The Issue of Excessive Plastic Surgery in South Korea Essay

Plastic surgery has become a fad among South Koreans since the beginning of the 20 first century. South Korea has the highest rate of plastic surgery than any other state in the universe, with 74 processs per 10,000 people ( Winchester, 2013 ) . Majority of people in Korea believe that facial visual aspect is an of import factor in mensurating one’s success in life. This paper argues that plastic surgery in South Korea needs a restriction and the plastic surgery fad in Korea has to be stopped. Three grounds why plastic surgery has to be reduced are because of plastic surgery dependence, standardisation in physical visual aspect and side effects of decorative operations.

Plastic surgery was introduced in Korea by Dr. Ralph Millard, an American plastic sawbones, who arrived in Korea in 1954 and performed dual eyelid surgeries for Korean patients ( Stone, 2013 ) . Millard’s function was to assist handle accident and burned victims but he decided to assist in a different manner. Millard thought that a more western visual aspect would assist Koreans absorb better in the emerging international economic system. ( Millard. R, n.d. ) . The surgery rapidly caught on and the first aesthetic surgery clinic opened in Korea in 1961. From so, Numberss of adult females undergoing fictile surgeries increased from twelvemonth to twelvemonth. Currently dual palpebras and nose occupations are so common that they are non named surgery but called as “procedure” . It is true to state that one time Koreans desired to look more western, but nowadays decorative operations are non to look more western but to look more stunning as what Koreans think. Harmonizing to Dr. Hyunenong Park ( as cited in Stone, 2013 ) , a plastic sawbones in Korea, said “Even though many Caucasians have little and slender faces, it does n’t intend Asians want to be like Caucasians. If you inspect some Caucasic famous persons, you find infinite illustrations of outstanding jaws and high zygomatic bones. However, if you inspect Asiatic famous persons, they all have little jaws and zygomatic bones. That’s because little and slender face is ideal to most Koreans” . This shows that Koreans undergoing plastic surgeries still look for distinctively Korean characteristic, instead than looks similar to Caucasian.

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The Issue of Excessive Plastic Surgery in South Korea Essay
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Some people argue that plastic surgery boosts assurance and decreases the rate of depression in patients. Patients enduring from a wellness issue related to physical visual aspects had a great alteration in how they feel about themselves after process. For case, a survey found that patients who surgically altered their physical visual aspect, claimed to accomplish their end, felt healthier, less dying and developed more self-esteem compared to those who chose non to hold plastic surgery ( Royal University of Bhutan, 2013 ) . Furthermore, research workers found out that plastic surgery plays a major function in diminishing depression in patients with visual aspect issues. Research carried out by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons ( 2006 ) , demonstrated a high correlativity between plastic surgery processs and extenuating depression in patients. The research showed 31 per centum of the patients electing for the process who was presently on anti-depressants, had stopped taking anti-depressant medicine for six months, after the surgery ( American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2006 ) . This shows that plastic surgery does play an of import function in heightening 1s self-prides and diminishing the degree of depression but overdone fictile surgeries are doing major jobs in our society.

Peoples ‘s compulsion with plastic surgery, is one of the grounds why plastic surgery needs to be reduced. Most of the people have something they don’t like about their visual aspect, but if it is non serious and does non impact our day-to-day live, it is non necessary to undergo surgeries. Whereas in Korea, people have become more unfastened about ‘reconstructing’ their face and processs like eye-and-nose occupations have become what they call “basics” Furthermore, people’s compulsion with plastic surgery is traveling on from the ‘basics’ to extremist surgical operations that require long painful recovery period which is potentially unsafe surgery ( Standen, 2013 ) . These people who are non satisfied with their current visual aspect and travel through legion processs are enduring from Body Dysmorphic Disorder ( BDD ) . BDD refers to people who continually find defects in countries where there are no defects and need to continue several times of surgeries ( ADAA, n.d. ) . They perceive themselves as being ugly while others could see him or her as physically attractive and are barely satisfied with their visual aspect. Many people in Korea are presently sing this upset but they are non witting about it and this can take to terrible side consequence. For illustration, a former Korean theoretical account Hang Mioku, addicted to plastic surgery, injected cooking oil into her face because fictile sawboness refused to execute any more fictile surgeries on her ( Nair, 2013 ) . Her face is severely disfigured but she is still despairing for softer, smoother tegument. This Korean theoretical account is really enduring from BDD but she is non witting of the fact that she has a mental upset.

Another ground why there needs to be a restriction to plastic surgery is because careless operations cause serious side effects. Harmonizing to the Korean Consumer Agency ( as cited by Lim, 2014 ) , rate of medical difference on decorative surgery was the highest of all medical differences in the twelvemonth 2013 and it increased 28.5 per centum more in the twelvemonth 2014. Due to the tremendous enlargement of aesthetic surgery industry, fictile sawboness are non plenty to cover all the patients and as a consequence, many unqualified plastic sawboness or physicians from other medical Fieldss known as the ‘shadow doctors’ are making processs for. Shadow physicians, utility plastic sawboness, are reported to be the chief cause of the immense addition in medical incidents that were reported in recent old ages ( Yoo, 2015 ) . 70 per centum of plastic surgery malpractice suits that were reported are from asymmetric jobs followed by prosthetic device failure, redness and post-scars ( Lee, 2015 ) . These side effects lead to wellness and mental diseases or even decease. For case, Kim Bok Soon, a patient who wanted to hold her nose done to derive more self- assurance, was convinced by an unqualified physician to hold 15 operations done to look like a famous person but the consequence came out as a catastrophe. After the process, she can non shut her eyes or halt her nose from running and is presently enduring from chronic depression ( Carney, 2014 ) . Not merely this, but a Chinese adult female was found encephalon dead while undergoing combined oculus and nose process in a clinic located in southern Seoul ( Choi, & A ; Park, 2014 ) . She all of a sudden stopped take a breathing and lost consciousness while surgery and was sent to a nearby infirmary but was diagnosed with encephalon decease and presently staying comatose.

Last, standardisation in visual aspect is besides a ground why the aesthetic operation has to be reduced. A series of exposures of 2013 Miss Korea preliminary contestants revealed by an anon. blogger shocked non merely Koreans but the whole universe and intelligence organisations worldwide. International intelligence presses all at one time, criticized on how fictile surgery has turned the 2013 preliminary pageant contestants into about indistinguishable looking people ( Lewis, 2013 ; Odell, 2013 ; Zimmerman, 2013 ) . Not merely contestants but likewise looking adult females can be easy seen in many topographic points in Korea but particularly in Gangnam a territory popular for plastic surgery. Christina Lim, who is seeking to emulate doll-like characteristics of the K-pop famous persons, said “Plastic surgery is a normal thing. My friends, they would really merely travel on holiday and so they would come back with a new face. In Korea, you go down the street, you see this miss and you walk down the street, you see that miss once more. The two misss are really different person” ( Chang & A ; Thompson, 2014 ) . As Lim stated, many Korean adult females desire to undergo operations to accomplish large eyes, unit of ammunition brow, tall nose and v-line molded jaw lines which is the latest beauty criterion in Korea. The job occurs from people who do non suit the beauty criterion. Peoples who are considered as non reasonably because they do non suit into the beauty criterion have a difficult clip with acquiring along with others and tantrum in to the society.

In decision, the paper argued about restriction of plastic surgery in Korea. We have looked at how decorative operations heighten self-esteem and decrease depression but on the other manus, cause serious jobs like aesthetic surgery dependence, standardisation in visual aspect and terrible side effects that may take to decease and serious societal jobs. Cosmetic surgery was a surgery to take the physical visual aspects that cause other wellness disease or mental disease but because it is heedlessly done and excessively used in Korea, it is doing more jobs than benefit to the society. To forestall this, decorative operations have to be limited to patients who truly need the process and non to unneeded people. Doctors executing processs should besides be carefully examined before they can make any decorative operations to patients to avoid any malpractice caused by unqualified physicians.



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