The learning unit

Term Definition
Habituation A decreased response to a repeated stimulus judged to be of no consequence.
Sensitization A change in a response to a weak stimulus, caused by the readiness of an organism for a stronger stimulus.
Learning A change in behavior as a result of an experience.
Stimulus Anything in an environment that causes an organism to respond.
Response An observable behavior.
Classical Conditioning Learning in which a stimulus that does not elicit a given response is repeatably linked with one that does until the neutral stimulus elicits the response itself.
Unconditioned Stimulus (UCS) Agent that leads to a response without training.
Unconditioned Response (UCR) Automatic response to a UCS.
Neutral Stimulus (NS) Agent that initially has not effect. (Look for first when solving problem)
Conditioned Stimulus (CS) A former NS that comes to elicit a given response after paring with a UCS.
Conditioned Response (CR) A learned response to a CS.
Generalized Stimulus Production of a similar response to a similar stimulus.
Extinction Gradual disappearance of a CR because the CS is repetitively presented without the UCS.
Operant Conditioning Learning that takes place when a spontaneous behavior is referred as punishment.
Spontaneous Behavior Any voluntary or non reflexive action.
Stimulus Something in the environment that caused a response.
Response Unit of behavior.
Consequences The positive or negative responses for a behavior.
Spontaneous Behavior Action that is voluntary control.
Reinforcement Strengthening of a response by a consequence that follows immediately. (Good)
Extinction The gradual disappearance of a response because it lacks reinforcement.
Aversive Control Influencing behavior by use of unpleasant stimulus.
Negative Reinforcement Increasing the likelihood of a response by removing or preventing an unpleasant stimulus.
Avoidance Frequently responding to prevent the onset of an unpleasant stimulus.
Escape Increasing a response in frequency to stop an unpleasant response.
Punishment Unpleasant consequence that decreases the frequencies of a behavior.
Practice The repetition of a task to aid in learning.
Attention Detecting the appropriate stimulus.
Feedback Discovering the consequences of a behavior or the results of a performance.

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