The Modern Prohibition: Legalizing Marijuana Essay

The battle over legalising marihuana has been traveling on for many old ages. Many people are non cognizant of the immense impact legalising marihuana would hold. It has many medicative utilizations. it is less harmful than intoxicant and other legal drugs. and maintaining it illegal is really expensive. and it. Prohibition did non work in the 1920’s. and it is certainly non working once more. One ground why marihuana should be legalized is. it would salvage our authorities a immense sum of money. In the United States. all degrees of authorities ( federal. province. and local governments ) participate in the “War on Drugs. ” Billions of dollars are spent each twelvemonth on seeking to forestall people from utilizing marihuana. and seting people in prison for utilizing it. Tax remunerators pay for nutrient. lodging. wellness attention. lawyer fees. tribunal costs. and other disbursals.

Jails all over the state are over-crowded with people locked up for charges associating to marijuana. Most of these people are non harmful. and do non present a menace to other people. There should be room for people who have committed serious offenses. The authorities could besides do a net income if it was sold lawfully. and was taxed. The sum of gross they could convey in amazing. Marijuana has a figure of medicative utilizations. It used to handle unwellnesss such as arthritis. epilepsy. glaucoma. megrims. fibromyalgia. multiple induration. and many other things. It is besides said to forestall diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

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The Modern Prohibition: Legalizing Marijuana Essay
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The sum of chemicals in marihuana is nowhere near the sums in normal medicine people are prescribed. It is non physically hooking either. It is non a unsafe drug at all. There has been no recorded decease due to marijuana. Alcohol and other lawfully gettable prescription drugs cause much more injury than marihuana. Marijuana should be legalized because it has legion medicative utilizations. it is a valuable natural works. and the sum of money the authorities could bring forth is astonishing. Adding up all the information. it would make more good than injury to do marijuana legal for everyone.


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