The JFK Conspiracy Essay

The JFK Conspiracy
Is the government really truthful to us
? the people? Government is a really big “organization” with a huge
amount of members, and it’s obvious somebody is not telling the truth.

Most of these dishonest events take place in an attempt to cover up any
information that the government thinks is not for public eyes, but which
we are supposed to know as citizens of this country. This is called a government
conspiracy or cover up.

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Many people believe in conspiracies; some
even believe too much, but it’s very rare that a person believes the government
is not hiding at least something from them. There have been hundreds
if not thousands of books published on this subject and also numerous TV
shows based on conspiracies and cover-ups like the “X-Files”. There
are even people who research these events for their enjoyment.

There are many internationally known conspiracies,
some examples are: the John F. Kennedy assassination, and the Roswell,
New Mexico cover-up. Many other conspiracies are not that well known,
the TWA flight 800 explosion which was supposedly an accident is one example.

Probably the most famous government conspiracy of all is the John F. Kennedy
assassination on November 22, 1963. Most people think that the Kennedy
family was an all around perfect American family. Well they were
not. I’m going to talk about the JFK assassination and why the government
did not reveal some very important information about the incident to the

Like I already said — the Kennedies were
not a perfect family. John’s father, Joe Kennedy was a bootlegger
during the prohibition and was also tied up with Mafia. He made a
huge fortune dealing with Mafia and bootlegging, Joe was also the one who
provided his son with a $250 million fortune when John was just in his
20’s. Otherwise, how else could a 20 something year old guy acquire
a 250 million dollar capital in the 1950’s.

John F. Kennedy was not always honest himself,
he did not win the presidential election honestly, his father asked the
Mafia ? Gambino crime family to help his son beat Nixon. Gambino
faked and stuffed ballots. During his term John received money from
Gambino and two other important crime families.

But this tribute did not last long, John’s
brother, whom he had appointed to a very high government position launched
a very serious campaign to eliminate Mafia controlled hotels and casinos
which were numerous around the country. The campaign turned out to
be very successful which put Gambino into a very bad situation ? his profits
were dropping by millions each week and his men were arrested one by one.

The Mafia world was furious and JFK was
announced a “double crosser” which meant he was relying on help from the
mafia, but at the same time trying to eliminate them. And in the
Mafia world there is only one answer to a double crosser ? a “hit”.

Oswald was hired to do the job, although it is still a mystery by which
crime family. John Fitzgerald. Kennedy was shot at three times with
two bullets making it to the head on November 22, 1963.

John died in a hospital bed, his body was
taken for an autopsy and the FBI conducted a long investigation on the
murder. Oswald was arrested and imprisoned for life, but none of
the Mafia was touched. The government covered this incident up because
they were aware of JFK’s connections to the Mafia and that the CIA was
involved with the same people in a campaign to assassinate Fidel Castro
of Cuba. So if the public knew this information it would present
great danger to the stability of the government.

The FBI’s report said Oswald killed John
Kennedy but it had nothing in it about the Mafia. Also when the autopsy
was conducted on John ? the brain that doctors supposedly took out of his
head was a full size, unharmed, adult brain. But Kennedy was shot
in the head twice and it was very vivid how a good part of his brain splattered
out on the street.

Now many theories exist in the world about
the assassination in general and certain parts of JFK’s life. Almost
all of them are false and completely out of the blue with no particular
evidence to prove them, but some could be true. This conspiracy has
been researched for 32 years and will be researched even more just like
all the other government conspiracies and cover-ups.


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