The movement of illegal Mexicans into Texas Essay

Mexicans entered the United States from the southern boundary line into Texas. For the Mexicans to hold preferred to go forth their female parent state there are factors that contributed to these in-migrations. After the Second World War. America’s economic system expanded hence forcing American employers to acquire labourers from Mexico to replace those who had moved to the military and other good paying occupations. this was a impermanent worker plan that would let Mexicans to remain for continuance of nine months in a twelvemonth.

When this plan came to an end-due to amendment of laws-employers started importing the Mexicans illicitly. a factor that led to their inflow in the part since it was now non illegal to engage the immigrants even without certification. Revision of the in-migration policies from a quota to a penchant system was a major push factor. after the Second World War. America softened her base on in-migration since the quota system was viewed as advancing racism.

This policy encouraged issue of visas to immigrants per every foreign province. due to the bureaucratic procedure of geting visas. the immigrants got impatient to wait for old ages therefore acquiring in illicitly. Abject poorness and deficiency of employment were other factors that led to illegal in-migration into Texas. Mexicans had a civilization of keeping close cultural ties with their dealingss. since most of them lived in little urban centres and rural countries. easy motion across the boundary line still provided an ample chance for them to keep these ties with their households.

Poor direction of the boundary lines was mostly highlighted in the media. this made the Mexicans take advantage of the crisis state of affairs and settle in big Numberss in Texas ( LeMay. M. C 2007 ) . Pull factors are those that attract immigrants to settle in a state. America experienced fast economic growing ; this led to the germination of industries which by extension made Mexicans take advantage of the high labor chances and travel to Texas.

There was by and large lower population in Texas as compared to Mexico. the authorities introduced amnesty attempts. hapless enforcement of in-migration policies and employers in Texas holding taken employees illicitly due to despair. These are some of the factors that exacerbated the inflow of immigrants in Texas ( McDonald. J. J 2007 ) .


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