The Luncheon on the Grass Essay

Felix Wilson Mrs. Martha Alston English 102-102 September 28, 2009 A Small, Good Thing 1. The protagonist in this story was Ann Weiss in my opinion. The way she interacted with others and expressed her feelings with everyone she came in contact makes me see her as the protagonist. Having the ability to express her true feelings and let the readers know how she is thinking makes this choice very easy. 2. Ann communicated with several people in this story starting with the Baker. Talking with the young man Franklin parents is another example of her exchanging words with others.

Scotty Doctors, Her Husband was subject to lots of her communication. Ann had no problems communicating with others, but she still felt a little uneasy going into deep conversations. Being timid and pessimistic was her character at the beginning of knowing a person, but once she becomes comfortable, only a pair of ear plugs will do. 3. This story begins with Ann Weiss going to the Bakery one morning to purchase a cake for her soon to eight year old son. Ironically, this story also ends in the same exact place where it began.

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The analysis to story as it relates to A Hero’s Journey is that her joy, sadness, and comfort could all be found in one common element. Conversation and bread had proven to be a staple in more ways than one. The Call=to the death of their son. The Guide=Howard, Ann’s Husband. The Road of Trials= The death of Scotty. The Boon=Having and showing compassion for others, for example the Baker. Return= The trip bake to the bakery. The Call=Ann Weiss realizes that through the death of her son it only makes her more willing to consider others and their situations before judging them.


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