The Model And Concept Of Pricing Accounting Essay

Executive sum-up

Manac Plc is an electrical company who is confronting 3 major jobs, where the company is non holding a mark net income for the company, they find that more gross revenues is more net income and they utilizing Traditional Absorption Costing system to strategic Management Accounting and last non least they are non run intoing the budgeted outlooks.

This study explains about Models and construct of pricing determination which is divided into 3 major classs, such as Management Accounting, Economic theory and Marketing Pricing scheme. The study will explicate benefits and restrictions of 3 classs and province what pricing construct might suitable for the company, because Manac Plc must able to bring forth adequate grosss and need to utilize Mark-up technique to assist the company make the concluding monetary value.

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The Model And Concept Of Pricing Accounting Essay
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Furthermore it explains the intents of the criterion and discrepancy analysis including the jobs of utilizing discrepancies and how it relates to the ABC system for the company. Besides that it explains about comparing utilizing traditional soaking up bing system ( arbitrary manner ) and Activity Based Cost system where many modern organisations uses ABC instead than traditional costing system. ABC system can besides assist direction to do a sensible pricing determinations if merchandises on a cost plus footing.

To: Board of Director

From: Financial Director

Date: January 8th 2010

Capable: Analysis of issues in Target net income

1.0 Introduction

Manac Plc is a company that produces and sells a scope of standard electrical goods. They produce and sell their merchandises across many states. Presently the company uses standard costing and soaking up costing as a portion of its attack, and Board of Director is holding job where the company is non run intoing its budgeted mark net incomes, because the company think that more gross revenues is more net income. This premise sometimes is non true. There are many issues that affect this company. Therefore in this study, Manac Plc is seeking to place the jobs through 3 different classs which are from Models and constructs that impacting the pricing determination and what is their usefulness to the company besides to place which pricing method is suited for Manac Plc.

Following class is the company needs to place the function of standard costing and discrepancy analysis in direction accounting plus place the value and restrictions of discrepancy analysis which have contributed to the overall net income figure. And last the company demand to present the new costing system called ABC which is used by many administrations in modern manner in order to replace the old costing system besides known as traditional soaking up bing system. This study aims to better the board of manager to understand the issues involved to Manac Plc.

2.0 The Model and Concept of Pricing

One of the job that Manac Plc face is because Pricing job which cause deficit from mark net incomes. Pricing determinations are set by the market accent will be on analyzing cost information that is required for merchandise mix determinations. There are many theoretical account and construct to see for pricing determination, for illustration, Management accounting, Economic theory and Marketing Pricing scheme.

2.1 Pricing in Management Accounting

Assume Manac Plc is confronting long tally pricing determinations ; they should set the supply of virtually to cover all of the resources that are committed to it. If they can non bring forth adequate grosss, they will non be able to last ( Drury 2004, pg 420 ) . Based on ( Drury 2004, pg 420 ) provinces that full cost or long tally cost is used to stand for the amount of the cost of all those resources that are committed to a merchandise in long term. Let us presume Manac Plc has full calculation of the resources in Appendix 1.0

Drury ( 2004, pg 421 ) reference that to find a proposed merchandising monetary value an appropriate grade up is added to estimated costs should be sufficient to cover a just portion of facility-sustaining costs and supply a net income part. This attack called as Cost Plus Pricing. Harmonizing to Drury ( 2004, pg 431 ) , Mark-up involves by the snap of demand being applicable to merchandises which are capable to inelastic demand. Target mark up per centums tends to change from merchandise line to correspond with good established differences in usage and likely demand. For illustration, luxury goods with a high gross revenues turnover may pull low net incomes border.

2.1.1 Restrictions of Full cost and Cost plus Pricing

Drury ( 2004 p 437 ) references that Cost plus Pricing has 3 major restrictions. First the attack requires some premises to be made about future volume prior to find the cost and ciphering the cost plus selling monetary values. This can take to an addition in the derived cost plus merchandising monetary value when demand is falling and vice-versa. Second, there is no warrant that entire gross revenues gross will be in surplus of entire costs even when each merchandise is priced above aa‚¬E?costaa‚¬a„? . Drury ( 2004, p 431 ) states another chief unfavorable judgment is cost plus pricing has no relationship with demand,

2.1.2 Reasons for utilizing Full cost and Cost plus pricing.

Another major ground for utilizing this attack is that Cost plus pricing will merely guarantee that all the costs will be met and the mark net incomes earned if the gross revenues volume is same or greater than the activity degree that used to gauge entire unit costs Drury ( 2004 p 432 ) .

Therefore it is argued that direction efforts to set the grade up based on the province of gross revenues demand and other factors which are critical in the pricing determinations. Target monetary value is of import, so the direction should utilize this attack together with their cognition of the market and their intended pricing schemes, before the concluding monetary value is set. Drury ( 2004, p 432 ) .

2.2 Pricing in Economic Theory

Harmonizing to Drury ( 2004 p 412 ) fundamentally utilizing economic theory is non truly practical to use in pricing determinations. To find the optimal merchandising monetary value, it is besides necessary for direction to gauge entire cost for each of the gross revenues degree given. For illustration:

Drury ( 2004 ) says the economic theory is hard to use in pattern. Because it assumes a house can gauge a demand for its merchandises or aggregate degree such as cars, java and rough oil. Therefore it is highly difficult to gauge demand curve at the single degree. Second is it assumes the lone monetary value influence the measure demanded, for illustration a merchandise quality and packaging, advertisement and publicity. And last, the fringy cost curve can merely be determined after considerable analysis and the concluding consequence of fringy cost. Based on Drury ( 2004 p 418 ) on the other manus, economic theory does supply utile penetrations and need for directors to believe about price/ demand relationships, even if the relationship can non be exactly measured.

( Drury 2004, p 418 ) says in pricing determinations, most organisations need to do determination about their merchandise and services. The house has little or no influences to put up the merchandising monetary value of its merchandises or services, these houses described as a monetary value taker, such as wheat, java and rice. A house who selling merchandises or services which are extremely customized or different with from each other by particular characteristic, have some duty in puting monetary values and will be influenced by the cost of the merchandise is described as monetary value compositors, such as computing machine, auto and electrical.

2.3 Marketing pricing scheme

Based on ( Drury 2004, p 432 ) there are 2 pricing policies need to be selected before puting up the concluding monetary value, they are monetary value skimming policy and incursion pricing policy.

A monetary value skimming policy offers a precaution against unexpected hereafter additions in costs or demand. Once the market becomes saturated, the monetary value can be reduced to pull market that has non yet been exploited. For illustration, high initial monetary values possibly charged to take advantage of new merchandise when demand is ab initio inelastic.

Drury ( 2004, p 433 ) references penetration pricing policy is to derive fast credence of the merchandise when close replacements are available and easy to come in. It is easier if the merchandise is new than subsequently on the purchasing habits become established. Drury ( 2004 ) reference in Sizer ( 1998 ) suggest that in the debut phase it may be suited to shadow upward or downward the monetary value to make more favorable demand in future old ages. Such monetary value may ensue in a higher gross revenues volume and a slow competitory be preferred, which will enable the company to set up big market portion and to gain high net incomes in the long term.

3.0 Definitions of Standard cost and Discrepancies

In order for Manac Plc to get the better of pricing job and budgeted outlook is they have to reexamine back of criterion cost and discrepancy analysis.

Kaplan ( 2007, p 108 ) specify standard cost is based on proficient specifications for the stuffs, labour clip and other resources required and the monetary values and rates for the stuffs and labor. Harmonizing to Kaplan ( 2007, p 109 ) Standard cost has been defined as a planning technique that reports discrepancies by comparing existent costs to pre-set criterions so facilitating action through direction by exclusion. Based on Kaplan ( 2007, p 120 ) Discrepancy is the difference between existent consequences with standard consequences. Standard cost is obtained by set uping a standard measure of stuffs or labor for each unit of merchandise and a standard monetary value or rate for each unit of the resource ( Kaplan 2007, p 108 ) . Mention to appendix 1

3.1 Purposes of standard costing

Standard costing is one of the most of import costing system in organisation whose activities consists of a series of common or insistent operation and to bring forth each unit of end product ( Drury 2004, p 726 ) . Since Manac Plc is fabricating company that produces electrical goods, so they produce tonss of figure of merchandises and it is possible there will be loss or wastage in production. That is why Manac plc demand to use standard cost where it has sufficient benefits for the company, such as:

Harmonizing to Kaplan ( 2007 pp 108 ) Standard cost is used to put criterions of public presentation, which can be used as mark for accomplishment. These criterions provide a phase for happening ways of bettering efficiency and minimising waste, they are used for planning, fixing the programs for illustration, the one-year budget and agendas of resource demands ( Kaplan 2007, p 109 ) . Based on ( Chadwick 1998, p 129 ) references they are used for supervising existent public presentation. For illustration, comparing existent public presentation with standard public presentation, it can look into the ground for discrepancies so that direction can exert control over operations. And last, they are used to mensurate stock list values. For illustration, natural stuffs, work in advancement and finished goods at standard cost within the costing system

Use of Discrepancies

Kaplan ( 2007, p 120 ) says a discrepancy analysis is the rating of public presentation by agencies of discrepancies, whose timely coverage should maximise the chance for managerial action. Entire cost discrepancies can be analysed into monetary value and usage discrepancies ( stuffs ) , rate and efficiency discrepancies ( direct labor ) and outgo and efficiency discrepancies ( variable production operating expenses ) . Discrepancies are Favorable ( F ) if existent costs lower than standard and inauspicious ( A ) if existent costs are higher than criterion. A hierarchy of cost discrepancies can be viewed in appendix 2.0

3.2.1 Problems of Discrepancies

Harmonizing to Drury ( 2004, pg 802 ) says that there are several factors why existent public presentation might differ from standard public presentation. First cause is a discrepancy may originate as a consequence of an mistake in mensurating the existent result. For illustration, labour hours for a peculiar operation may be falsely added up or indirect cost might falsely make full as a direct labor cost. Unless there is an probe leads to an betterment in the truth of the recording system. Harmonizing to ( Drury 2004, p 803 ) a 2nd cause relates to standard going out of day of the month criterions, if an operation is capable to alter to take into history larning curve effects. Probe of discrepancies falling into this class will supply feedback on the inaccuracy of the criterions and highlight the demand to update criterion. Third, discrepancies can ensue from defective machinery or human mistakes. In this state of affairs, the company needs to place the cause of the inefficiency and lead to disciplinary action to extinguish the inefficiency being repeated. Finally, discrepancies can be due to random or unmanageable factors, this job go on when the operation is performed by the same workers under the same conditions. Any probe of discrepancies due to unmanageable factors will non bring forth any benefits because no conveyable causes ( such as inaccurate informations, out of control and out of day of the month criterion ) ( Drury 2004, p 803 )

3.2.2 Probe of Discrepancies

Harmonizing to Drury ( 2004 p 801 ) in the concluding phase of this procedure, direction should make up one’s mind which discrepancies should be investigated. Using policy of look intoing can be really expensive and clip consuming and it would give bad betterments in operation even if the cause of the discrepancy was determined. In other words, they have to look into merely those discrepancies that produce benefits in surplus of the cost probe, for illustration:

Based on Drury ( 2004, pg 802 ) , Simple regulation of pollex theoretical accounts based on arbitrary standards such as look intoing the absolute size of discrepancy is greater than a certain sum that exceeds some preset per centum. By utilizing statistical theoretical accounts that compute the chance that a given discrepancy comes an in-control distribution and benefits of probe furthermore by statistical determination theoretical accounts that take into history the cost and benefits of probe.

4.0 Activity Based Costing system

Traditional systems frequently tend to trust on arbitrary allotment of indirect costs, which is why it can supply deceptive information for determination devising ( Drury 2004 ) . But there is an alternate attack to merchandise bing which is called Activity Based Costing.

Based on ( Kaplan & A ; Atkinson, p 97 ) the system that developed to supply more accurate ways of delegating cost of indirect and support resources to activities, such as: concern procedure, merchandises, services and clients is called Activity Based Costing ( ABC ) . The aim of ABC is to mensurate and the monetary value out of all the resources used for activities that support the production and bringing of merchandises and services to clients ( Chadwick 1998, p 99 ) .

4.1 Phases and execution

Since Manac Plc uses traditional costing ( uses arbitrary manner ) as portion of its attack to sell a scope of standard electrical goods, it allocates overhead to production and service sections and it reallocates service section costs to the production sections, whereas the production procedure are indistinguishable to the cost Centres used by traditional costing system and its utilizing little figure of cost Centre. Second phase is to follow overhead to merchandise utilizing a little figure of 2nd phase allotment bases ( overhead allotment rates ) ( Drury 2004, p 372 )

But for ABC bing system, it assign overhead to each major activity ( instead than section ) , it besides has many activity based cost Centre called activity cost pool. There are 4 stairss involved to implement ABC bing system in the company, First measure, it is really utile to get down analyze a physical program of the workplace and the paysheet Drury ( 2004, pp 377 ) . ( Innes and Mitchel 1995b ) states this activity called transporting out an activity analysis. For illustration, having a purchase budget, placing providers, fixing purchase orders and executing follow ups. After that, find how much the organisation is passing on each of its activities, such as labor and lighting and warming costs. These costs should be based on cause-and-effect cost drivers, non based on arbitrary allotments ( Drury 2004, p 380 ) . Following is to choose appropriate cost drivers for delegating the cost of activities to be 3 objects to mensurate for activity cost drivers such as: Transaction drivers, continuance driver and strength Driver, ( Drury 2004, p 380 ) . And last measure is to delegate the cost of the activities to merchandises ; the cost driver must be measureable so that it can be identified with single merchandises ( Drury 2004, p 381 ) . Mention to appendix 3.0

4.2 Benefits and booby traps of utilizing ABC information

4.2.1 Benefits of utilizing ABC information

Based on ( CIMA 2007, p 83 ) finds that activity based costing ( ABC ) has figure of benefits. First, ABC gives direction a much better penetration into what drives operating expense costs than both traditional soaking up costing and fringy costing. Second, ABC recognizes that operating expense costs are non wholly related to production and gross revenues volume, but they are nevertheless variable and governable in the longer term.

( CIMA, p 84 ) references ABC can be used by direction for assorted intents such as to place ways of cut downing overhead costs in the longer term. This is because ABC shows the nature of resource-consuming activities, the costs incurred by each activity and the cost drivers for those activities, ABC can mensurate which merchandises are most profitable and which are unprofitable and non covering their long tally costs. Based on ( Lucey 2002, p 53 ) ABC analysis can besides be used to place activities and costs that do non add value, which means an activity does non lend to the concluding merchandise or service, the driver of the non value adding cost can be identified and eliminated. ABC can assist direction to do reasonable Pricing determinations if merchandises or occupations are priced on a cost plus footing ( CIMA, p 84 ) .

4.2.2 Pitfalls of utilizing ABC information

Harmonizing to Drury ( 2004, pg 392 ) ABC systems has suffer from the same failing as traditional cost systems by proposing an inappropriate grade of variableness. For illustration, to cipher unit merchandise cost, batch degree of activity costs are divided by the figure of merchandises produced. There is a danger for determination devising because non volume related activity cost will be translated into a cost which varies with production volume. Based on ( Drury 2004, p 393 ) says another job is the construct of pull offing fresh capacity is all right with human resources but the impact is non the same for physical resources, such as the acquisition of works and equipment, but human resources are more flexible and can be adjusted in little increases. Therefore the supply of resources can more easy be adjusted to the use of resources in a large sum and big increases.

( CIMA 2007, p 84 ) shows another unfavorable judgment of ABC is it is impossible to apportion all overhead costs to specific activities, because some costs are incurred at a installation degree, such as mill lease costs. These have to be charged to merchandises on an arbitrary footing, merely as in traditional soaking up costing. So the choice of merely a few activities and one cost driver for each activity means that ABC cost are based on premises and simplifications. Therefore the pick of both activities and cost drivers might be inappropriate.

5.0 Decision

All in all, some pricing systems are match with certain merchandises in the company. Based on the information about pricing above, the company can descry that the full cost and cost plus pricing are of import for mark monetary value, so the company can do determination before the concluding monetary value is set.

Those organisations that have implemented ABC system still has an of import function to play in commanding the costs of units flat activities. And ABC system has been used for so many organisations in modern manner, it is besides related to the Standard costing. Variance analysis is most suitable to command the costs of unit degree activities, it besides provide meaningful information for pull offing those overhead costs that are fixed in short term but variable in the longer term. But it can non be used to pull off all overhead costs. It is inappropriate for the control of installation sustaining costs because the costs of these resources do non fluctuate in the longer term harmonizing to the demand for them. There are besides some factors that cause non run intoing the mark net incomes, such as recession, rivalry merchandise, Competitors among companies and the design of the merchandise.


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