The Measure of a Man Essay

First and foremost I think that it’s of import for us to halt and reflect on what it genuinely means to be a adult male. With bulk of our immature work forces dropping into offense and force. every bit good as dropping out of school. it’s of import that we understand how each and every one of us can do a difference in altering this form in their heads. In one of Dr. King’s speeches he challenges the immature work forces of our society to rethink their apprehension and definition on what it means to be a adult male. Dr. King stated that. “The ultimate step of a adult male is non where he stands in minutes of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times of challenge and contention. ” In this statement it is implied but non expressed that the belief of manhood is non defined by your outward masculinity. but by the development of your character on the interior.

If everything in your life was perfect or if you wasn’t being challenged so you would be a adult male. As the great Dr. King said. “The true trial is how you respond and react to the challenges in your ain life. every bit good as the challenges that are around you on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours base. You can accept this challenge from Dr. King because he was non merely a adult male of his word he besides practiced what he preached. Dr. King non merely devoted his life to this state and the universe. Dr. King finally gave his life because he wouldn’t accept the agony. inhumaneness every bit good as the unfairness that was around him. Dr. King was non merely a adult male in his place ; he was a adult male in this state. this state. this universe and his community.

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The Measure of a Man Essay
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He tried to halt the agony that he saw around him. he took a base when he witnessed unfairness. he spoke out while others remained soundless in the mist of favoritism and segregation. and he offered his love when bulk was consumed by hatred for black people. Today as we look upon the landscape of Gary Indiana. you will recognize that you are faced with the same trial that Dr. King passed.

There is a crisis of force that is endangering the safety of every community. There are kids who don’t want to seek to make their full potency in school or in life. Dr. King profoundly believed that your greatest and highest duty is your service to other people. Dr. King saw service as a testament of your faith. His challenge for you is that you must be committed in functioning others. Equally good as being committed in functioning the young person of your community and others.


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