The Most Influential Woman in the World Essay

A successful person is someone who plays an important role in our society by influencing many aspects of our world. Someone who embodies this is Oprah Winfrey. Although Oprah was born into poverty to a teenage single mother, she later became the first black billionaire, who really succeeded through the media. Despite her miserable childhood, she managed to become the greatest black philanthropist. The qualities that Oprah possesses that made her truly successful are perseverance, dedication and ambition.

Achieving success was not an easy road for Oprah, but she still was able to become successful with her perseverance. She faced an unimaginably horrible childhood. From getting raped at the age of nine to becoming pregnant at 14, she had to suffer through it all. Although every situation seemed to work against her as a child, she did not let it determine her fate and future. Instead of letting these obstacles affect her negatively, she persevered through those hardships. It took her a lot of hard work and many years to get to where she is now.

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The Most Influential Woman in the World Essay
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To earn the title as the world’s most powerful woman, she put many hours of dedication to film her show every week. Not only her show airs in the United States, but also in 140 other countries around the world. Therefore, she has over a billion fans, who respect her with how much effort she puts into her work. Oprah is one of the television hosts who interviewed almost every type of person in this world. She fills viewers’ brains with new knowledge and various perspectives on situations our societies are faced with. Oprah is very ambitious and has created many organizations to help nations in poverty.

To make lives better for children in South Africa, she built an academy for girls so that they can have opportunities to get an education. Not only she is sympathetic toward unfortunate people, but also towards animals who are getting abused and not treated properly. With her kindness and ambitious act of positively using her wealth and fame, she alerted many people about dangerous situations that third world countries are faced with. Oprah Winfrey is a self-made billionaire who earned her fame and wealth through arduous work despite harsh conditions she faced while growing up.

She did not let any obstacles put her down, but instead she took those hardships as motivations to reach for a dream that seemed imaginably impossible. Forty years ago she wouldn’t have even imagine that she would become this most powerful and influential icon of twentieth century. She became so successful that it is hard to find an American who did not heard of her. Even little kids in elementary would probably know who Oprah Winfrey is. What she had accomplished so far is very inspiring that she is a perfect role model for many people. She impacted and changed not only black communities, but also the entire world with her great qualities.


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