The Importance Of Data Collection Construction Essay

In this chapter, informations aggregation will be transporting out to run into its purpose and aims. Data aggregation is a manner to depict a procedure of fixing and aggregation informations. Furthermore informations aggregation can specify as an of import facet of any type of research survey. Any inaccurate informations aggregation may take to invalid consequence and affect consequence of survey. In other word, this chapter will reexamine method applies in informations aggregation that determine the degree of cognition of the all site workers awareness to risky work and safety and wellness preparation. A research survey can derive information with two beginnings which are primary beginnings and secondary beginnings. The information that obtains by cyberspace, book, diaries and magazines are secondary beginnings. However interview and questionnaire are classify as primary beginnings which these two method can obtains information and acquire a existent image of the survey.

There are three methods can be carried out to roll up informations. These three methods can specify as instance survey, interview and questionnaire. In this chapter, researcher decides to utilize interview to roll up informations. To do the research more clearly and to the full interpreted for accomplishing three aims. Researcher will discourse principle of the research interview and revise the statement of the research purpose. In this chapter, research worker will be explicating the manner of carry oning the interview questionnaire. However, principle of the questionnaire design will be included in this research which to enable interviewees understand the inquiries that stated in questionnaire. Last parts of this chapter will be finding the method of analysis that selected to measure and analysis the information.

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The Importance Of Data Collection Construction Essay
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3.1 Data Collection Technique

After reappraisal to method of informations aggregation, the method to be usage in roll uping informations is qualitative informations aggregation method. The ground of choice qualitative informations aggregation method ; it is because qualitative informations aggregation method is more suited in this research survey.

3.2 Interview

Interview can specify as a conversation between two or more people, intent of interviewer inquiring is to obtain information from the interviewee. Beside that, interview can be flexible or inflexible which it is depending on the freedom of formulate the inquiries and issue being investigated. Harmonizing to Dr S. G. Naoum, the interview can be classified in two signifiers which are construction interview and unstructured interview as Fig 3.1

Flexible interview construction

Flexible interview contents

Flexibility in interview inquiries

Rigid interview construction

Rigid interview contents

Rigidity in interview inquiries and their diction

Fig 3.2 Types of interview

3.2.1 Advantages of Interview

Interview is more applicable and utile for a complex state of affairss compare to the other method. If interviewee encountered trouble in replying inquiries or unable to understand the inquiries, the interviewer can direct clear up uncertainty to interviewee and guarantee the interviewee is decently understood. In this instance interview can obtain a higher apprehension. Furthermore, interview will assist in roll uping deepness informations and information. The research worker can derive more elaborate and accurate informations through investigation deep in interview state of affairs. Face to confront interview can bring forth a higher response rate which interviewee provides the reply through communicating as interviewee may non necessitate reading and composing the reply. Beside that, interviewing has a wider application, particularly suited for those who are hebdomad and deficiencies reading accomplishments.

3.2.2Disadvantages of Interview

Interview is more time-consuming and expensive comparison to other method of research. Interview will pass a batch of clip and may non be cost efficient if peculiar of research have figure of undertakings to analyze. On the other manus, the quality of informations is depending on the ability of the interviewer. Quality of informations collected might affected by experience and accomplishment of communicating of the interviewer. Interviewee may supply inaccurate information if interviewer being faulty in equivocal inquiries to interviewee. Furthermore the other disadvantage is interviewer prejudice in taking. Leading is the manner that interviewer guide the interviewee in replying the inquiries. Verbally may impact the leading by the existent word used, other than that non-verbally which is body linguistic communication might set up the taking during the interview. Any faulty of taking will do inaccurate informations collected. In extra, quality of interaction might impact the quality of informations collected. The interaction between interviewer and interviewee might change from different interview, in the consequence the quality of informations collected may dramatically lower and deficiency of credibleness.

3.3 Statement of Research Aim

In this research will carried out based on one purpose and three aims. To do the research more credibleness, one purpose and three aims will use in design of the interview and carry on the questionnaire. The purpose of this survey is to find functions of safety officer to implement safety preparation plans, in order to make a safe workplace. In accomplishing this purpose, there objectives stated as followers:

To foreground the jeopardy and accidents that most normally found at building sites,

To place the Scopess and features of safety officer to make a safe workplace

To find effectiveness safety preparation plans for site workers in Malaysia building sites.

These three aims are generated, after the research worker critically reviews the book, articles and diary. Three aims might use in interview through face to confront interview to local building site forces.

3.4 Rationale of Questionnaire Design

This thesis rubric is & A ; acirc ; ˆ?Safety Plan in Construction Site: Safety Officer Perspective & A ; acirc ; ˆA? . Safety and Health Officer is playing a really of import in create a safe workplace. The accident occurs in building site are normally affect the aim of the undertaking. Questionnaire design may touch on background and organisation of interviewee. Questionnaire will place causes and consequence of accident occurs in building site. The interviewees are request to lucubrate the jeopardy and hazard in building site which to accomplish the first aim set out by research worker. Furthermore, functions of Safety and Health Officer will be included in the questionnaire, it is to understand undertaking and occupation done by Safety and Health Officer which related to the 2nd aim of this thesis. Other than that, questionnaire might look into the procedure of jeopardy appraisal. The 3rd aim will accomplish that the questionnaire will find the preparation component which carry out by Safety and Health Officer. The interviewee is necessitating to explicate the contents of the safety preparation.

3.5 Research Sample

The interviewees were selected based on certain features required to run into the research aim. In this chapter, the site forces with experience in safety and wellness issue and preparation will be selected. In this instance, with experience and cognition of the interviewee, the informations collected from them will go more credibleness and accurate. Furthermore, undertaking director, site supervisor and safety and wellness officer will be the mark population for this survey. This study mark on different building place degree of interviewees, it is because every place of work may hold their ain sentiment and cognition in safety and wellness issues. The trying country will concentrate in peninsular Malaysia and Sabah building sites. It is more easy to garner the accurate information and reply.

3.6 Method of Analysis

In this component, the analysis will make based on informations that collected from the interviewees. The method of analysis used is tendency attack that require to analysis the interactions provided by interviewees. In the analysis portion, research worker will depict the out semen of interview with 10 site forces in a conversation from. Every inquiry will provided with three replies that collected from the selected interviewees. In the other manus a treatment will be included to analyse and compare the information obtained from the interviewees.

3.7 Reason of choose interview

In this research, interview will transport out to garner informations and information. By utilizing this affair, informations collected from interviewees will more accurate comparison to other affair. If used questionnaire method, the respondents may merely reply the inquiries, due to respondent might non understand the inquiries asked. But used interview method, if interviewees non understand the inquiries asked, the interviewer can explicate to them. In the other manus, if interviewees understand the inquiries asked, the reply provided by them will go credibleness.

3.7 Potential Problem and Contingency program

Quality of informations collected

The job might meet during the interview are the quality of information and information that collected from the different interviewees. All interviewees are from different background, moreover they have different experience and sentiment in safety and wellness issues, so the information that obtained by them may change. To over come this job, interviewer might choose the interviewees who have figure of old ages experience in building house. Beside that, interviewer may interview the site forces who presently on place undertaking director or site supervisor or safety and wellness officer.

Low respond rate

During the interview, the interviewer may meet difficult to do assignment with the interviewees, because non many people are willing to interview. In interviewees sentiment, interview are non portion of occupation for them, the interviewees might believe spend clip to accept interview and reply the questionnaire is blowing clip. Therefore, the interviewer have duty to minimise the job that guarantee hold adequate people to accept interview. The method can be use to work out this job is interviewer should name out the company to be interview. Companies selected for this interview should more than 20 companies to avoid some of the people refuse to accept interview.

3.8 Rationale of Questions

The below inquiries were designed based on Objective 1.

Question 1: Do you believe use Personal Protective Equipment can cut down the figure of accident? Why?

This inquiry is to place usage of the PPE and intents apply PPE when site workers carried out the risky work in building site. Interviewees require to explicate how their apply PPE when carried out the risky plants.

Question 2: In your sentiment, what are the causes of accident happened in building site?

This inquiry attempts to happen out the factors and causes of accidents happened in building site.

Question 3: In point of position, what are the effects of accident occurs in the site? Please elaborate.

This inquiry attempts to bespeak the interviewees to advert the consequence that generated by accidents occur on site.

Question 4: How does the first-aid unit locate in building site?

This inquiry attempts to find how interviewees locate the first-aid unit in their building site.

The below inquiries were designed based on Objective 2

Question 5: In practical criterion, what are the functions of a Safety and Health Officer?

This inquiry attempts to place the undertakings and plants should transport out by a Safety and Health Officer. Furthermore interviewees are necessitating to lucubrate what are the Scopess of work of a Safety and Health.

Question 6: Who is responsible for hazard appraisal and jeopardy control?

This inquiry attempts to happen out who is responsible for hazard appraisal and jeopardy control.

Question 7: What are the processs for hazard appraisals?

This inquiry attempts to find procedure of hazard appraisal to be carried out earlier and during the life of undertaking.

The below inquiries were designed based on Objective 3.

Question 8: Who is responsible for safety and wellness preparation?

This inquiry attempts to happen out who responsible for safety and wellness preparation.

Question 9 Based on your experience, what are the elements needed to cover during the safety and wellness preparation?

This inquiry attempts to find the contains of safety and wellness preparation. Beside that, interviewees have to explicate what to be trained during the safety and wellness preparation.

Question 10: In your organisation, did the site forces receive the refresher Safety and Health preparation? If yes, delight explicate how frequent the preparation held and how long of the preparation period.

This inquiry attempts to happen out does every building company have provide refresher Safety and Health preparation to their workers.


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