The Issue of Global Warming – Causes, Effects, and Solutions

What Is Global Warming?

To begin with, the issue of global warming is considered to be one of the most dangerous environmental problems that raise significant concerns in the modern society. The reason for this issue is the fact that this environmental issue has a number of negative consequences for all the people across the Earth.

First of all, it is needed to provide a clear definition of the notion of global warming. Generally speaking, this notion refers to the climate change. In fact, global warming is a great issue of the atmosphere on the Earth. As a result of particular changes, the temperature on the Earth has been continuously rising since the 1950s. The first and foremost cause of such environmental issue is the significant rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of the Earth.

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As it was mentioned above, global warming is one of the greatest environmental concerns existing in the modern society. In fact, it is always associated with the continuous rise of the atmospheric temperature that is regarded as the issue of climate change.

In turn, the level of carbon dioxide has been increased as a result of different human activities. However, there is a significant number of natural causes of global warming. Currently, the majority of environmentalists studies this climate change in the attempt to find a proper solution to this problem.

Natural Causes of Global Warming

In this paragraph, you will find some materials regarding the natural causes of this environmental issue known as global warming. It is a common knowledge that global warming may be caused not only because of different human activities but also due to a variety of natural causes. In accordance with the numerous researchers, climate changes may be enhanced by a significant number of natural forces like, for instance, volcanic eruptions, the intensity of sun’s irradiation, and particular changes in the concentration of greenhouse gases.

One of the most common assumptions is related to the negative impact of the sun’s energy output. According to the studies of the prominent researchers, solar variability made a significant contribution to the climate changes in the past.

Human Influences on Global Warming

Another issue that should be discussed is the list of anthropogenic causes of global warming. These anthropogenic causes imply the particular impact of humans on the environment. The first and foremost anthropogenic cause is the fact that humans generate an enormous amount of greenhouse gases. In accordance with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the concentrations of methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide “have increased to levels unprecedented in at least the last 800,000 years”. Apart from that, human-generated emissions are considerably dangerous for the environment. These emissions are generated as the result of burning different fossil fuels like, for instance, coal, oil, and gas needed for heat, electricity, and transportation.

The following point that should be discussed is one of the most dangerous activities for the environment that is known as deforestation. Cutting down trees contributes to the increased amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Effects of Global Warming

In this paragraph, you will find a short note regarding the impact of global warming on the environment as well as on the modern society.

  1. Extreme Weather

As a result of high temperature, we can witness that a number of disasters like floods, storms, and droughts are more frequent nowadays. Usually, such changes lead to the terrifying consequences that include air pollution, reduced amount of drinking water, property damages, and even loss of life.

  1. Health Risks

First of all, global warming is always associated with the increased growth of pollen-producing ragweed as well as with the higher level of air pollution. Such changes are regarded as significant factors that lead to the outbreaks of different infectious diseases.

  1. Dirty Air

As it was mentioned above, air is polluted as a result of high temperatures.

  1. Rising Sea Levels

The first and foremost concern related to the sea level rise is the coastal flooding.

  1. Melting Glaciers

This issue is considered to be one of the greatest concerns of the modern environmentalists. The reason for this issue is the fact that melting glaciers is another problem that may lead to dramatic water shortages. Additionally, in the result of this issue, in the American West, the risk of wildfires is considerably increased.

Solutions to this Environmental Issue

The first and foremost thing that should be mentioned is that global warming emissions should be reduced. As a result, all the possible consequences of this environmental issue would be prevented.

So, what you can do to prevent climate change? How to reduce the potential effects of global warming?

  1. Try to make your commute more eco-friendly (ride a bike or take public transit);
  2. Make an attempt to use the energy wisely;
  3. Invest in the renewables.

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