The Kite Runner Journals Essay

Faith Hinkle Mrs. Baroch AP English, period 5 08/25/10 The Kite Runner Journals 1. “He had the blue kite in his hands… Handed me the kite. ” [pg. 78, Hasseini] Hassan’s main goal was to get the kite for Amir; he would do anything for him. His altercation with Asseff and his gang didn’t even falter him. Receiving his torment; in the end, he still ended up with the prize kite. All Hassan wanted to do was please Amir, and in a sense one can say he did. In the end Amir was happy he got praise from his father, but deep down he was hurting from not taking action. 2. The air wasn’t right, it was too thick… A scream was coming. Coming, coming…” [pg. 121-122] Amir and his father’s journey to America was a strenuous one. Impacted into the tightly closed tank was enough to panic Amir. All that has been bothering him was coming down on him hard. He couldn’t take the pressure of the tiny place, ultimately of his secret. It’s crazy how long Amir kept that secret, but in the end he didn’t want to ruin his life by his father finding out. 3. “I lifted Hassan’s mattress and planted my new watch and a handful of Afghani bills under it. [ pg. 104] Amir was desperate in getting rid of Hassan; he thought by betraying him the weight of the secret would be lifted. This action getting rid of Hassan and his father, changes the future for everyone involved. Amir and his father lose loyal friends, servants, and ultimately a son and half-brother. It doesn’t really hit Amir the capacity of it all, till when he is older and vising Rahim Khan, which he learns, he is related to Hassan. 4. “The rain General Taheri had spoken about at the flea market was a few weeks late, but when we stepped out of Dr.

Amani’s office, passing cars sprayed grimy water onto the sidewalks. ” [pg. 156] Rain reflects a change in the story, usually a bad one. This day Amir and his father learned that he has cancer, and stepping out of the office while it was raining might just have dampened the mood a bit. The weight having heard this gets to Amir, but his father being the heroic man he is shrugs it off and wants no one to know about his “weakness”. 5. “I ran. A grown man running with a swarm of screaming children. But I didn’t care. I ran with he wind blowing in my face, and a smile as wide as the Valley of Panjsher on my lips. I ran. ” [pg. 371] This being the first time in many years Amir has ran a kite, and finally felt really happy again. It almost is like he retreats back to his childhood. The children running and screaming with him, and the wind blowing past him is uplifting. It has a lighter mood. It is after Sohrab smiled, this happens and it gives Amir hope. 6. “Quiet is peace. Tranquility. Quiet is turning down the VOLUME knob on life. Silence is pushing the OFF button.

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Shutting it down… of protesters who seek to speak their cause by not speaking at all. ” [pg. 361] It was hard what Sohrab went through, all of it was. But to say that he was just shy is an understatement, he turned into a hermit. Sitting in the background, not saying anything didn’t help at all. It almost made Amir and his wife’s life’s harder. They took him into their life, and he repays them with silence which is deafening. It probably seemed as though he wasn’t even there, it affected everyone overall; maybe even made their jobs harder. 7. I stepped back and all I saw was rain through windowpanes that looked like melting silver. ” [pg. 109] The rain symbolizes a change in the story, a loss, and a betrayal. Once Amir placed those items under Hassan’s mattress, there was no going back after that. Amir looking out the window through the rain, at the leaving car he knew things were going to be different. He would have his father to himself, but is that what he really wanted? At first it was, but later on this changed. 8. “Because when spring comes, it melts the snow one flake at a time, and maybe I just witnessed the first flake melting. [pg. 371] This is after Sohrab showed any kind of emotion since he came to the United States. It’s a miracle, but it’s a start. Just like spring coming after the snow melts, a change. There is new life, things are brighter and better. Amir seeing Sohrab smile, brings his hopes up that maybe everything will turn out alright. 9. “I became what I am today at the age of twelve, … I’ve learned, about how you can bury it. ” [pg. 1] Amir was hidden, hiding from the inevitable. This occurrence has changed his whole life, warped into something he isn’t very proud of.

The day being cold and overcast lays a shadow of a burden, a horrible secret. He knows what he did was wrong, but he didn’t want to admit to it. 10. “Huddled together in the dining room and waiting for the sun to rise, none of us had any notion that a way of life had ended. ” [pg. 36] Amir and Hassan were hiding from the gunfire in the streets, something foreign to their ears until now. Right from than on, instability was constant there. One thing led to another, which led to the ruin of Afghanistan. Nothing was the same after that, and this occurrence forced Amir and his father to America.


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