The Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation Essay

Martin Luther. who was born on November 10. 1483. was a theologian and the primary designer of the Protestant Reformation. He viewed the Roman Catholic Church. the chief Church of the clip. as corrupt. To Luther. the clergy put into consequence assorted traditions and imposts to derive wealth. He felt that he needed to take action and did so with a profound consequence. Martin Luther’s actions were the cause of the reformation of the Catholic Church.

Martin Luther objected to the merchandising of indulgences by the Church. An indulgence was a written note with the seal of the Catholic Pope. which when sold to any individual. absolved that individual of their wickednesss. This enraged Martin Luther because it was morally corrupt and went against the impression of confession. Originally a individual would travel and squeal their wickednesss and so acquire absolved by the priest. Now. people would purchase a formal papers saying that they have repented and be automatically absolved. Martin Luther saw indulgences as a manner for the clergy to go affluent and pass the common man’s money for their ain personal involvements.

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The Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation Essay
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He criticized the Church by composing his 95 Theses. The 95 Thesiss blasted the Church about all the corrupt patterns that were being implemented and how greed had overtaken the Church hierarchy. Some Church functionaries had broken their vows of celibacy by holding sexual dealingss therefore shocking Martin Luther. The clergy no longer cared for people ; instead they used them to their advantage. He chastised the Church for the defects in its instructions and he felt he could no longer see any ground to follow it. Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses onto the local cathedral door in Wittenberg. These were shortly translated and distributed all over Europe in a affair of hebdomads with the aid of the movable-type printing imperativeness. Martin Luther thought that it would be suited if he translated The Bible from Latin into his native Germanic linguistic communication.

It would go more accessible to people since non everyone at the clip was able to read Latin. When he foremost produced the Bible. it was printed in ample Numberss via the movable-type printing imperativeness and was rapidly distributed around the Holy Roman Empire. Since the Bible was now more accessible. people stopped traveling to see the priest but alternatively consulted the Bible. This created a job for the Church because now everyone could disregard them and cipher would come to mass on Sundays and donate money to the Church. Martin Luther presented these indictments of the Catholic Church. aching its repute.

The Catholic Hierarchy had besides collected personal wealth by selling indulgences and had used it as a manner to build fancy statues. purchase art. construct churches and cathedrals. and castles. etc. The Church was moving more like a concern than an existent spiritual group. He devoted his clip to interpreting the Bible from Latin into a Germanic linguistic communication so that he could do certain that people knew what Christianity was truly approximately. Martin Luther created a new manner of practising Christianity called Protestantism. As he spread his thoughts through his documents and the Bible. people began to understand the disgraceful actions of the Catholic Church and some decided to wholly disregard the Church hierarchy. This is what created the divide between Protestants and Catholics.


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