The Important Of Maintenance In Every Building Construction Essay


This subject of survey which is guaranting efficiency in edifice care pattern is to do a several research on how the direction privation to accomplish its end in every edifice that has been manage by them. As we know, the of import of care in every edifice can be turn outing because without a well care of the edifice, it may diminish the value of it constructing. That is why, we can see the demand of the edifice care today. It is besides because, in the new engineering epoch, renters were much demanded and as a direction corporation, they must carry through the demand of every renter. Tenant will take the edifice that can give them the high security, so they can populate in the edifice safely. From the study of commission on Building Maintenance ( British ) , we get that there are several important in edifice care which is 1/3 of end product of the building industry is based on the care work. Then, 40 % of labor cost in the building industry is based on the care work. It is besides of import to guarantee that the state & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s stock of edifice, production and adjustment was used every bit efficaciously as possible. It can be classified that there are three schemes that must hold followed by care Management Corporation to convey efficiency in the edifice which is preventive care, disciplinary care and prognostic care. The three schemes must be executed sing the job in the edifice so that the direction corporation will utilize the suited scheme of care.


Care is the procedure that has been done to forestall the impairment in the edifice whilst besides to mend the amendss in happen in the edifice. The amendss happen in the edifice when some portion of the edifice can non functional good. There are many types of amendss in the edifice such as the electric system, H2O supply, floor, roof, the drainage system and wall. This job might be work outing by making the edifice care to mend or to reconstruct the equipment that can non functional good. The job occurs in the edifice will impact the renter in the edifice, that why the care procedure is really of import to do certain the renters experience convenience and safe to utilize the edifice.

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The Important Of Maintenance In Every Building Construction Essay
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Constructing care normally pattern in every states and it is really of import in every development to hold care direction. In general the significance of edifice care is the work done by person who expertise to maintain the edifice maintain and to do certain that every portion of edifice is good better. In order to keep the edifice, it besides wan excessively keeps the value of the edifice and to upgrade its services and environments. The edifice care besides necessary in this state because by carried out the care in the edifice it will keep the value of the edifice, safe for occupant who live in the edifice and the edifice can be used for drawn-out period of clip.

The procedure of efficiency in edifice care patterns must be concern because edifice care is really of import to do certain that the edifice is good care. The procedure of care of edifice is to do certain that the all the installations in the edifice is functional and give convenience to the users in the edifice.


Guaranting efficiency in edifice care pattern is really of import every because without efficiency in edifice care, the operation of the edifice can non be functional good. There are many advantages of efficiency in constructing care such as many jobs will be avoided if all the work done by the edifice direction is efficient and follow the criterion and the guideline provided.

First, in efficiency of the edifice care, to do certain that the edifice care is efficiency, the direction can utilize the planned direction. There are two type of planned care which is preventative and disciplinary. Planned preventative care is the work done straight to forestall the failure of the installation and comfortss in the edifice in order to do certain that the installations can go on operation. We can schedule all planned work so that the care work will travel swimmingly and can guarantee the amendss can be monitored by the anticipate staff. This type of schemes is mentioning to the planned care and it is perform with a preset program at regular. By utilizing this he preventative care, the care can be planned and execute when it convenience to the edifice users. Then, the advantages use this type of scheme care is can cut down the care cost by avoid the cost of eventful harm. The wellness and the safety of user can be improved by utilizing preventative care ( Raymon and Joan, 1991 ) .

Second, to guaranting the efficiency in edifice care pattern, the direction of the edifice should execute the accurate cost gauging to attest the lowest cost for the edifice care. In finding the low cost for the edifice care, the direction of the edifice should accurately track the costs of all care work. The care direction besides can utilize the in house resources like to make the care work so that the cost can be minimize. It may do higher cost if usage the external resources to work out the job of amendss in the edifices and it may take a long clip to decide the full job. Then, to do the edifice care is done expeditiously, we must keep a proper degree of stuff and trim parts to do easier to mend the amendss equipment.

Then, the care of edifice besides can execute in day-to-day operation. It can be really expeditiously constructing care pattern because it will keep a proper presentable installation. The external parts of the edifice will be done every twenty-four hours by the staff in charge in that clip. The cleansing service of floor for illustration, must be clean every twenty-four hours in order to convey a good image to the edifice itself. Furthermore, the regular review besides and care besides can be pattern to observe the deteriorated edifice component. By pattern the day-to-day operation, it will get the better of the unequal care in the edifice. So that the edifice will be expeditiously maintain in day-to-day operation by the edifice direction.

Besides, to guarantee the efficient edifice care, the direction should supervise the advancement of all care work done in the edifice. With the monitoring by the top direction, the employee who was responsible to done the care will concentrate on their work. When the worker are really committed to the inheritor work, the installations and the security in that edifice will be maintain and the user in the edifice feel comfy to utilize the edifice safely. Every edifice want to keep it value, that is why the needed of efficient edifice care pattern in every edifice. The image and design of the edifice is the one of import feature that must be concern because the edifice can be distinguishing by the design itself. The function of constructing care is to back up the operation of the edifice. It may do many jobs if the edifice is non good care.

Furthermore, in order to convey efficiency in edifice care pattern, the direction should concern about the renter in the edifice. There are four classs that must be concern by direction which is in term of tenant impact, tenant demand and tenant engagement. The direction must pass the money in ways that give advantages to the figure of renter who live in that edifice. By spend the money in a good ways the renter will take part in edifice betterment attempt. In care the edifice, the demand of renter is really of import because if there any amendss happen in the edifice if may burthen renter who in the edifice. For illustration, if there are job such as cleft of the floor, the direction of constructing care should be able to pull off this job rapidly because want to fulfill the renter needs. When the direction of the edifice can fulfill the renter demand, it may impact the renter to pay the service charge to do easier to the direction to put to death the care work.

In add-on to maintain the edifice in efficiency edifice care, the direction should maintain all the record for the old record of the care. It is to do easier to the direction to mention and there will be easy to observe the job happen in that edifice. The edifice direction section besides must develop checklist of a undertaking of the work done, so that it will be more efficiency to keep the edifice. Besides that, the direction should happen the right care mix. The care mix is normally pattern in strata corporation and the direction was adopted the three type of care schemes and it will separate the per centum for every type of edifice care. For illustration, for the disciplinary direction they assume that it 40 % of the assets, so for the preventive care is 50 % of the assets and in conclusion, for the prognostic care is 10 % of the assets.


As a decision, care and fix is really important portion in every life of the edifice. The edifice care pattern is needed in every development. It is because the edifice needs to be good maintained in order to retain the value of the belongings itself. Furthermore, the edifice besides will continues carry through it map and will give the convenience to the renter and resident in the edifice.


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