The literature review Essay

Chapter 2.


This chapter is the literature reappraisal ; the intent of this chapter is to look into past publications by different writers. This will include text editions, articles and on-line publications that could edify the readers more on the country of banking and internet security steps, the criterion and policy used for cyberspace banking security in the United Kingdom and more significantly, the interactive impact of online banking and information security in the UK banking sector.

Since the innovation of information engineering and the cyberspace, people of different qualities are utilizing it to better the services expeditiously and efficaciously. In the retail banking sector, most of the concerns have moved bulk of their physical dealing processes to online dealing procedure. A good illustration of this, I own an history with the HSBC bank for over 4years now and I can non retrieve the last clip I went into my subdivision to transact concern. Most of my measure payment and transportations are done through my online banking… … . )

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Irrespective of this, Lassar et Al. ( 2005 ) besides affirmed that fiscal establishments should be able to calculate and calculate out how such engineering will be applied by clients.

Banks and Financial establishments rely upon largely on Information Technology for their mundane activities ; hence the Information acquired by fiscal administration is non used merely by the administration and their employees but besides by their clients and interest holders and spouses. The users who rely on these services anticipate changeless possibility of direct entree to organisational information ( McAnally, et al 2000 ) .

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The turning inclination of vitamin E banking dealing has truly signalled issues on information security that are to be noted and strictly taken attention of. To acquire this security managed, it must be a combined attempt and relationship between the clients and the fiscal establishments. ( Re-structure the above paragraph ) In general,“ e-banking is defined as the machine-controlled bringing of new and traditional banking merchandises and services straight to clients through electronic, synergistic communicating channels. E-banking includes the systems that enable fiscal establishment clients, persons or concerns, to entree histories, transact concern, or obtain information on fiscal merchandises and services through a public or private web, including the Internet which is an built-in portion of e-banking ” .( FFIEC enchiridion, 2006 ) . This new development as drastically changed the stage of cyberspace concern in the United Kingdom and it is a welcome phenomenon.


or rather some old ages now, cyberspace banking degrees have been executed to be more fficient attack through which the banking minutess are made without holding Os leave your topographic point of residence or your topographic point of work. Some of the clients have been ecognised to turn to internet banking as a consequence of defeats with conventional tandard of operation and patterns. Anand, ( 2008 ) said further that while some ustomers want human interaction in dealing, some of them turned to the cyberspace acilities for security grounds. The ground is that the client are given confidence that heir minutess are safe and secured and most of these minutess are made via the nternet adventurer interface. In its study in 2009 ( what study? .This is non Harvard criterion of citing ) , he said online bankinghas risen. 25 % of all the people who responded as respects to the most preferable manner to bank.Mobile bankinghas non started at all. Merely 1 % of the people make dealing via Mobile. The figure below shows how they stand:

  • Online banking: 25 %
  • Branchs: 21 %
  • Standard atmosphere: 17 %
  • Mail: 9 %
  • Telephone: 4 %
  • Mobile: 1 %
  • Unknown: 23 %


Can you stand for this figures or per centum with a pie chart/graph or something more comprehensive?

He went in front and said more people visit the bank subdivision than utilizing the online banking. The term cyberspace banking can so be referred to as the usage of cyberspace as a privy manner of making banking services. These services comprise the conventional ways such as history gap or financess transfer to different histories and new banking services like payments online that is clients ‘ permission to have and pay measures on their web site.

Having understood the important importance of IT and e banking and sum of hazards and menaces involve in driving the concern procedure, hence there is demand for consistent continuance of security in concern, which brings about the apprehension of Information security. It is a uninterrupted procedure.“ Information security, is the procedure of protecting information and information system from unauthorized entree, usage, revelation, break, alteration, devastation or barrage, it involves confidentiality, unity and handiness of assorted informations irrespective of the signifier the information takes. E.g. electronic, print, written verbal or in any other signifiers ” .( ISACA and CISA Review Manual, 2006 ) .


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An Overview Of Online Banking Environment in UK

An increasing competitions among the fiscal establishments have forced many of the rivals to offer similar monetary values on sedimentations and loans, the attempt for deriving competitory advantage were shifted towards no priced-factors ( Akinci 2004 ) . clients and fiscal institutes have noted the recent revolution in UK retail banking. The transition from traditional banking to cyberspace banking has been effectual ( kolodinsky and Hogarth, 2001 ) . Although some research workers have bated that online banking has non lived up to expectation e.g Sarel and Marmorstein ( 2003 ) and Wang et Al. ( 2003 ) , a tonss of surveies still say that cyberspace banking is still the most wealthiest and profitable agencies to transact concern ( Mos,1998 ; Sheshunoff, 2000 ) .Online banking has come to remain no uncertainty about that and fiscal establishments are ready to travel on with it. Luxman ( 1999 ) for illustration predicted that in the nearest hereafter that the importance of cyberspace banking will be felt most particularly in the distant countries where some prohibitions have closed their subdivisions Traveling by the study carried out for confederation and Leicester by ( VOBS study, 2004 ) , 2,395 UK grownups were interviewed, more that half of them now bank online. 61 per centum now used it more than the old twosome of old ages. However, sing the baking hall is really much popular with respondents preferring to travel to banking and cover face to face with the banking staff for activities like paying checks 73 per centum, 20 per centum withdraw hard currency over the counter and 20 per centum will lodge on one ailments or the other.

Mike Warriner ( 2008 ) .said in a recent study from Forrester stated that merely 31 % of British grownups bank online despite 75 % on a regular basis shopping online – to cite Benjamin Ensor, chief analyst at Forrester Research, “ By international criterions, the U.K. is an on-line banking dawdler. ” He so goes on to state that “ The U.K. besides has a comparatively big figure of quitters, with about two million people stating that they used to utilize on-line banking but have given up ” .


Harmonizing to a study carried out by Darrell R. ( 2009 ) “ Medium size organisations all over the universe are really much concerned about cyber menaces. The figure of incidents reported truly justifies their uncertainties. At the stopping point of mid 2009, McAfee discovered a new malware as they did in 2008 which could do a batch of mayhem in the internet world..Irrespective of this find ; most organisations still cut their IT security budget alternatively of increasing it. A menace up budget down, McAfee called it “ security paradox ” .

Ron C. ( 2009 ) studies that most companies in the UK are dawdling behind the remainder of the universe in information security direction patterns, harmonizing to a new survey from PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

7,000 security professionals all over the universe was surveyed, chiefly in big companies dwelling of 455 in the U.K. The study found out that British administration emerges to be less prepared to contend the hazards that tackle them in their information systems.

The tabular array below shows that U.K. slowdown in rather a few cardinal countries of information security. Administrations have smaller sum CISOs in topographic point ; merely 37 % have a clear thought of where their informations is stored. Then, about half ( 49 % ) do non cognize the figure of security incidents they experienced in the preceding twelvemonth.


Minutess online aid clients with the competency to carry on minutess via the web site of the establishment by presenting banking minutess or purchasing merchandises and services. There are tonss of minutess clients can engaged in on the cyberspace which can be a little as basic retail history balance to a really large concern financess transfer. Internet banking services, such as the 1s carried out through some other agencies are categorised based on the type of clients they support. The following tabular array shows some of the common retail and sweeping cyberspace banking services offered by fiscal establishments. ( FFIEC, 2006 )

Since transactional web sites typically enable the electronic exchange of confidential. Customer information and the transportation of financess, services through on-line banking makes the fiscal establishments to be vulnerable to higher hazard than basic.



Harmonizing to ( Gerlach, 2000 ) , cyberspace banking services allow clients handle their accustomed banking dealing without sing the bank edifice or meeting any Bankss staff. No demand to wait until 8 or 9 in the forenoon before you can acquire reply to your bank history petition or inside informations Customers can manage their minutess anyplace they like every bit long as they are connected to the cyberspace or where there is handiness of cyberspace. However, since most Bankss offers 24 hours online banking services 7 yearss a hebdomad, cyberspace banking can let you to see and work with your history no affair what clip or twenty-four hours it is. Therefore, they can do payments, cheque balance, reassign money etc at the comfort zone of their places or offices. Hence online banking has broken the restrictions of the conventional manner of banking therefore provides clients swiftness and convenience.

Time Saving and Money.

When you visit Bankss, you will detect that most Bankss subdivisions are ever engaged with one activity and clients have to wait for a long clip before attended to. This is a waste of clip and energy. Luckily, some banking minutess can be handled at place or in office or anywhere that is convenient for the clients. In other words, clients do non necessitate to wait for a long clip in a long waiting line or travel to their several Bankss subdivision to transport out their banking concern. Online banking therefore helps can assist clients to salvage clip and cost of going.

Ease and Efficiency

Equally long as they adhere to the simple stairss to be followed by login in their information and snaping the right button, clients can able to look into their histories and cognize what their balance is, reassign financess and besides carry out other valuable minutess. The timely cheque can assist clients ‘ overdraft charges and besides to cognize if the minutess they made was successful and completed. Hence, banking online helps clients to pull off their history more easy and handily.

On Time Gain and Update Information

Online banking systems besides provide the clients a timely updates about both their existing and new merchandises and services, banking intelligence and other critical information that the clients need to cognize or be updated with. Therefore clients can profit some comparative information at the appropriate clip for them to do speedy and right determinations.


Fewer banking edifice will be maintained as a consequence of online banking and fewer employers will be involved there is a much lower over caput with on-line Bankss. The salvaging they get as a consequence of this procedure allows them to give greater involvement rates on nest eggs history and lower loaning rates and service charge.

Cost Effective

Internet banking cost less, this is because there are merely few edifices to keep and wages paid to employees will be reduced as good. Since they have more to safe now and this allows them to increase their involvement rate on nest eggs history and lower loaning rate and charges Easier To Catch Fraudulent Activities Since you have the chance of sing your history inside informations at anytime, it is easier to cognize if any deceitful activities have gone through your history earlier much harm is done. Once you log into your history, you will see instantly whether there is anything incorrect when you check your sedimentations and debits. If you do non do any dealing and you see any unusual inside informations in your history, you will see it compose off and do necessary dismay to the fiscal establishment While the cyberspace offers assorted advantages and chances, it besides presents assorted security hazards. Having this in head, Bankss take broad steps to protect the information transmitted and processed when banking online. This comprises guaranting confidential informations sent over the cyberspace can non be accessed on modified by unauthorized 3rd party. “ But Bankss do n’t usually hold influence of the systems used by the clients. The pick is wholly up to them. More over a system connected that is a personal computer connected to the cyberspace for illustration will normally be used for a figure of other applications as good. The systems used by the online banking clients are hence exposed to put on the line beyond the Bankss control ” . For this ground, the bankers can non be apt for them. Berlin, ( 2007 ) .

Some Dangers Faced When Using the Internet. Berlin, ( 2007 ) Third party deriving entree to information transmitted or acquiring information under false pretensions, this can be done with the assistance of the followers: Virus and warms: Programs that are sent over the cyberspace that can damage your personal computer when they replicate.

Dardans:programmes that intercepts watchwords that is non known to users that compromise computing machine security.

Phishing:Using a bogus name, website or reference for deceitful intents.

Pharming:Users being redirected to fraudulent waiter

Root kits ;An unauthorised administrative degree entree without the existent decision maker detecting through a malicious package. Their characteristic is about as Dardans.

Hacking:Having entree to a Personal computer via the cyberspace when non authorised.

Banks now have some Numberss of steps in topographic point that gives effectual protection against onslaughts when information are processed by the bankers server or when information is sent over the cyberspace.


Rule 1: Install security package including an up to day of the month scanner.

Additional security package has to be installed. your normal operating system standard tools entirely can non work out some security jobs. F your security is non adequately in topographic point, you run the hazard of unauthorized individuals deriving entree to your data.e.g ne’er save you PINs and TANs on your Personal computer. A firewall can protect you from such onslaught

Rule 2: Protect sensitive informations when directing it over unfastened web.

Data sent over the cyberspace may be intercepted or viewed by an unauthorized 3rd party when the web is non secured. Banks have now taken some step to guarantee that informations sent via the cyberspace is encrypted before transmittal.

Rule 3: Be certain you know who you are covering with.

Not everyone on the cyberspace are non who they claim they are. Check the URL you are in and do certain that your bank ‘s internet reference is right spelled. Hackers impersonate person in a place of trust to acquire the information they needed. This is called “ PHISHING ” . It is another technique to steal confidential codification. This works by airting you to their ain knave waiter.

Rule 4: Be careful with sensitive informations and entree media

Your entree codification and media must be protected e.g. ( PINs, french friess ) from unauthorised usage. Do non salvage sensitive informations such as Passwords PINs, entree codification, recognition card Numberss on your difficult thrust particularly if the Personal computer is non been used by you entirely. This could let 3rd party to see your informations. Your entree codification and media must be protected e.g. ( PINs, french friess ) from unauthorised usage. Do non salvage sensitive informations such as Passwords PINs, entree codification, recognition card Numberss on your difficult thrust particularly if the Personal computer is non been used by you entirely. This could let 3rd party to see your informations.

Rule 5: Choose a secure watchword.

A combination of upper instance and lower instance letters, Numberss and symbols is a typical illustration of a good watchword normally of six to eight characters. It will be hard for anyone to think your watchword.

Rule 6: Merely utilize a programme from a trusty beginning

Do n’t download from the cyberspace any programme into your difficult thrust unless you are certain of the beginning and that its dependable.

Rule 7: Use up-to-date programme version

Use your preferable cyberspace browser and Personal computer operating system version that is up-to-date.

Rule 8: Run security cheques on your Personal computer

Take a few minute to run a personal security cheques before utilizing your Personal computer to bank online. Make certain the full security characteristic that protects your computing machine are on.

Rule 9: The security puting on your cyberspace browser must be activated.

Use “ Block ActiveX Control ” and allow Java applet to run after verification. Do non do usage of browser auto-completion map which is able to salvage your user name and watchwords you enter and suggest lucifers.

Rule 10: Do non do your current history available for deceitful fiscal dealing.

Any offers that is inquiring you to do your current history available for payment and other fiscal dealing for unknown houses and single must be leery particularly if they are located non within your state


Internet Security:

Internet security refers to the methods used in protecting informations and information in a computing machine from unauthorised individuals. It is a serious issue in the universe broad today. Peoples who use cyberspace should be utilizing the cyberspace should be good witting of the problem aroused as a consequence of it. A familiar methods used by people to vouch information in cyberspace areEncoding of the informations– Encoding of informations trades with boxing up the original information into an unintelligible signifier that can be decoded utilizing a certain technique. This is called cipher text.

Use of watchwords-Passwords are used to avoid illegal entry of informations so that the full system is protected. Creation of watchwords must be in a manner that the other people do non merely think it.


There are some several methods that helps in internet security. They are listed below ;

  1. Firewalls:This is package that filters improper entree in a web. It must hold a right constellation and has to be combined with proxy firewall for a protected system.
  2. Taking Backup of Datas:backup of the information from the system should be taken on a regular basis. If the computing machine out of the blue crashes down or the operating system failed to boot due to virus onslaught, by taking the backup informations will cut down the punishment.
  3. Preventing Virus Attack:Viruss can impact computing machine, Trojan Equus caballus, worms etc as a consequence of some septic files downloaded from the cyberspace. They are plans that are installed by itself and run at any clip the host plans run and cause malicious onslaught.
  4. Baleful Linkss:Those who use the cyberspace can avoid their system from acquiring affected by the virus by avoiding gratuitous links and emails.Links may take to download files all of a sudden. These cause a job to the security of the computing machine and therefore must be avoided.
  5. File Sharing:Both original and pirated files are joined when files are shared on the cyberspace thereby reduces the velocity of the computing machine. This must be prevented.
  6. Routers:Some connexions are prevented by certain routers from outside from the computing machine. NAT ( Network Address Translation ) is package that does this map and it ‘s of low cost and smallest sum complexness.
  7. Preventing Spy-Ware:Internet securities are threatened by several package. Without the permission of the user some package runs along with other application.

Insider menace sensing sill a challenge

Menaces detection from interior has ever been a job, but most investings in information security still be given to concentrate on maintaining out viruses and interlopers. The possible danger of a rascal employee can on a regular basis be discounted, mistreated or merely take the hazard of making concern.

“ A new study conducted among 600 office workers in Canary Wharf, London and Wall Street, New York, revealed that many employees have no scruples about botching information. One-third of them said they would steal informations to assist a friend happen a occupation, and 41 % admitted they had already taken informations, merely in instance they needed it in some future employment ” . Ron C. ( 2009 ) The survey, which was commissioned by security company Cyber-Ark Software Inc. , found that clients and their contact inside informations were the favorite files to steal, followed by programs, proposals and merchandise information.


Understanding of the impact of engineering based dealing system on customer’s perceptual experiences and behavior is indispensable. ( Moutinho et al. 2000 ) .If Bankss are willing to incorporate new engineering into their bing relationship buildng activities Asher ( 1999 ) argued that cooperate clients seems to be willing to utilize cyberspace as a cardinal medium in Bankss traffics. He said “ the grounds suggest that coperate clints have shown a penchant for online banking, due to the perceptual experience of being more cost effevtiv thah conventional channels ” Financial establishments use this engineering in service bringing may frequently compromise bank concern relation. ( Keltner 1995 ) in footings of higher grade of convinience and accessability. ( Devlin 1995 ) Therfore clients perceptual experience is really high in the bringing of the electronic banking. Harmonizing to Nexhmi et al. ( 2003 ) . Customers take part typically is the procedure of enabling clients to do their services, merchandises. It can be diversified between the types of services offered, even the services suppliers within the same market topographic point for intance. Meuter et Al. ( 2000 ) points out that “ self service engineerings are increasing the manner in which clients interact with their suppliers in the creative activity of service results and are a typical illustration of a market topographic point dealing that require no personal interaction ”


Internet banking was still in a really immature phase and its full benefits has been realised. ( Nath et. al 2001 ) . In this instance, directors of fiscal establishment ‘s attitude towards the perceptual experiences of electronic channels were of important importance. ( Akinci ( 2004 ) . Mols ( 2001 ) province that “ direction support and future orientation were the two most of import factors which driving the debut and outlook of the new e-channel ” In another survey, Mols ( 2000 ) grouped the bank directors harmonizing to their attitude towards cyberspace banking: The “ skeptics ” the “ nervous ” , the “ positive ” and the “ loath ” groups. In Scotland, Moutinho ( 2002 ) emphasized he scotish bank directors efficiency and sweetening of client services as to perceive advantages of cyberspace banking. Faster easier and more dependable service to client and the improment of the competitory place were highlighted. ( Aladwani,2001 ) . Based on the UK grounds, Li 2001 claimed that:“ the incorporate banking theoretical account, around which traditional Bankss have built their schemes in the past were demoing mark of atomization ”In this sense, he sumerised four emerging cyberspace theoretical account in the UK. The first was based on accepting cyberspace banking as a new bringing channel that was integrated with bing theoretical account. The 2nd theoretical account is called “ e-banking ” , was based on multibanking in which the cyberspace was the integrative constituent. The 3rd theoretical account consisted of making babe “ e-banks ” with their ain vitamin E trade name name and merchandise scope. The last theoretical account was seen as wholly a new concern theoretical account without a physical web.

Laws, Directives, Regulations and Standards

Shon Harris All in One Certified Information System Security Professional Exam Guide, Fourth Edition, 2008

Different Torahs, directives, ordinances and criterions were enacted for different grounds which include informations protection, package right of first publication, informations privateness, computing machine abuse every bit good as controls on cryptanalysis.

Health and safety, bar of deceitful activities, personal privateness, public order, rational belongings, environment protection and national security are grounds why the ordinances can be implemented in authoritiess and private sectors. The misdemeanor of these ordinances has a terrible penalty attached to them which may run from all right to jail term of up to ten old ages or more depending on the gravitation of the offense committed.

Examples of the ordinances that governs information use and protection are discussed briefly below

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act ( SOX )

The SOX was enacted in 2002 as a consequence of the corporate dirts and fraud that threatened the economic system of United States of America. This is besides known as the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002 that applied to companies that publically merchandising on United States market. How organisations must track, manage and study on fiscal information was provided for in the SOX demands. Procedures and controls must be in topographic point to protect informations because of the organisations trust on computing machine equipment and electronic storage for transacting and file awaying informations, the subdivision 404 of SOX is straight applied to information engineering. Chief Fiscal Officer ( CFO ) , Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) and others can be jailed if the jurisprudence is violated.

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

This act is the primary U.S federal antihacking legislative act that was written in 1986 and amended in 1996.Prohibition was made on seven signifiers of activities and was made federal offenses:

  • The cognizing entree of computing machines of the federal authorities to obtain classified information without mandate or in surplus of authorization..
  • The knowing entree of computing machine to obtain information from a fiscal establishment, the federal authorities, or nay protected computing machine involved in interstate or foreign communications without mandate or through usage of surplus of mandate.
  • The knowing and unauthorised entree of computing machines of the federal authorities, or computing machines used by or for authorities when the.access affects the authorities ‘s usage of that computing machine.
  • The cognizing entree of a protected computing machine without mandate or in surplus of mandate with the purpose to victimize.
  • Wittingly doing the transmittal of a plan, information, codification, or bid and, as a consequence of such behavior, deliberately doing harm without mandate to a protected computing machine.
  • The cognizing trafficking of computing machine watchwords with the purpose to victimize.
  • The transmittal of communications incorporating menaces to do harm to a protected computing machine.

The punishment for transgressing this act ranges from felonies to misdemeanours with matching little to big mulcts and gaol sentences.

Employee Privacy Issues

For a company to be adequately protected, assorted employee privateness issues must be considered within the organisation. Organization must understand what it can and can non supervise as a consequence of different province with different privateness Torahs.

Organization must province it in its policy that supervising in any signifier are done within the organisation to forestall being sued by employee for occupying their privateness. This is considered the best manner in which organisation can protect itself.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ( PCI DSS )

The coming of cyberspace and computing machine engineering led to the addition in individuality larceny and recognition card fraud which gives chance to 1000000s to be stolen at one time.

Stabilizing client trust in recognition card as a safe manner of carry oning dealing and to control the job, a proactive measure was taking by the recognition card industry. The standard affects any entity that processes, transmits, shops or accepts recognition informations.

The PCI Data Security Standard is made up of 12 chief demands that are broken down into six major classs. They are

A Secured Network must be built and maintained.

  1. Requirement 1: To protect cardholder informations, a firewall constellation must be installed and maintained
  2. Requirement 2: Ensure that systems watchwords and other security parametric quantities are non in sellers supplied defaults.

Data of Cardholder must be protected.

  1. Requirement 3: Stored informations of cardholder must be protected.
  2. Requirement 4: Across unfastened and public webs, cardholder informations must be encrypted in transmittal

Vulnerability Management Program must be maintained.

  1. Requirement 5: Anti-virus package must be used and updated on a regular basis.
  2. Requirement 6: Secured systems and applications must be developed and maintained.

Access Control Measures must be strong in its execution.

  1. Requirement 7: Based on Business need-to-know, cardholder informations entree must be restricted.
  2. Requirement 8: Every person holding entree to computing machine must be given a alone ID.
  3. Requirement 9: Physical entree to cardholder informations must be adequately restricted.

Monitoring and Testing of Networks must be carried out on a regular basis

  1. Requirement 10: All entree to web resources and cardholder informations must be tracked and monitored.
  2. Requirement 11: Security systems and procedures must be on a regular basis tested.

An Information Security Policy must be developed and maintained.

  1. Requirement 12: A policy that addresses information security must be maintained

The misdemeanor of the criterion does non take to jail term but may ensue in fiscal punishments or annulment of merchandiser position within the recognition card industry because PCI DSS is a private sector enterprise.

2.5 Database Security, Compliance and Audit by Charles Le Grand and Dan Sarel.Information Systems Control Journal Vol 5, 2008.

Grand and Sarel ( 2008 ) , states what it takes to adequately protect the database to guarantee that conformity is met. It besides provides information for scrutinizing intents. The aims for guaranting database entree control were besides exploded by the writers.

On the decision note of the article the writers said that“ the simple end of guaranting database security is to guarantee that merely authorized persons have entree and all entree is monitored. To restrict entree to merely people whose occupations require it, entree protection must use to placing the sensitive informations elements: the methods for pull offing user certificates and entree rights: and the records of who accessed what, when and what they did with it ” .

Insider Threat- The fraud that puts companies At Risk by Patrick Taylor Vol 1, 2008

This article was short in context but provide existent information about who usually perpetrate fraud in organisation.Fraud committed by sure employees in executive direction, accounting, gross revenues, finance or procurement place constitute73percent of the study conducted by the Certified Fraud Examiner which is an one-year study and alsoprovide what organisations can make to extenuate against the hazard. Finally, it gives information into who should be adequately monitored.



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