The Legalization of Prostitution. Essay

One of the most heatedly-debated topics in strip clubs, bars, and the underground brothels that flourish In the shadows of many large cities Is the case concerning the legalization of prostitution. Prostitution Is known as “the world’s oldest profession,” having been In existence since the times of the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians. Research results show that over a million females In the united States are full-time prostitutes. Prostitution, or the politically correct term “sex work,” was also used by the ancients for religious purposes.

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The Legalization of Prostitution. Essay
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Hong Kong, the Netherlands, and our own state f Nevada have licensed sex work in ten of its thirteen counties. Hong Kong forbids it in brothels, but allows it within one’s own home. Both the Netherlands and Nevada require a license and regular check-ups for venereal diseases. Now the decision that is being discussed is whether to allow this ancient profession to thrive under United States law, or keep it illegal as it is in most other countries in the world. One of the most commonly voiced opinions of the conservative world and feminist activists are against the trafficking of women.

Decentralization of the sex Industry goes not control prostitution, they claim. It encourages It. In fact, It benefits It by funding plumps, madams, traffickers, and other sex workers. It also Increases the statistics of child prostitution, and of Immigrants being shipped to the Americas for use in brothels and sex clubs. Legalization of the sex industry does not assure protection from abuse for the women involved. “The legalization or decentralization of the sex industry can not erase the stigma of prostitution, but, instead, makes women more vulnerable to abuse because they must register and lose anonymity,” en sex worker said.

Also, as the feminists argue, the sex industry encourages men to think of women as objects or things that can be bought. It makes it appear that their only use is for sexual gratification. Also, many women who work in prostitution say that they do not want the industry to be legalized or decentralized. The opposing view Is In support of the decentralization of the sex Industry. They argue that, as the world’s oldest profession, we do not have the right to outlaw such a cultural and ancient art.

Also, studies show that sex workers in areas where restitution is illegal are more likely to have the AIDS virus as opposed to states where it is legal. In fact, as of 1 989, in Nevada not one of the licensed prostitutes ever tested positive for HIVE. Police in states where prostitution is illegal spend far too much time and money arresting sex workers instead of investigating real crime. Another viewpoint is that prostitution is a sale of a service, just like a labor worker sells their work. Individuals own their bodies and their services and have the right to use those services as they wish.

They are selling something that they can do, Just like a carpenter or an artist. Thus, there is no Justification for government interference. All In all, a person does have the natural right to use their body as they wish. The government does not prosecute those who are promiscuous or those who dance In bars or strip clubs: why should they those who survive by selling a service for which with the sex industry. But that is how they earn their livelihood. The legalization of prostitution would not be an attempt to control prostitution.

Rather, it would be a tepee to protect those women who make their living in the sex industry. This does not necessarily make prostitution a moral or an ethical thing. Sex should not be used as a commodity; it should be personal and sacred. However, each person has the right to use sexual intimacy as they wish. Therefore, prostitution should be legalized, under the circumstances that the workers are inspected weekly and their clients be thoroughly interviewed and identified before they indulge in the services of the prostitute. Sex is a choice, not a reason for incrimination and imprisonment.


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