The milk company Essay

Executive Summary
This undertaking is about the IMC used by the Milk company. It includes the all the promotional tools used by the company for marketing communicating. In this we are utilizing different gross revenues and publicity techniques for the sale of our company milk and edifice a strong image of our company merchandise in the heads of our clients. Particular sorts of monetary value price reductions, samples are given to the clients and bargainers for the strong placement of our merchandise in the market. The name of milk merchandise is the pure milk, and the tagline of our milk merchandise is ‘the existent milk of India. ”

The chief aim of our company is to supply better quality to our clients as compared to our rivals and constructing a good image of our merchandise in the heads of the clients.

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By supplying a better measure to our clients our company will bring forth a grosss, which our company would farther put for increasing our merchandise line. In this we it is discussed that what are the different sorts of four Ps of our company. What is the Monetary value of our milk, What are the different sorts of promotional tools used by our company for the sale of our merchandise. Different sorts of scheme are used by our company for increasing grosss from our milk merchandise. At the terminal appraisal of budget is done for cognizing the expected disbursal done by the company for our milk merchandise.

Introduction TO Selling
Understanding MARKETING- Before we begin discoursing selling communicating, We must take a minute to understand its higher order subject, viz, selling. Selling is a composite of many activities related to clients necessitate fulfillment and satisfaction. Marketing includes many undertakings right from placing consumers demands and wants to carry through them.

Definition OF MARKETING- The American Marketing Association defines selling as the procedure of planning and put to deathing the construct, pricing, publicity and distribution of thoughts, goods and services to make exchange that satisfy person and organisational aims.

For selling to be effectual, it requires successful coordination of all these activities at different degrees in the organisation.

THE MARKETING MIX – Assorted maketing activities can be classified into four general classs, viz, Product, Price, Place ( distribution ) and publicity, which are populary known as the 4Ps of selling or selling mix.

PRODUCT- This includes all the activities related to the construct and planning of existent merchandise that fulfills consumers demands and wants, i.e, determinations sing merchandise quality, designs, characteristics, sizes, assortments, trade name name, guarantee, gurantee and other services.

In this undertaking the merchandise is milk. The name of our company is the PURE MILK.Milk is provided in different bundles of different sizes i.e,1 kilograms and half Kg packages. Pice of is 28 Rs and Half Kg merchandise is Rs14.

PRICE- This country deals with activities related to puting the monetary value for the merchandise. Decisions sing retail and sweeping monetary values, borders of channel members, price reductions and allowances, recognition footings, payment period, etc. are the portion of pricing map of marketing mix. The 1 kilogram of milk Packet is of Rs. 28 and Half Kg is of Rs 14.

PLACE- Placement or distribution refers to all activities involved in acquiring the merchandise to the concluding consumers. Decisions under this “ P ” relates to the distribution channels, market coverage, locations, stock list, transit, etc. The chief mark market of our milk merchandise is the PUNJAB STATE.

As the people of Punjab are really wellness witting and believe in better quality, So, our companies chief mark market is the population of Punjab.

Our company would sell our milk merchandise to all the retail mercantile establishments, Sweet stores, Dairy stores, in all over the Punjab.

PROMOTION- Promotion refers to all the activities concerned with informing consumers about an organisations offering, carrying them to purchase it, and reminding them it from clip to clip. Activities like advertisement, gross revenues publicity, directing, direct selling, public dealingss, personal merchandising and other conventional media to consist the “ P ” of operations. In publicity of our milk merchandise we will utilize different sorts of promotional activities like advertisement, direct selling to the consumers and retail mercantile establishments.

Understanding Selling

It involves all the activities concerned with efficaciously pass oning Product information to choose mark audiences. A mark audience is a group of consumers to whom marketing communicating messages is directed.

The premier intent of communicating is congnitive, affectional or behavioral response, whatever that desired response may be. In other words, the communicator might desire to form something in consumers mind ( cognitive response ) , alteration in attitude ( affectional response ) or acquire the consumer to move ( behavioural response ) .

ADVERTISEMENT OF MILK COMPANY ( PURE MILK ) – The word advertisement is derived from its Latin root ‘ad verter ”

Which means ‘to bend towards ” or “ to pull attending to ” .

Definition OF ADVERTISEMENT- Advertisement is the any paid signifier of non- personal presentation and publicity of thoughts or merchandises by an identified sponser.

The chief aim of advertizement can be categorized based on whether their end is to-





In our company of milk merchandise, we can utilize the Brand Building advertisement that focal point on making merchandise consciousness and trade name edifice image.It is strategic and therefore comparatively long term in nature. We use the tagline “ pure milk ” , “ the existent milk of India ” .

Retail advertizement can besides be used by the retail merchants on the local scale.It is aimed at constructing shop traffic, making a typical image for the shop and more frequently than non, at triggers gross revenues in short tally. Retail advertizement is more informational, giving inside informations about the mercantile establishments and its offerings.

E.G — – The retail mercantile establishments where we sell our milk would set down little notice on their chalkboards about our merchandise i.e, it is available at that place, its monetary values, it will assist in pulling more and more clients.

Direct MARKETING- We will sell our milk besides through direct selling. Direct selling is a synergistic system of marketing which use one or more advertisement media to consequence a mensurable response or dealing at any location.

The advantage of direct selling is that in consequences in quicker gross revenues, better aiming and relationship edifice and less competition and from this we will come, more close to our clients. In this instance we will come more close to our clients and will acquire the perceptual experience of the clients towards our merchandise.

TELEVISIONS- Our company will do a advertizement of our company milk merchandise and telecast it on the T.V. Particular sort of originative advertizement is made by the company for making involvement of the clients towards our milk merchandise. The chief purpose of our telecasting advertizement to cognizant people about our milk merchandise.

INTERNET – As we know in today scenario, Internet is holding a particular topographic point in the heads of the people. Our company Will besides do Our web site from which the interested people will acquire the of import information about our merchandise and about the merchandise benefits and quality.

The chief benefit of Internet communicating is that it is directed straight towards the mark market. The clients who are interested will easy travel through our web site and acquire cognition about our merchandise. It is wholly personalized and up to day of the month mechanism for pulling clients towards our company. Through it clients will besides give their experiences and suggestions for our milk merchandise.

Definition OF SALES AND PROMOTION — – ‘Sales publicity consist of a diverse aggregation of inducements tools, largely short term, designed to excite quicker and greater purchase of a peculiar merchandise or services by the consumers or the trade. ”

Types of gross revenues publicity used by our company- Our company will used different type of gross revenues publicity activities for increasing gross revenues of our merchandise and awaring the clients towards our project.Consumer publicities are those that are directed to the consumers. The aim of consumer publicity is to offer the consumers some added benefit to lure him to purchase the product.Ths is usually done in add-on to the advertizement. Whereas advertisement has a long tally consequence on the purhase behavior, connumers promotion have more of a short term consequence.

SAMPLING- This signifier of publicity ifs found to be particularly utile when 1 is presenting a merchandise for the first clip. Our company will besides gives sample to the mark clients for look intoing out their reactions towards our merchandise The samples are either distributed at the retail mercantile establishments and abodes of the concluding customers.Our company besides request the consumers to make full up a questionnaire after the sample is used and therefore are able to acquire feedback about our merchandise that whether the clients like it or non. But the sampling is nevertheless one of the most expensive method of consumer publicity and there is no gurantee that the clients will really travel and purchase the sale battalion of our merchandise.

PRICE OFF — This is basically offers the consumers the merchandise at less than the pronounced maximal retail monetary value. The intent of this is to bring on the consumer to seek our milk merchandise instantly.

QUANTITY DEALS- In the measure trades, our company may supply more measure in a same monetary value for pulling the clients towards our merchandise. Like our company would increase the measure at the implicit in monetary value of our merchandise. This will assist us in pulling more and more clients towards our milk merchandise.

DISCOUNTS – Our company will give price reductions to our clients. Like if The clients buy four – five liter milk or more than it or milk in a majority, we will give them price reductions.

Out PRODUCED GIFTS- In this instance the gift point is attached to the merchandise from outside. This will pull clients towards our merchandise.

Like we will give ONE PLASTIC GLASS free with every 1litre milk package for pulling clients or increasing our gross revenues.

Consumers CONTEST- These are run to make an exhilaration amongst the mark section. Contest are usually advertised extensively and prove more frequently than non the cognition of the consumer on the merchandise or some other accomplishments.

We will affect the completion of a sentence, which may state that –

“ I LIKE A PURE MILK BECAUSE OF — — — — — — — — — – ” .

Prizes for this competition would be really aroused for making involvement of the consumers towards it. Different hard currency awards, travel allowances will be given to the victors.

Trade PROMOTIONS- Trade publicities are those that are run to elict a better and quicker response from the trade. These can be done when presenting a new merchandise to guarantee enhanced stock preceeding a good season, or barricade a rival. Trade publicities are usually portion of of push scheme, the premises here are being that if the bargainer has a extra stocks bought trade strategy he will be motivated to force the merchandise in order to retrieve his investing every bit shortly as possible.

There are several tools for trade publicities

Traders GIFTS- For the interest of constructing a strong image in the heads of the traders our company will besides supply different sorts of traders gifts and wagess so that they feel motivated and make more difficult work for increasing sale of our milk merchandise. If we provide gifts and wagess to our traders they feel that our company is taking attention of them and they are holding a great place in our company.

Different sorts of travel allowances, gifts, wagess are provided by our company. Particular sorts of icebox are to be provided by the company for saving of milk.On the particular events like on new twelvemonth, Diwali, gifts are given to the bargainers for acquiring them loyal to our merchandise.

DEALER CONTEST- Dealer competition are organized by our company for altering our bargainers as a loyal bargainers of the company and actuating them. Particular sorts of wagess, gifts are given by the company for the victors.

Point OF SALE MATERIALS- Our company should besides supply point of sale stuff to our traders and bargainers. Particular sorts of iceboxs, boxes are provided by our company for the better saving of our milk merchandise in the retail shops, dairy stores and sweet stores.

SHOP BOARD PAINTINGS- Special sorts of billboards, mark boards are fixed on exterior and inside the stores, retail shops, dairy stores, sweet stores for pulling more and more clients and supplying information to the clients that the merchandise is provided by this peculiar store.

Traders DISCOUNTS – For doing our bargainers more loyal to our company particular price reductions are arranged by our company. The bargainers who will buy our milk merchandise in the majority or in a continous mode, particular price reductions are provided by the company to them by the company.

Traders MEET- Particular meetings are arranged by the company for making meeting with the traders, bargainers as they are more closed to the clients and they are holding more information about the demand, wants of the clients. The meetings are organized after every one and two months for run intoing more information about our merchandise and client perceptual experience about our merchandise.

Marketing communicating is one of the four tools of marketing mix. Hence, it is based on the strategic laid down in the selling program, which in bend is derived from overall concern program. Strategic planning is the procedure of inventing a program of action for run intoing an organisation ends with its limited resources and in the aftermath of changing market conditions. Scheme is allowed an organisation to concentrate on limited beginnings on the best available chances, thereby accomplishing gross revenues, net incomes and competitory advantage growing and a sustainable competitory advantage.

There are three primary constituents of a strategic plan-

OBJECTIVES- What a company wants to accomplish. Objective dictate the class of action to be taken. E.G – The chief aim of our company is to supply better services to the clients. Our chief mark market is the retails stores, sweetshops, and dairy stores are at that place in the Punjab.

STRATEGY – A long term program of action designed to accomplish the aims. The scheme of our company is to spread out the market in rural small towns and besides increase the clients.

TACTICS- Immediate actions with resources at manus, short-run stray events to take advantage of chances at manus. E.G – Company will cut down its monetary values as compared to others rivals. Like the merchandising monetary value of 1 Kg Milk Product is Rs 24 and Half Kg milk merchandise is Rs. 12. The current monetary value of milk of our rivals are 1 Kg is of Rs 28 and half Kg package is Rs 14. Our company will besides supply price reductions to the retail merchants, jobbers if they purchase our merchandise continuously or in the majority.

THE Selling Plan
The IMC Planning procedure begins with the reappraisal of selling program.

A selling program is a written papers that inside informations the selling aims, schemes and tactics foe an organisation, merchandise or trade name, and guides the selling attempts. It is based on an in deepness apprehension of the houses internal and external environment- the industry, the competition, the merchandise current placement, its clients, etc.

THE IMC PLAN- Following are the stairss involved in the IMC planning procedure.

SUITATIONAL ANAYSIS- Like the selling program, the promotional program besides begins with an analysis of factors that are relevant to Promotional suitation.

Past PROMOTIONAL SITUATION- Review of run including their aims, audiences, schemes, tools, media, and budgets.
PRODUCT SITUATION- Our company will analyze that what are merchandises which are present in our merchandise class. Appraisal of merchandise benefits, quality, packaging, monetary value, image, handiness, characteristics and alone merchandising points.
Like our merchandise is the milk our company is supplying better quality milk to our clients as compared to our rivals.

Monetary value of merchandise is that 1litre milk package is of Rs 28 and Half Kg is of Rs 14.

Avalibility- Our milk merchandise is available at all the sweet stores, dairy stores and all the retail shops, which are holding conditions for protection of milk.

IMAGE- Our company have to do a alone image in the heads of our clients. So for this we have to take characteristics of our merchandise so that our clients would easy retrieve our merchandise.

The mane of our milk merchandise is – “ PURE MILK ”


AUDIENCE SITUATION- An analysis of audience of publicity – purchasers, influncers, determinations shapers their demographic profile and psycographic profiles, behavioral forms and life manners, factors act uponing their merchandises purchase determinations, purchasing forms.

COMPETITIVE SITUATION- Promotional schemes adopted by direct and indirect competitiors. In our merchandise our chief rivals are the other milk companies like Verka, Amul. Through tjis we would analyze that what is the place of our rivals in the market, what are their strengths, failing, their merchandise, monetary value etc.

Regulative situation- Regulatory governments regulating the merchandise class and media, and regulations and ordinances of the authorities which our company has to follow.

Like our company has to see that what are the factors which we have to follow for sale of our milk merchandise in the market. Whether we have the get licence from the authorities and have to registered our company to them.

Following are the some common country of analysis.

A well-known pattern for analysing and sum uping the suitation is called SWOT analysis.

Demand profile – Absolutely optimistic demand

Margins- Quite sensible, even or packed liquid milk.

Flexibilty of Product mix- Tremendous with equilibrating equipments.

Handiness of natural material- Abundant more than 80 % of the milk merchandises are fluxing from the unorganised sector.which requires proper channelization.

Technical margins- Professionally trained – proficient human resource work force is built in our company.

PERISHABILITY- The chief failing of our milk merchandise is its persihability. Particular Conditionss are required so that our milk can non acquire spoiled. Pasteurization has overcome this failing partly. Surely many new procedure will follow to better milk quality and for widening its shelf life.

LACK OF CONTROL OVER YIELD- Theortically, there is a small control over the milk output. However, increased consciousness of developments like embryo graft, artifical insemination and decently managed carnal farming patterns coupled with the higher income to rural milk manufacturers should automatically take to better in milk output.

LOGISTICS OF PROCUREMENTS- Because of bad roads and unequal transit installation make milk procurance debatable. But overall economic betterment in India, will take to the betterment in these logistic jobs.

PROBLEMATIC DISTRIBUTIONS- All is non good with the distribution.

There is a demand of outgrowth of a cold concatenation associating the manufacturer to refrigerator at the consumers place.

COMPETITION- Now a yearss competition is really difficult in every field. Our milk company may besides confront competition because of new entrants in the market.Because of immense competition the market is big is adequate for us to carve out their niche market.We will get the better of our rivals if we provide better services to our client than our rivals.

Failures is ne’er stoping concluding and success ne’er stoping

VALUE ADDITION- We will add value to our milk merchandises so that clients would purchase merchandise and will pull towards our merchandise. Our company will add value added merchandises like shikhand, ice-cream, paneer, khoa, flavoured milk, dairy Sweets, etc, this will take to a greater presence and flexibleness in the market topographic point along with oppturnities in the field of trade name edifice.

Addition of cultural merchandises like yogurt and cheese tends to furthet strength both in term of utisation of resouces and presence in the market topographic point.

A sidelong position opens up oppturnities in milk proteins through casein, caseinates and other dietetic merchandises, farther opening up.

Export Oppturnities – If our merchandise would acquire place in the market we will spread out our market in the foreign states besides. Export oppturnities would be seen for increasing our customers.Our company would bring forth export potencies like assorted companies i.s- Amul is expoting their merchandises in foreign states like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.

Yet another facet can be add-on of babies nutrients, geriatric fods and nutritionary

Milk VENDORS- Today the milk sellers in the unorganised sector are busying the pride, the topographic point in the industry. Organised favoritism of information about the injury that they are making to manufacturers and consumers should see steady diminution in their importance.

Delicensing in the Indian Dairy Industry has been pulling a big figure of enterprisers. But the success of them depends on the factor such as efficient economic installations and invention in the market topographic point.

2. Determine THE PROBLEM OR OPPTURNITIES- The suitation analysis done in measure 1 helps us to place jobs or oppturnities refering communications. IMC plans can work out jobs like consciousness or cognition, negative attitude, misconception about our merchandise.I n this instance we have to sell our milk merchandise to the clients or have to aware the clients towards our merchandise.

3. DETERMINE COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVES- Communication objectives flow selling aims. Our company will utilize different communicating media for increasing the consciousness of our clients towards our merchandise. Like we can utilize T.V, wireless, print media, billboards, measure board to aware clients towards our merchandise.

The chief aim of our different sort of communicating media is same –

To make consciousness of our milk merchandise

To increase sale of ur milk merchandise

To construct a good image of our merchandise in heads of the clients.

To supply better qualities to our clients.

DETERMINE THE BUDGET – After puting the communicating aims, our company has to gauge how much we are willing to pass on the promotional activities. The company has to see assorted issues like how much the programme will it be, how much it can afford how much rivals are passing.

Our company can do the budget by analysing the gross revenues disbursal or gauging gross revenues in the one district.

The Stairss involved in the gauging the budget is as follows.

PRODUCT TARGET-The first measure in the analyzing the budget is to analsye the mark market that where we have to sell our merchandise and at which part.

Like our company is aiming the State Punjab.

Our chief mark market is the sweet stores, dairy milk stores, retail merchants of the Punjab and population of the Punjab. We have to sell our milk merchandise at that place so that it would make to all our clients. Particular trade price reductions, particular offering are provided by our company to our bargainers, retail merchants so that feel motivated and helps us in making awarness our merchandise towards our merchandise.

Like particular sorts of refigerators and other wagess are given by our company to the retail merchants, dairy milk stores and sweet stores for continuing our milk.


For acquiring information about our sale expenese, we estimate the disbursal occur by our company for selling it in the one little town, Dasuya.

For selling our merchandise in the Dasuya metropolis we recruit five gross revenues individuals.

There name are as follows-

Mr. Sohan singh
2Mr. Mandeep Singh
Mr. Akash Kumar
Mr. Ram Kapoor
Mr. Yashdeed
We are directing our five people in different parts of Dasuya City.Like one in North Zone, One in south zone, One in East Zone, one in West zone. And one in cardinal zone.

The chief benefit of gross revenues mark is –

Inreasing market coverage because gross revenues individuals are more close to their customers.They know where they have to travel, who are their clients, how they have to pass on with their clients.
It besides controls selling disbursal and clip because gross revenues individuals have to cognize where they have to travel and at what clip. Wstage of clip and mone should be eliminated by this gross revenues district medium.
It will assist in enabling better rating of gross revenues force public presentation.
It will client relationships. Because clients feels that they are more close t company and company is supplying better services to them.
It helps in increasing gross revenues and increasing net incomes and grosss of the company.
In the travel program of our company clients we will make sheduling of our gross revenues individuals in a consecutive line mode, because through it all the gross revenues individuals start their day-to-day agenda from the headoffice from their they get the information about their day-to-day agenda and went to their assigned topographic points.

TIME MANAGEMENT TOOLS- The timing of our gross revenues individuals starts from the forenoon at 9:00 A. M. In the forenoon they have to come to the office for wagering their day-to-day agenda. At 10: 00 A.M they have to get down their day-to-day agenda and had to travel their assigned topographic points. In the eventide at 5:00 P.M they have to acquire back in the office and had to describe the headoffice about their day-to-day agenda, how was their twenty-four hours and how was their experience of the whole twenty-four hours. At 2:00 clock, they are holding their tiffin for one hr.

IMPEMENTATION OF THE PLAN- After doing all this IMC program we will Implement our planning for acquiring consequences and presenting our merchandise in the market. Different sorts of communicating tools are used by our company, for acquiring grosss and constructing a strong image of our merchandise in the market.

After implementing, the whole IMC program, we will measure our company public presentation to mensurate the expected consequences with the existent consequence and happen whether our company IMC program was able to construct a strong image of our merchandise. Different sorts of studies, are conducted by our expertness to look into the procedure of our IMC and supervising the impact of IMC on the market and consumers mind.

From all the above information it is cleared that IMC is a really of import facet in presenting our merchandise in the market and acquiring a strong place for our merchandise. The tools of IMC like advertizements, direct selling are helpful for our company for set uping a strong place in the heads of the clients and IMC provide aid for the company for accomplishing their ends and aims. These are the ways for carry throughing our aims and provides us a way for carry throughing our aims. By taking different types of tools we convince our clients and pull our consumers towards our merchandise a, and as a consequence of which we generate tonss of grosss.

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