loading/unloading of edifice stuffs is operated. Besides, toilets that located beside the shop may take to pollution to the stuff if there is H2O leaking or overruning in the lavatory. Third, the undertaking signboard should be located near the entryway alternatively of inside the site. This is to guarantee that visitants can happen the topographic point and acquire to cognize the information of the proposed edifice easy. Furthermore, the guard house should locate near the entryway and issue in order to pull off the safety of the site. No interloper should interrupt into the site for the safety of visitants and besides workers. Last, auto park is located excessively far off from the entryway where visitants need to go through by the building edifice in order to park their vehicles. Their lives may be threatened as accidents rate in building site is highly high. Safety foremost!

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