The Milwaukee Cannibal Essay

The Milwaukee Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer was a quiet man with an urge for sexual abuse, cannibalism and killing by strangulation. The medical examiner mentions in The Jeffrey Dahmer Files that Dahmer’s victim’s had holes in them as if Jeffery was going to make a living zombie. (The Jeffrey Dahmer Files) Dahmer later confirmed this theory. This is the life of the Milwaukee Cannibal. Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21st, 1960 in West Allis, Wisconsin. (Wiki) He was the older of two children. From a very young age Dahmer was definitely not what we would call a “normal” child. He was a quiet kid in school. He did however have a few friends. Wiki) These friends have told people over the years that Dahmer collected large insects, dragon flies, and butterflies which he placed inside Jars. (Wiki) Some friends even stated that they would pick up carcasses from the side on the road, and Dahmer would take them apart at home to see how they fit back together. (Wiki) His father thinks the fascination started around 4 when he was digging up animal bones from under the house. He states he was “oddly thrilled”. (Wiki) In 1970, over a family meal of chicken, Dahmer asked his father what ould happen if the chicken bones were to be placed in bleach. Wiki) His father being a chemist decided Dahmer was going to have a scientist mind and taught him the safe usage. (Wiki) In high school Dahmer was still know as the outcast, but also received a new title of alcoholic. (Wiki) One classmate observed him drinking a cap of gin and asked Dahmer why. He replied with “it’s my medicine”. (Wiki) When puberty came along Dahmer discovered he was a homosexual. (Wiki) His first relationship was short with another youth but did not entail sexual intercourse. (Wiki) He admits his first attempt at attacking someone at the age of 16.

He wanted to attack a Jogger from the bushes, knock him unconscious and sexually assault him while unconscious. His first murder was the summer of 1978, at the age of 18, Just three weeks after graduation. (wiki) Dahmer picked up 18 year-old hitchhiker named Steven Mark Hicks. (Wiki) Dahmer brought Hicks back to his home where they listened to music and drank. (Wiki) Several hours after drinking Hick wanted to leave and Dahmer states “l didn’t want him to go. ” (Wiki) Dahmer then struck Hick with a 10 pound dumbbell twice, knocking Hick unconscious. Wiki) Dahmer then decided to strangle Hick to eath and then stand over him while masturbating. (Wiki) The next day Dahmer dissected Hicks body and buried the remains in a shallow grave in the back yard. The following August Dahmer enrolled at the Ohio State University where he hoped to earn a B. A. in Business. (Wiki) The whole time at Ohio State was completely unproductive. (Wiki) Dahmer’s alcohol abuse was the core to this. (Wiki) Despite the fact that his father paid for a full year Dahmer dropped out after only 3 months. (Wiki) January of 1979 Dahmer enlisted in the U. S. Army due to his father urging him too.

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Wiki) He trained as a medical specialist at Fort Sam Houston before being deployed to Baumholder in West Germany where he served as a combat medic. (Wiki) Due to Military Service and formally discharged from the army. He returned to his father’s home in September of 1981. After returning to Ohio, Dahmer lived with his father and looked for work. (Wiki) He continued to drink heavily and was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct. He spent ten days in Jail over that charge. (Wiki) Dahmer’s father tried unsuccessfully to wean his son off of alcohol. (Wiki) He took Dahmer to live with his grandmother in

West Allis where they hoped she would influence him to stop drinking. He quickly found a Job as a phlebotomist (1) at the Milwaukee Blood Plasma Center. (Wiki) He held that Job for ten months before being made redundant. (Wiki) He was to remain unemployed for over two years, during which he lived upon whatever money his grandmother gave him. (Wiki) January of 1985, Dahmer received a Job as a mixer at the Milwaukee Ambrosia Chocolate Factory. (Wiki) He worked the midnight shift, six days a week. Shortly after Dahmer found this employment he was propositioned by a man while reading in the

West Allis Public Library. (Wiki) He did not respond to this proposition, however it did remind him of the dominance when he was a teenage and he began to become familiar with the Milwaukee gay bars, bookstores, and gay bathhouses. (2) He also stole a mannequin from a store, which he used for sexual simulation. (Movie) Dahmer had become a regular at the bathhouses by the end of 1985. Though that did not last long because he was getting frustrated with his partners moving during sexual intercourse and he started using liquor laced sedatives to put his partners to sleep.

After 12 instances his membership was revoked, and he continued his sedative act in hotel rooms. He states in a past arrest interview that “l trained myself to view people as objects of pleasure instead of people. (Wiki) Nine years later in November of 1987 Dahmer encountered a 25-year-old Ontonagon(3) native named Steven Tuomi at a bar and persuaded him return to the Ambassador Hotel room Dahmer rented for the evening. In the morning he awoke to find Tuomi lying beneath him on the bed, his chest “crushed in” and blood seeping from his mouth, bruises on Dahmer’s own fists.

Wiki) Dahmer has no memory of killing Tuomi. He left the hotel to grab a suitcase. The next morning he severed the head, arms, and legs from the torso, then filleted the flesh from the body before cutting the bones into pieces small enough to handle. (Wiki) The entire dismemberment process took Dahmer approximately two hours to complete and all of Tuomi’s remains-excluding the severed head-were disposed of in the trash. (Wiki) After Tuomi, Dahmer still looked for more victims. All victims at this time would be drugged and then strangled after engaging in sexual activity.

His next victim was a male prostitute named James Doxtator. Dahmer offered Doxtator 50 dollars to pose for nude pictures. The two also engaged in sexual activity before being drugged and then strangled to death. (Wiki) Dahmer left his body in the cellar for one week before dismembering his body like Tuomi’s. (Wiki) On March 24th 1988 Dahmer met 22-year-old Richard Guerrero outside of a gay bar called the Phoenix. (Wiki) Dahmer performed oral sex on this victim before he was drugged and strangled like the others. Between Guerrero and moving into 924 North 25th Street in May 1990, Dahmer ears of probation.

He also had to register as a sex offender because the victim was a 13-year-old boy. North 25th Street in Milwaukee was in a high crime area but was close to his work place, was furnished, and everything was included besides electricity. Within one week of moving into Apartment 213, Dahmer killed his sixth victim. This is when Dahmer starts to add more things to his victim’s gruesome deaths. Raymond Smith’s skull was spray painted and placed on a shelf for display. Edwards Smith was his seventh victim who Dahmer tells police he felt “rotten” bout because he did not get to retain any of his body parts. Wiki) Ernest Miller was the eighth. Miller was a different story. He was slashed in his carotid artery with the same knife used to dissect Dahmer’s victims’. (Wiki) After Miller, Dahmer killed several more men before, in May of 1991 , Oxford Apartment residence started to complain of a smell. Dahmer informed them his freezer had broken. He was killing up to one person a week by the summer of 1991. On July 22, 1991, Dahmer approached three men with an offer of 100 dollars to accompany him to his apartment, drink beer and simply keep him company. Wiki) Tracy Edwards agreed.

Edwards notes that there was a foul odor in the apartment. Dahmer tries to kill Edwards but he escapes and flagged down the police. He explained a “freak” had placed the handcuffs on him. (Wiki) The police went to Dahmer’s where he kindly invited them in. Officers found Polaroid pictures of human dismemberment at several stages. (Wiki) (Add from movie) The Chief Medical Examiner later stated “It was more like dismantling someone’s museum than an actual crime scene. ” (Wiki) After hours of questions Dahmer admitted everything to “name”. On July 25, 1991

Dahmer was charged with 4 counts of murder. (Wiki) By August 22, he would be charged with another 11 murders and on September 17th would be charged by authorities in Ohio with the murder of Steven Hick. (Wiki) Ata preliminary hearing on January 13, 1992 Dahmer plead guilty but insane to 15 counts of murder. On February 1 5th Dahmer was convicted of 15 murders; first two counts being life imprisonment plus 10 years, while the remaining 13 counts carrying a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment plus 70 years. Dahmer was taken to Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin.

There Dahmer was beaten to death on November 28, 1994. (Wiki) Dahmer was cremated and split between his two parents as requested in his will. (Wiki) Dahmer’s mother wanted to keep his brain for scientist to study. (ProQuest-New York Times) His father on the other hand “wants to put the whole thing behind him. ” (ProQuest-New York Times) After much debate Jeffrey Dahmer’s brain can rest finally while it is preserved in formaldehyde in the Dane County medical examiner’s office in Madison. (ProQuest-New York Times) The article online summarizes the entire story of Jeffrey Dahmer’s life www. biography. m/people/Jeffrey-dahmer-9264755 This article has a short video and short version on Jeffrey Dahmer’s life and murders. Of Men and Monsters: Jeffrey Dahmer and the Construction of a Serial Killer By: Richard Tithecott This book provides a deeper look as to why Dahmer might have done what he did. The Jeffrey Dahmer Files (2012) Director: Chris James Thompson This movie takes a look at the arrest, trial, death, and relationships with Dahmer. Details from the confession and medical examiner are also involved. The New York Times – Dahmer Family Split Over Use of Brain August 3rd, 1995 (Proquest)

Short article in The New York Times stating that the family has split decision for ideas of what to do with Jeffrey Dahmer’s Brain (1) phle???bot???o???mist 1 . One who practices phlebotomy. 2. One who draws blood for analysis or transfusion. (dictionary. com) A bathhouse is basically a gay sex club. In the 1970’s and 1980’s bathhouses were fairly common and featured not only rooms and areas for sexual activity but also swimming, hot tubs, exercise equipment, and sometimes movies and even live musical performance. Since 1990s, bathhouses are fewer in number but can still be found in most cities. (dictionary. com)


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