The Importance Of Employer Branding And Hr Essay

A Good Company ticket is instrumental to a company ‘s success in pulling and retaining the best encephalons in the market, and therefore derive competitory advantage over others. Harmonizing to assorted studies, intervention of employees and the quality of merchandises and services provided rate highest in job-searchers ‘ wish list about the organisation they want to work for. These companies are frequently voted as “ Best Companies to Work For ” and no uncertainty pull the best endowment available in the market and finally create maximal value for the stockholders. It has been proved that occupation satisfaction of the employees is straight linked to an employee ‘s public presentation at work. Higher the occupation satisfaction better is his public presentation. Thus “ Employer Branding ” is the procedure of making an image for the organisation as an employer, different from others such that it attracts the brightest encephalons in the market.

Many companies face terrible attractive force and keeping issues. Information gathered by some of the studies, explain the same.

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The Importance Of Employer Branding And Hr Essay
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CIPD 2006 enlisting, keeping and turnover study:

82 % of administrations reported troubles in recruiting

69 % coverage troubles in retaining

Right Coutts 2006, in Management Issues 2006

41 % of Senior HR professionals thought keeping of cardinal staff was their most critical HR issue

Accenture online study 2006

67 % of senior managers in N. America, Europe and Asia think the inability to pull and retain the best endowment is one of their top 3 menaces to success

A successful employer trade name undertakings the qualities that make people want to work for the organisation ensures that they are deep-seated throughout the concern and exploits this as a differentiating factor at the market topographic point. Strong and successful trade name image is the individual most effectual and common scheme employed to pull able staff. In a nut-shell “ Employer Branding ” refers to “ What do prospective and current employees think of us as an organisation? ”

But the land world is marketing starts from place itself as in from inside out. Of late phenomenon of “ Employee Branding ” is catching clasp in the market, non merely in India but all across the Earth. As the planetary economic system recovers from the terrible recession, the focal point of all companies has been on optimising their resources and therefore they are in the expression out of best endowment in the market, therefore in the current scenario endowment eroding has become a rampant. Such a state of affairs calls for immediate attending towards talent keeping or to be more specific retaining leading. This is true that this is non a new phenomenon but there is no denying fact that in the present state of affairs it becomes all the more of import. “ Employee Branding ” therefore becomes an of import tool in employee keeping by making a passion to lodge to their company and remain together as household or community because they know that their company values them and their endowment and therefore this common understanding goes a long manner in trade name edifice for the company in the market.

Employer branding to the nucleus is related to the people and therefore inherently signals a company ‘s religion and concern for its human resources. Therefore if a company wants to travel for Employee Branding, it ought to beef up the function of HR at assorted phases of its operation. This chiefly aims at the followers:

Employees “ populating the trade name ” they are working with and therefore beef uping the trade name in the market topographic point, at the same time heightening organisational effectivity by stressing employee engagement to the highest possible extent in the stigmatization procedure

Employees feel emotionally connected to their organisation in footings of its moralss and values, and most significantly feel connected to their work topographic point – this being the nucleus of all employee keeping schemes

The burden of pull offing all these facets of “ Employee Branding ” is decidedly the occupation of Human Resource Department of any company. Achieving the same might non be a simple undertaking for most of the companies and needs a strategic well defined attack. So, in this article function of HR in a four measure attack has been suggested to beef up “ Employer stigmatization ” .

Role of HR in “ Employer Branding ” and Employer Value Proposition

Measure 1: Research

HR of any company needs to understand where the company stands in the employment market and consequently plan an action program depending upon the demands. The four cardinal points that need to be considered while traveling through the procedure of research:

Perceived trade name image

Expectations of the mark group from the employer

Relative placement in the market with regard to the rivals

Research is thorough and on a regular basis updated

Measure 2: Employer Value Proposition:

Every organisation has to hold a statement so as to do it explicitly clear and seeable why the entire work experience at this peculiar organisation is superior to that in the rival organisations. This statement is termed as “ EVP ” . EVP demonstrates current and future employees why they should work for this peculiar organisation and non with the rivals and hence gives a competitory advantage in talent acquisition.

The diagram below gives an thought about the assorted facets of EVP. All these policies have to be constantly supported and facilitated by HR. EVP is a mixture of assorted benefits, policies and properties of an organisation which when managed efficaciously, increase the talent pool of the organisation, expeditiously cut downing the size of their pay measure. But those who ca n’t hold to trust on a pay premium to pull and retain top endowments.


Measure 3: Communication of Strategy

Once an organisation has a good defined EVP, an effectual communicating scheme has to be devised which conveys the same to the current and the hereafter employees. EVP, get downing right from trade name constructing involves assorted facets of an organisation. Gone are the yearss when stigmatization was considered to be a selling sphere. Marketing sections in companies spend a luck in developing schemes for stigmatization, experimenting with taglines and Sons to do their trade name a success. But they forget that branding is non merely for external intents but besides for run intoing internal intents with respects to retaining the endowment pool, actuating them and enabling them to execute to the best of their abilities. Since, HR is cardinal to employee related policies therefore it is the function of HR to convey all these sections like Gross saless, Selling, HR together develop a comprehensive communicating scheme to pass on the EVP in the employer communications during enlisting, publicity, assessments etc.

Measure 4: Action

Closely following up all these facets of “ Employer Branding ” is the most of import measure for successful execution of the schemes we propose. Integration of assorted exercisings being practiced in isolation demands coaction with all the sections of the organisation and to guarantee that all the sections are working in tandem towards making an effectual Employer Brand. For this HR needs to make a robust value model that ensures all its policies are in topographic point.


Following the above presented four measure theoretical account, the employer builds a trade name that undertakings its concern and civilization and is attractive to targeted employees. Besides, it is indispensable for the company to portion and populate the trade name. The function of HR has changed in the same in a mode that the employer trade name no longer remains a secret potion to be administered merely by HR, but it is the responsibility of the HR to widely circulate and portion it with the full organisation.

It has been proven by the “ Employers of Choice ” what a powerful distinguishing tool employer stigmatization can be! Thus HR, incorporating the different maps of the organisation, strives to make a repute in the occupation market that relies on edifice on both, the invention in employment properties that are of basic importance to high performing artists every bit good as attempts, which make this invention visible in the occupation market.


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