The importance of Education Essay

There was time when sub-continent was noted all over the world as a glorious centre of education and culture where students from all parts of the globe used to pour in. It was an ideal system of education which apart from disseminating sweetness and light, infused in to the minds of the students a spiritual urge for coming in contact with these educational institutions. But now when we look at the present state of education in our country, the change shocks us deeply and we cry out in the language of Wordsworth. Whither is the field the visionary gleam?

Where is it now, the glory and the dream? It is asserted with great regret that our educational system day by day is going towards decay. The standard of education in the country is steadily falling. The students turning out every year from our educational institutions are not up to the mark. They are much below the expected level. Let us find out where does the evil lie. In fact education lacks meaning and purpose. There is also quality education in our country. The whole system of education in our country is out of date. There is a set pattern of papers and books and also of lecture.

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The importance of Education Essay
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The planners, teachers, students and the examination system all are responsible for the fast deteriorating quality of education. The planners of our education are mostly fed on borrowed ideas which have no relevance for the falling standard of education, barring a few honourable exceptions most of them are teachers by accident. They lack sincerity of purpose, dedication and missionary zeal. A comprehensive plan to raise the quality of education in our country should be evolved. Emphasis should be laid on meaningful education. There is a lot importance of quality education.

We have no good doctor’s good engineer’s good lawyers nd good teachers one to non availability of quality education. Even the stability of political system is also due to the low quality education. Because the education does not meanacademic education and that of poor type. But education means moral cultural development of student’. Here the question arises whether our education institutions are doing their duty in this regard? Are they trying to build the character of future? Citizen of the country? Do they strive to make them honest, up right and truthful? Or does their function finish only with imparting to them bits of information?

We have to dmit with regret that to day there is no such function of these educational institutions. They cultivate the intellectual powers of young, but do nothing in the direction of stimulating their imagination and feeling to their emotional life. They do not include in them a love of virtue and righteousness, a sense of self respect and If we want a developed, progressive and prosperous Pakistan, we should give importance to quality education it is the only way to secure honourable place in the community of nations. Role of Students. Education means training for life. It should aim at to develop discriminative nowledge or wisdom.

Education stands for training, up bringing development of human personality through three fold culture-physical mental and moral. But teachers pay more attention to the completion or running through the syllabi them to the human culture. Such as mechanical teaching has gone a long way in lowering the standard of education and erosion of personality of the students. For correct analysis of the falling standard of education in the country, we will have to examine the whole education system in the country and its management. There are three major cogs in the machinery of education i. . the teachers, the students and the syllabus.

Its smooth running and improvement depends on these factors. Teacher play the most important and practical role in improvement of education. The quality and worth of the teachers determine the quality of education. Some one has said “Give me good teachers and I shall give you good nation”. In our country teachers do not exert themselves or do their best, neglect their duties, do not take the classes regularly and simply care to complete the course, connive with student in undesirable activities, shut their eyes to character building and even elp the students in the examination or by influencing the assessment.

Naturally students follow the line of least resistance and do not pay serious attention to their studies. After teacher the second human factors in education is the student. Do doubt God has created man in the best image and blessed him with countless, but he is spoiled by environment and take sin vice more easily than virule. The existing socio-political climate is largely responsible for spoiling and misguiding the students. All education is possible through two-eye curiosity and desire. If the tools are blunt the best work an can not produce good results. So is the case of education.

Teachers can not produce good results if the students are indolent, un-ambitious and indiscipline then the standard and quality of education will not improve. The main reason for decreasing standard of education is growing tendency of copying and using unfair means on the examination by students. They approach and pressurize the examiners for getting good marks. Examinations have become a more test of dishonesty and sue of unfair means than of attainments and proficiency. It won’t be a wrong statement if it is said that majority of students pass by using nfair means even in the professional examinations of Medical and Engineering. he cooperation of students is very necessary, it is fore most duty of student to get education honestly. They should attend the school and colleges regularly, complete the given assignment at home and stop the practice of using unfair means in the examinations. As we are aware of the fact that for getting proper work from teachers vigilant students are necessary if students are interested in the process of education then ultimately parents will be interested. They will contact the management if the performance of the teachers is poor.

So very much standard of the education depends upon the interests of the students. Students can play very active role if they want to improve the standard of education. Female Education Both the progress and prosperity of country depends on the education. Education makes people civilized, cultured and law abiding. Education is essential for democracy. In the words of the great philosopher Aristotle “to neglect the education of the young ones, is to weaken the constitution of the country’ the present political chaos in the country is the direct result of lack of proper education.

Education is equally important for theboys and girls. Basically education is universal need, rather right of every citizen, keeping in view the requirements and conditions in a developing country likePakistan, we need greater number of educated manpower. We badly need more scientist, more mathematicians more engineers and technicians and more doctors for building the country on modern lines. Our greatest and dire needs of the time are to build up and strengthen our defences. For a strong, stable and prosperous Pakistan, we require educated, honest, devoted and dedicated young persons.

Ads by BetterSurfAd Options As stated above education is an equal right of male and female. Girls are said to be light of the home. If they are educated they will carry the light where ever they go. The percentage of education in Pakistan is hardly 25%. It is very low as compared to that of other SAARC countries especially Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The educated female’s percentage in our country is about ten percent. It is evident from the number of boys and girls educational institutions in the country. The major population the 70% living in the villages is completely neglected.

If we want to have a harmonous growth female education is to be given due importance in the national planning schemes. More girls schools and colleges are to be opened all over country, primary must be made free and compulsory both for boys and girls. More share is to be allotted for the purpose in the national budget. Special attention to be paid to teachers training because teachers are builders of the nation. If the girls are educated, they can prove better mothers and wives. As Napoleon Bonapart said “Give me an educated mother. I will give you educated nation”.

Mothers can educate the children and have great influence on them. They can reach women are good housewives and better halves. They manage the house well, look after the comforts and health of the family. If they are educated and religious minded, they can help in improving the moral tone of the society. It is a dire need of the time. They can block the swelling current of public corruption. They can inculcate love for goodness, truth and Justice among the youths the future citizens. The women should acquire education for the sake of enlightenment and knowledge nd not for competing their counter parts men.

It results in social problems like late marriages, unsuitable matches, problem of unemployment. Female factors in services have closed the doors of employment of many able men. Instead of veying with men and assailing the masculine fields, they should help and co-ordinate with males in the best interest of the society and the country. Our duties and responsibilities to men and women. They can best serve the nation by following the percept. Let the will of God prevail upon the will of the believers. There lies true emancipation for women.


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