The longest and least enjoyable task ever to be done in the history of the world

Question Answer
People don't know that Neptune actually does have a very thin collection of what? Rings
Neptune is made of? Hydrogen, Helium and Methane
Why does Neptune look blue? Because the methane absorbs the red light from the sun.
The winds on Neptune can reach up to ___________? 2000 km per hour
The surface of Neptune can reach what degrees celsius? -200 c
A year on Uranus is how many earth years? 84
Uranus rotates unusually. How does it rotate? On it's side
Uranus was the first planet to be discovered with a ___________________? telescope
Uranus possesses two sets of ______________ made up of dust ________ ___________ rings, sized particles
The gaps inside Saturns rings are caused by what? The gravitational pull of the planet
one year on saturn = how many earth years 30
saturn is a ___________ made up of _____________ and ____________ gas giant, hydrogen helium
saturn has _____ known moons and moonlets 150
saturn has the most vast ________ _________ in our solar system ring system
Earth is the __________ planet in our solar system densest
ocean tides are created by the gravitational pull of the moon, the sun and the rotation of the earth
the earths rotation is gradually __________ slowing
coronal mass ejections cause? the northern and southern lights
There are signs of ancient _______ on Mars floods
Mars is most like _______ than any other planet earth
Mars has the largest __________ storms than any other planet dust
On mars the sun appears _____ the size than it does on earth half
Mars is home to the tallest mountain – Mount Olympus Mons
Venus is known as earths twin sister because their similar in size, mass and composition
venus is the second ___________ thing in our night sky other than the moon brightest
Venus rotates in the ___________ direction as most planets opposite
The atmospheric pressure on Venus is __ times stronger than earth 90
The atmosphere on Venus is about __% carbon dioxide 95
why is Venus the hottest planet and Mercury isn't because of the amount of carbon dioxide in Venus' atmosphere
How many earth hours is Jupiters day 10
Jupiter weighs approx. how many earths? 320
Jupiter has the biggest moon in solar system – Ganymede
takes how many earth years to orbit sun 12
jupiter big red spot bigger than earth has ________ to it's __________ size ever shrunk, smallest
Mercury has ___ moons 0
The solar winds always blows Mercurys __________________ away atmosphere
Most of the craters on Mercury are still visible because? there is no weather to blow them away
Mercury is the closest to the sun but not the hottest which one is the hottest? Venus
One year on mercury = earth days 88
Pluto has _ moons 5
which of plutos moons is the largest Charon
Pluto rotates ___________ direction than most other planets (like venus) opposite
Pluto is closer to the sun than __________ for __% of its orbit Neptune, 10
Pluto was the first _______ belt object to be discovered kuiper
pluto is made up mostly of _____ and probably has a _____ core ice, rocky
Comets are known as ___________ __________ that orbit the sky dirty snowballs
Comets orbit starts __________ our solar system outside
what are comets made up of? rock, ice, frozen gases and dust
they are the size of a small town
when they get close to the sun what happens the temp rises and they release huge amounts of gas and dust to create a glowing head and two tails that spread away from the sun for millions of miles
what are the five parts of a comet head, nucleus, coma, dust tail, ion tail
asteroids are made up of?

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