The link between Business Environment and Management Essay

The aim of this assignment is to demo the apprehension of the concern environment and direction in building and belongings. To accomplish this, two nucleus elements associated with direction will be examined and compared with an bing building company such as Wilmot Dixon, which is fighting with the current economical clime. This survey will discourse the execution of be aftering utilizing advanced direction schemes and tools required to help companies to be better positioned for sustainable growing.

Specifying the Business Environment

Harmonizing to Palmer & A ; Hartley ( 2006 ) the concern environment can be defined as everything which surrounds a system. For illustration, if we take a concern as the nucleus of a working system, there are environing influences which contribute to the workings of this system within the macro environment. For a concern it can be hard to place what the elements are within the environment. We can show of import factors associating to the concern environment utilizing the PESTEL theoretical account as illustrated in Figure 1.0

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The link between Business Environment and Management Essay
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Businesss survive by turning inputs into goods and services which clients in the environment want to buy. The current clime suggests we are still in a down bend market. With mention to Wilmott ( 2011 ) in an sole interview, he suggests that 2011 will be an highly tough twelvemonth due to the surging costs associated with the supply concatenation and stuffs. Another politically associated subject is the addition in VAT. Harmonizing to the Federation of Master Builders ( 2011 ) , increasing VAT from 17.5 % to 20 % could take to over 11,000 occupation losingss in the building industry over the following decennary. Such an addition may discourage many concerns from get downing new undertakings and where undertakings are get downing, contractors are non interrupting even. An illustration of this can be related to Willmot Dixon, a primary grade contractor where they have forecast a lag in the belongings market. Harmonizing to Willmot ( 2011 ) “ Firms are pricing below cost because they are speaking themselves into believing the market monetary value for stuffs and supply concatenation will go on to fall so so they can retrieve the difference ” .

A cardinal issue with companies confronting such a troublesome twelvemonth would be to implement a concern direction program looking to read the environment and understand how the concern system will germinate in the hereafter. Such a strategic move would affect indispensable planning.


3.1 The intent of planning

Basically, the intent of planning is to contemplate future actions whether this is economic, political or environmental. Harmonizing to Brews & A ; Purahit ( 2007 ) , as concern conditions become to boot unstable, companies tend to accommodate a planning scheme. Change in the concern environment creates uncertainness. It enables companies and people to accommodate by set uping ends and aims and sets out how to accomplish them by implementing a concern program.

With mention to calculate 1.1, the initial attack would be to place the intent of planning, placing the company ‘s current place in the market and place where they want to be. Once this has been established it will offer a clearer way to employees. This will heighten motivate to increase control by leting people to mensurate their advancement against set marks and let the company to utilize its resources expeditiously. With mention to one of Wilmot Dixons senior spouses, Willmot ( 2011 ) announced one of the companies key aims due to the politically associated development of re-furbishing un-occupied lodging Willmot Dixon is diversifying into new countries such as private residential and mixed-use regeneration development. We can tie in this dorsum to the PESTEL theoretical account where we can look at the political issues and demographics of the current economic system. A major issue is that there is a deficit of lodging with an of all time increasing population. The authorities is looking to re-furbish un-occupied belongingss scattered around the UK and set these belongingss back to council lodging, an country Willmot Dixon has proposed to aim.

3.2 Contentss of planning

Companies spread outing in concern or are looking to accommodate to alter in the concern environment, fix a concern program. Harmonizing to Mckeever ( 2010 ) , a concern program is a papers that sets out the markets the concern intends to function.

There are different programs which a concern will make up one’s mind upon, for illustration:

A strategic program sets out the overall way for the concern. It is wide in range and covers all the companies ‘ major activities.

A strategic concern unit consists of a figure of closely related merchandises, which is meaningful to explicate a separate scheme.

An operational program inside informations how the overall aims are to be achieved, by stipulating what is expected from senior direction experts from specific sections or maps.

Annual programs are common amongst most companies concentrating on finance and puting budgets for the approaching twelvemonth.

What is common in all concern programs is concentrating on the way of the concern in short and long term planning.

Key facets of be aftering include the scheme of the company and the development of the concern to heighten net income. A planning hierarchy can be seen in figure 1.2, demoing how the features of programs alterations at each degree.

Harmonizing to Mathews ( 2011 ) , a authorities program to cut the cost of public building undertakings by a fifth, through standardizing edifices, was published alongside the recent Budget. With the belongings market holding been so flush and now with the market and the state increasingly stealing into farther recession, it would look that more building companies would be looking to be after long term, utilizing a more strategic option instead than program for the short term.

3.3 The Procedure of planning

The procedure of be aftering relates to how programs are produced for a concern or administration to win. Harmonizing to Jennings ( 2000 ) , companies change their attack to be aftering as conditions change. There are seven iterative undertakings which can be performed when doing a program as shown in figure 1.3.

Figure 1.3 Seven iterative undertakings in planning.

Any program depends on garnering information. Reverting back to the PESTEL theoretical account is ‘good pattern ‘ when sourcing information such as market tendencies, formal analysis of the political and legal factors, current economic system, socio cultural factors, engineering and issues associating to the environment. Whether the company is a centralized company where the determinations are taken at the Centre of the company, or a decentralized company, where the decision-making is delegated to lower degrees of direction, within the administration insouciant brushs with co-workers is a major influence in garnering information. Once all of the information has been accumulated a mission statement can be compiled demoing the administrations way and overall end in the building market. It will steer determination devising and should animate and actuate the work force to carry through the coveted consequence. As a consequence of the mission statement, a SWOT analysis can be used to measure the company in the current economic clime.

Conducting a SWOT analysis as defined in figure 1.4 will enable companies such as Willmot Dixon to specify their cardinal strengths and failings. Completing a SWOT analysis integrates the external chances and menaces, as illustration, harmonizing to Lowery ( 2011 ) , the economic system is determining to be a tough twelvemonth for the building sector. VAT additions and higher employer National Insurance parts combine with authorities disbursement cuts to spell a twelvemonth of contraction.

Articles such as this are a agencies of supervising advancement externally every bit good as internally. By measuring how the economic system will consequence an administration and by finishing a SWOT analysis,

allows companies to put their ends and aims


Goals and aims give focal point to a undertaking such as what will be achieved and when. Puting ends is hard for companies as they have to look beyond their present position and foretell how their function as a concern will suit in with the altering economic system. The standard for measuring ends is to be realistic and this can be achieved utilizing the SMART acronym.

Specific: Does the end set specific marks?

Measurable: Goals can be defined exactly adequate to mensurate advancement towards them.

Attainable: Goals should be disputing but non unreasonable. ( Goal puting theory suggests the motivational effects of end scene.

Rewarded: Peoples see that achieving a end will convey wages.

Timed: Does the end stipulate the clip over which it will be achieved, to a sensible and acceptable criterion.

Goals and aims provide the mention point for other determinations within the direction program, explicating the standards against which public presentation can be measured.

Making a set of ends and aims will direct a company to place what actions and resources are necessary in order to carry through the set ends and aims. This will place what needs to be done, who will make it and pass on this information to the relevant forces. With mention to Lynch ( 2005 ) specifies that directors handle this facet of planning in 3 ways:

Comprehensively: where directors decide to do a clear cut alteration in way. They assume that success depends on driving the alterations quickly and in a co-ordinated manner across the company that implies a comprehensive concern program,

Incremental or directional program: where countries of the concern program are unsure such as a volatile market, or where the company is depending on the result of research. ‘Important strategic countries may be left intentionally ill-defined until the results of current events have been established ‘ ( Lynch, 2005, Page 633 ) , or the 3rd manner, selective planning when neither of the other two methods are the best manner frontward and directors implement major alteration merely in some countries of the concern program.

Plans will change for different companies, as an illustration, Grant ( 2003 ) , gives an penetration into the manner troughs can develop scheme. For case his survey in 6 major oil companies used a clear planning procedure as detailed in figure 1.3. The inside informations varied between companies but all shared the common constituents.

Figure 1.3 The generic strategic planning rhythm Source: Based on Grant ( 2003 )

Once a program has been formulated the aims and actions of the program needs to be communicated to directors and employees. In larger administrations this can incur clip and attempt but is carried out to guarantee:

Everyone understands the program

Allow clip to decide any issues, confusion or ambiguity

Communicate opinions and premises that underline the program

Guarantee the program is instigated and activities are organised in pattern and on paper.

3.4 Results of planning

However good a concern program is, unless it is implemented nil usually happens. To guarantee the program is instigated, advancement demands to be monitored. This can be monitored in a figure of different ways such as, end product and net income or by finishing ends and aims. By invariably measuring the advancement or the company and supervising the consequences, aims and marks can be changed to accommodate the concern if for illustration there is alteration in statute law. This is why garnering cognition and utilizing a cardinal component such as the PESTEL theoretical account is a continual rhythm to guarantee sustainable growing.


Business programs will change in every company, but the major elements will ever stay consistent. In order to last the current economic clime it is clip for concern to do important alterations. It is indispensable for companies to garner information that is to day of the month with statute law, political relations, engineering etc and all the elements associated with the PESTEL theoretical account. This will enable companies to change the concern program to invariably germinate with the market tendency.

The building industry, harmonizing to many major companies and societies, is still in recession and with a new authorities presenting statute law affecting revenue enhancement additions and disbursement cuts, building companies need to rethink their current schemes. Willmot Dixon, as an illustration, is looking to diversify into different countries of belongings development, with consistent work shooting from care and renovation work. Examples like this can show positive direction thought that will be the flagship for other smaller companies to follow.


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