The Messenger Analysis Essay

The Messenger – Markus Zusak A) The film starts off, introducing Ed Kennedy (the protagonist); your average underage taxi driver who is hopelessly in love with his best friend Audrey. Unfortunately she claims that she cares about Ed too much to begin dating. As Ed and his friend (Marv) are in a bank queue, an unexpected robbery commences. Ed is stated ‘hero’ after he coincidentally halts the robber’s escape. Shortly later, he receives an ace with a list of times and addresses. They symbolise a sequence of tasks that he must accomplish.

Throughout the film, he receives more aces – three in fact. The last one contains his address. As Ed makes his way home, he is confronted by the robber from the bank. The robber admits that he’s been sending these aces, and, tells Ed that he is not the messenger, but the message. B) Ed Kennedy plays the main role; the so-called ‘messenger’ who completes a series of tasks which display a life message to the people associated with the task. Heath Ledger precisely fits this role as his acting skills are profound, based on previous movies including ‘The Dark Knight’.

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Other benefits include his age; it is relatively close to this character’s age which is a definite plus. Heath Ledger playing as the joker, in The Dark Knight. Audrey is debatably the second most important character. She is one of Ed’s best friends whom, Ed adores greatly, but, unfortunately does not feel the same. Audrey is always by Ed’s side throughout his quest. Elizabeth Reaser suits this character; Audrey is deemed ‘attractive’, some may say Reaser is too. Elizabeth is prominent for Catherine Hardwicke’s ‘Twilight’. Elizabeth Reaser. Marv is one of Ed’s ‘best’ friends.

He is a typical footy-bloke who enjoys a few beers and a good time playing cards with his best friends. Along with Audrey, Marv assists Ed on his epic quest. A great actor to substitute this character would be Ed Helms; well-known for the greatest U. S. comedy skit series, “The Office” and 2009 movie, ‘The Hangover’. Ed Helms has a convincing lazy appearance, according to Jon Lucas (The Hangover writer). Helms could potentially rack up millions of hits. Ed Helms playing as Stu Price in The Hangover. C) The first scene is based in a benevolent environment in a bank.

A bank queue has formed, with patient bank-ers standing in single-file. Shortly after, an unforeseen robbery takes place. Men armed with weapons pop out, startling many bank-ers (especially Ed and Marv). D) Ed Kennedy and Marv at bank queue. Casual attire should be worn (practically every scene should contain casual attire…). Refer to the images below. When Marv and friends attend the annual ice-breaker (football) game: Singlets must be strictly worn (as described in the novel)! E) Sound tracks used: • Yeah – Usher • Theme song – Pirates of the Carribean

Usher’s song is to be played during various scenes in which he hangs out with fellow friends. Activities include: playing cards/poker, football, chilling on the couch, walking in a happy mood (this may occur very rarely). The Pirate theme song shall occur during bank scene and, when he receives the third ace. F) (Repeated knocks on the door happen) Sophie’s father: (Answers the door) Can I help you? Ed: (Quickly lifts up a shoebox) I’ve got a delivery for your daughter, Sophie. I hope they’re the right size. ” (Sophie’s father receives the shoebox)

Ed: Just tell her a guy brought her some new shoes. Sophie’s father: (Stares at Ed as if he’s intoxicated) Okay. I will. Ed: Thank you. (Ed turns around and walks out) Sophie’s father: Wait. Ed: Yes, sir? Sophie’s father: (Holds the box, puzzled, lifting it into the conversation) Ed: I know. (The box is empty) Ed: Just don’t let her get stepped on. (Sophie races with other teenagers, bare-foot. Sophie’s father claps, as always. Her feet are bloody) Ed: That’s a hell of a daughter you got there. Sophie’s father: Thank you. So have you. (They both smile)

G) Switch views repeatedly through-out Ed and Sophie’s father’s conversation. Eg: Camera on Ed as he says something, camera switches to the father as he says something. Moreover, medium shots during the conversation. As Sophie’s father lifts the box, puzzled, focus on the box. As Sophie sprints during the race, pan across the field (from start to finish). Long shot is essential for this particular scene. Add emphasis on her feet as they are bloody by adding a typical horror sound effect. As Sophie’s father smiles, zoom up. blah blah blah blah the end blah blah blah blah


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