The Leadership Style At Standard Hosiery Accounting Essay

Standard hose employs an bossy manner of leading. In an bossy leading manner, the individual in charge has absolute power and control over determination doing Decision devising is non shared. Decision doing power prevarications with the president of Standard Hosiery. No 1 has the authorization to interfere in the determinations of the president. However, board of managers is consulted in determinations. Some times the president calls the meeting of directors ; sometimes president merely takes the determinations of company. The sections are non allowed to add a minute little determination about the policies of the company. Policies are formed and decided by the president and followed by the employees of company. Senior directors non merely command the attempts of their several sections, but besides monitor them for completion. Chairman of standard Hosiery issue commands without explicating the principle, and directors obey instructions of the president without oppugning. Directors guide their bomber ordinates in the manner they are told by the president.

Training & A ; development ;

All employees needed specific preparation related to their map to keep company criterions. Training is non merely of import for the employees but it is necessary for freshly hired people.

Training is done by the several section in which the individual works. Training in Standard Hosiery is customized to accommodate the demands of the function in which people are placed. Each section in Standard Hosiery is supervised by directors, Masterss and in charge individuals who are adept and they are responsible for preparation of the new and bing employees. They enable the new employee to hold a strong appreciation of the basicss and they equip the new employee for the demands of his occupation. There is no separate preparation establishment for the employees. Employees are trained by the method of the on-the-job preparation. The cognition a individual additions will be reinforced with practical assignments.

Employees Benefits & A ; compensation ;

Benefits are the wagess which are given to employees in the response of at that place good public presentation. It is being analyzed that employees productiveness is straight related to benefits.if a house wants to actuate their employees a good figure of benefits should be given to them. Standard Hosiery by holding in position this scheme is giving rather a sensible figure of advantages to their lasting employees. Some of these are given below.

Conveyance Allowance

Standard hose gives conveyance allowance to some of its employees. Particular installation is being given to the ladies staff. There is besides the installation of supplying patrol which is 40rs per Km.

Traveling allowance

Employees such as field male childs in export section are given going allowance for going for mill intents.


There is a canteen operating in the premises of standard Hoseiry. Meals, tea and other comestibles are sold at subsidized rates

Over clip

Over clip is paid to the employees every bit good.


The company has built a mosque in the premises of the mill for the convenience of employees. Al of the disbursals of the Mosque is paid by the company.

Group insurance

In instance of decease of employees, Standard Hosiery has a policy to pay Rs.10000 on to the deceased household.


Standard Hosiery besides sends its employees for hadj. One employee is sent each twelvemonth.


Company allows following foliages to its lasting employees with in a twelvemonth.

Annual leaves consist of 21 yearss

Casual leaves can take for7 yearss.

Sick foliages are 3 yearss

Marriage Allowances

Upon the matrimony of a lasting employee, the company pays Rs.10000.

Health and safety

Health installations are available in Standard Hosiery for the employees.

However following wellness and safety steps are taken in at the mill

Fire asphyxiators are hung on the walls.

Standard Hosiery has made agreements to supply first assistance in mill premises in instance of hurt

In order to guarantee healthy working environment for labour, narration is stocked in warehouse to forestall fire

Peoples working with O masks in knitting section

Motivation & A ; inducements

In order to accomplish corporate ends, companies need to actuate human resources, and the finest manner to acquire human resources charged is to supply public presentation inducements to employees. Standard Hosiery Ltd. motivates its employees in following inducements:


Standard Hosiery pays a net income fillip to all its lasting employees in old ages when the profited is above the usual net income.

Complete attending Allowance

Attendance allowance is paid to all those employees who have non absent even on a individual working twenty-four hours through out a twelvemonth. One month basic wage is paid to an employee as an allowance in order to actuate employees to do them regular.

Attendance Allowance

Rs.500 is paid to employees who have no foliages or absence during the month.

Economic and other Incentives

Recognition installations are provided to employees to permanent employees without any involvement. Employees can take in progress their two months salary.


Controling is mensurating and rectifying organisational public presentation to vouch events conforms to programs. It involves mensurating of public presentation against ends and programs. Controlling has following stairss:

Constitution of standard public presentation.

Measurement of existent public presentation.

Comparison of existent public presentation with the criterions and happening out divergences

Taking disciplinary action.

Standard hose is ISO 9001-2000 certified Company. Being ISO certified means that companies operate utilizing the ISO guideline. Standard Hosiery operates harmonizing to ISO criterions. ISO 9001 is a quality confidence criterion.

Standard Hosiery measures/checks following:


Quality of production

Employee public presentation


1-Measurement of Production on day-to-day footing

A Simple production study is made on day-to-day footing. This highlights figure of units made by each sub-department of production section. It besides tells what sum of natural stuff has been wasted and the figure of B-pair socks produced.

Format of production study is given.

Order No.

P/O Qty







B Pair

Waste in Kg.









































2-Quality of production

Lab is set up to provide the demands of quality confidence of production procedures like whirling, knitting, processing and wadding socks. It performs trials on merchandises ( socks ) manufactured by Standard Hosiery Limited. It ensures that the merchandises comply with International Standards. The trials are done as per ISO. The trials are conducted under standard environmental conditions. .At every measure of the production procedure, checking processs are conducted. Process Consists Of

Inspection and Testing of incoming stuff

Inspection and Verification of right issue of stuffs and accoutrements against demand

Independent in-line Inspection at every phase of the merchandise fabrication e.g. Knitting, Linking, Processing, Finishing / Packaging

Final Inspection before Delivery

QA Department works in analogue with the Production Department and is divided into following chief wings: –

Testing Flying

Inline and Final Inspection Wing

1 ) Testing flying

It is equipped with all proving installations sing fabric processing, narration analysis, chemical and waste H2O analysis. All incoming natural stuffs either chemical or narrations for our merchandise are tested in the Lab.

Testing Standards used in the Lab are internationally accepted.

2 ) In-line and Final Inspection Wing

In-line Inspection is done at every phase of merchandise development like Knitting, Toe-closing, Processing, Boarding and wadding by good trained and extremely competent staff. QA Department is seeking its best to carry through the demands of its clients i.e. size eyeglasses, size adjustment, stretch and weight. The Final Inspection ( Internal or External ) is performed in conformity to AQL, which is internationally acceptable.

QA Department is critical as it plays a critical function in client ‘s keeping. This section ensures that quality requirements for socks are being met.

3-Measuring employee public presentation

Measuring employee public presentation against company ‘s production involves alining employee public presentation aims with strategic ends. Standard Hosiery checks the public presentation of employees in assorted ways:

First, the production study tells the figure of units made by each section of production. This tells the end product of each section

Production study besides tells sum of wastage of natural stuffs. Not all but small figure of the machines in standard hose is manually operated. After the completion of specific batch of socks, machines need to be shut down. If they are non shut down on right clip, a great sum of thread gets wasted ensuing finally in wastage and therefore consequences in addition in cost of production. So if on a peculiar twenty-four hours, more sum of material gets wasted than usual, troughs come to cognize that the machines were non shut down on clip and so responsible individuals can be held accountable.

The per centum of enquiries converted to gross revenues is an index of public presentation of merchants.

Performance of employees is seen by taking in history their attending as employees ‘ public presentation are adversely impacted by absences

director appraises the employee ‘s public presentation

Production Planning and command section keeps a cheque and study on the production orders that they are made in allocated stuffs planned and allocated clip lines.

Reports are generated by each section. They act as a usher to take disciplinary actions.


Standard Hosiery has hired hearers to look into the transparence of histories.


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