The Last Day of School Essay

# Check out the yearbook. If you did not buy one, wait until someone else asks you to sign theirs and take the time to look at it. Rip your workbook to shreds — with a teacher’s permission of course. # 3 Make your way across the class towards your friends by crawling, scooting your chair, or sitting in empty chairs. # 4 Ask to go to the gymnasium. Most schools have end or the school year activities set up in the gymnasium. # 5 Avoid looking at the clock every 5 minutes. Time flies when you’re not paying attention to it. # 6 Hang out with your friends!

It could be the last day you all see each other. # 7 Dress somehow different from your usual looks. This will make everybody remember you. # 8 Sleep! # 9 Write all over the board (if the teacher lets you). It seems dumb, but it is a lot of fun! # 10 Try to avoid those crying graduates. Even though they may be good friends, the crying may make you cry and ruin your day! If you don’t mind the possibility of crying, comfort those crying graduates. # 11 After school, you can get a great party feeling if you go home on the school bus!

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The Last Day of School Essay
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If you take the bus, be sure you sit at the front, so when your get off, turn to the people on the bus and yell (or scream), “Happy Summer! ” or something to that effect. # 12 Try to get a ride home. Don’t take the bus unless your friends are on it. Most likely, the bus will be empty. # 13 Make plans with your friends for over the summer. # 14 Throw a party! Parties are a great way to have fun with your friends and forget about the school year. # 15 When you get home, yell (or scream) at the top of your lungs, “IT’S SUMMER! ” or something like that.


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