”The Lord of the Flies” by William Golding Sample Essay

The Lord of the Flies. by William Golding illustrates the subject. autumn of adult male. There are many illustrations from the book that run parallel to those of the Bible. Throughout the Lord of the Flies we see how the guiltless male childs adapt to their milieus and happen the savageness inside of them. Savagery takes over artlessness when adult male is taken off from civilisation.

There are many signifiers of symbolism in The Lord of the Flies. The island the male childs are stranded on is frequently compared to the Garden of Eden. There are many things similar between the two. The island itself. peculiarly Simon’s topographic point in the wood he goes to acquire entirely. is one time like the Garden of Eden in its signifier of pureness and peaceableness. The wood is so corrupted and introduced to evil. When we look at the Garden of Eden. adult male was supplied with everything needed to last. However. adult male disobeyed and wickedness was brought into the universe. The island provided the male childs with everything they needed. For illustration. when Simon found “fruit…and passed them…to the endless. outstretched hands” ( 59 ) . The male childs thought the island was a perfect topographic point until they came up with the thought that a animal could be populating on it and could perchance do them injury. When the mulberry-marked male child disappeared. fright came upon the male childs. Cipher could calculate out what had happened to the male child. This led to them conceive ofing what could perchance hold happened to him.

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The group of male childs came from a civilised state with many regulations and ordinances. For case. when Jack speaks with the group of male childs and asks “laws and agree. or to run and kill? ” ( 164 ) . When they crashed on the island. they had to fend for themselves and seek and organize their ain civilisation and regulations. The Lord of the Flies shows what happens when people are off from civilisation. By their true nature they are tempted. Everyone has the savageness inside of him or her. In Chapter 1. Jack is seeking to kill a hog for the first clip. He is so used to populating with a set of regulations and civility. back place in Britain. that he is unable to coerce himself to kill the hog at first. For illustration. because they come from a civilised society he says. “We’ve got to hold regulations and obey them” ( 40 ) . Once he rubs pigment on his face. he gets free of civility and the manner of life back place. The pigment allows him to interrupt free from the individual he usually is and conceal the truth. He is able to happen the savageness inside himself to kill the hog. Unlike Jack. who works himself up into a craze as a barbarian. Simon continues in his artlessness throughout the narrative. He crash lands on the island as a immature male child and proves himself to be the smartest out of the group of male childs.

He understood that there could non be some kind of animal on the island and that the animal was merely in their heads. The island could non back up some type of physical animal because there was no topographic point for it to populate. The violent death of Simon is the moral truth of the narrative. The male childs viciously murder him as a effect of holding discovered the truth behind the animal. Simon could be compared to Jesus. When Simon negotiations to the Lord of the Fliess in the hayfield. this runs parallel to how Jesus was tempted by the Devil in the wilderness. The animal negotiations to Simon. stating him that he can command the boys’ heads and how it is all in their heads. The Devil tempted Jesus in the desert. stating Jesus to bow down to him. If Jesus did this. the Devil would go forth humanity entirely everlastingly. Simon’s decease did non convey redemption to the male childs the manner Jesus’ decease brought redemption. The truth behind Simon’s decease is that it brought moral guilt and savageness. Simon died before he was able to state the male childs the truth about what he found out when speaking to the Lord of the Flies. The twenty-four hours after Simon died. Ralph and Piggy felt atrocious about what they had merely done to Simon. They kept believing about the state of affairs and how they could non change by reversal their actions.

The autumn of adult male is a subject illustrated in many plants of literature. This is decidedly present in The Lord of the Flies. There are many analogues between things in the book and things about Christianity. We all have that savageness inside of us. nevertheless. we have to chasten that savageness and make what is right.


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