The Need For Motivation In Firms Essay

Presents, everybody knows that motive is the procedure that arouses possible, ability, creative activity of individual in order to accomplish ends what they want. It is inside province, supply verve and direct people to their intent. So, it is really of import in life of everybody, because people rely on the motive to finish their occupations, their dreams or have their accomplishments though they have overcome many troubles, meet obstructions and failures in life and works. Therefore, if they do n’t hold or have any motive, their occupations will go meaningless. As this narrative state about swimmers of Hellespont Swim had overcome adversity to finish their occupation and what they built relationship of their group.

II. MAIN Text:
Drumhead about the narrative
This is the true narrative negotiations about the group joined in the Hellespont Swim because they have same thought and they want to swim to the Hellespont that is the narrow between the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean. Besides, they besides want to detect the fable about the sad love of Hero and Leander. Hero lived in Europe, she was a priestess of Aphrodite, and she had sworn that she would perpetual celibacy. About Leander, he lived in Asia, he loved Hero. She used a lantern to toward him swam to her each dark. But their love didnot did non lucky, the air current blew out the lantern and that current took, he lost the way, hence he ne’er come to her. Hero truly was heartbroken and she decided to leap into the Hellespont. In the exam clip, they had overcome alot of hard adversity and venture, the preparation category was non plenty for assisting them… . However, with strong head, they had completed the test and they besides got alot of experiences from this test.

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The Need For Motivation In Firms Essay
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Forces and factors about motive
Motivation is truly of import in work of each people because it help people can finish their ends. As in this instance, the intent of swimmers are participated The Hellespont Swim to swim to the Hellespont that is the narrow between the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean discover about the fable about the sad love of Hero, this besides is the motive chiefly to assist them get the better of adversity and unsafe in swimming. Besides, they besides had some motive when they were making the test as: they received a spot preparation that teach them how to run into difficults, they were provided nutrient, vitamin pills that can assist their wellness and mapped out the path, they besides receive the agenda about the comfy remainder, and calls early forenoon for the preparations, warming them and state them should make what…

In addtion, the effectual direction besides is motive that contributes their accomplishment because the director had arranged the plants for the swimmers like an expert such as arrange nutrient, drink, period of work, clip of remainder, map for the test…

Maslow ‘s Hierachy of Needs, the thoughts of Adams, Herzberg.
Maslow ‘s Hierachy of Needs:
Harmonizing to Abraham Maslow said that people work in order to acquire what they want to run into their demands, so he describe the demands of human consists of five stairss, it arrange as ladder from lowest to highest: physiological demands, security and safety demands, love and belongingness demands, self-esteem demands and self-actualization demands. When you meet low demand, higher demand will look and it will go your motive. Therefore, the demand become an of import motive and the impact on single demands will alter people ‘s behaviour.

( Maslow ‘s Hierarchy of Needs )
The demand exists or physiological demands:
Physiological demands are the basic demands of homo that people need to last, it includes: nutrient, H2O, remainder, house, air … … . And it besides is the most basic demands and powerful of homo. It was be classified in the lowest ladder in the pyramid. This basic needs can be met through paying good pay and carnival, provide free tiffin or security benefits such as fillips presenting, wages Tourss, travel, wagess initiative…

Security and safety demands:
When the basic demands are completed, it will non command your ideas and actions, so the demand for safety and security will get down activated and it motivates you to make it. This demand frequently show in both physical and head through the desire for stableness in life as life in the security of country, populating in societal statute law, working in security of environment … … To run into this demands, the direction must guarantee status of favourable working, the occupation have to keep stableness and dainty carnival with every worker

Love and belongingness demands:
This demand is besides called the expected demand for a division, an organisation. This demand show in the processing communicating such as brand friends, find love, acquire married, fall in any community, travel to work, hold a field day, articulation nines, do the group, … To fulfill this demand, the direction have to cognize that the employee should be given conditions for working in groups, they need the chance to spread out exchanges between divisions, encourage people to lend their sentiments to function the development their organisation every bit good as. Besides, the company besides needs to develop relationships of workers as create some merriment activities, entertainment..

Self-esteem demands:
This is self-esteem demands or recognized demand for accomplishment, endowment, ability and cognition of an person. To fulfill this demand, the direction must cognize that any worker needs to esteem about personality and qualities. Besides, the director or leader should hold policy of compliment or inducement to honour their success and spread the consequence of personal accomplishment loosely. At the same clip, the workers besides should be provided feedback seasonably, so they can better their occupations.

Self-actualization demands
Self-actualization demands are the highest degree in Maslow ‘s Hierarchy of Needs and it go on all one ‘s life, it merely appears when low demands completed. This creates motive due to worker hone their more. With self-actualization demands, the director needs to supply the chance to develop personal strengths. At the same clip, workers need developing and development, should be encouraged to take part in the betterment procedure in the organisation and make conditions for develop their ain calling.

Herzberg ‘s motive theory:
Harmonizing to Frederick Herzberg, he explains that elements of motive divided into two factors: maintain of factors and motive of factors. Maintain of factor depend satisfaction outside and motive of factor depend satisfaction interior.

Maintain of factors: ( range of working )

+ Salaries and benefits

+ Supervision

+ Working conditions

+ The disposal of policy

Motivation of factors: ( item of working )

+ Work has significance

Sense of achievement

+ Have chances for promotion

+Fair in working

Maintain of factors merely consequence to keep normal working province. When person works for a company, they ever hope acquire high wage that commensurate with their work and their on the job conditions are comfy. If these factors are satisfied, they will work better but this merely go on in short clip because they think it is evidently. However, if these factors are non satisfied, they will go discontented and reduced public presentation. Therefore, the motive factors are the factors that promote existent effects, and it have related to the nature of work because when they do n’t hold motive of factors in working, they will experience unhappy, lazy and ennui, deficiency of involvement in work. These things cause mental instability. Through two-factor theory of Herzberg, the director should increase the factors that motivate much more to acquire the positive response of the staffs and of class they will finish their work good, but the director besides should non overlook maintain of factors, the director besides need to maintain them carefully because it is basic demands of employees that need to be met.

The thoughts of Adams
Adams ‘ theory is concentrating on the carnival because he said that people normally expect to have wagess that commensurate with their part or their attempt. Therefore, when an single finds themselves being paid less than deserving, he will experience down, and of class working public presentation will worsen and frailty. So, directors need to hold equity and direction accomplishments to be able to reexamine and compare the public presentation of employees, and besides assist to place behaviour that contribute to increased public presentation. Therefore, acknowledgment of work in clip from the director or supervisor is a factor to actuate employees.

Positions of teamwork, teambuilding, communications, planning, undertaking direction, encouragement and coaching:
From this narrative, we see that working on teamwork is going progressively common in most companies today because it will advance the strengths of each person every bit good as the strength of a squad and undertaking will be complete more than. However, the edifice and how to pull off teamwork are non easy, because bulk of company have staffs who are from different state and they have different civilization, so it is non to accommodate them in a group to allow them collaborate and develop together. Therefore we should establish some keys to unite them for working:

_ Good wage: this is really of import in organisation because merely employees, who really can hold the new capacity, may be willing to finish all assigned work on deadline and still accomplish the coveted quality. To hold these employees, the company needs to pay a high pay for them because they can convey many benefits for the company.

_ Acknowledge the strength of each member: the director should non merely actuate all members of teamwork, but besides give the motive and aims to them can finish the ends of comany. From which way, the director easy observe the advantages of each person. By making this, you can set up work to the right individual ; unite the advantages of members to do greater strength. Meanwhile, ability of success of teamwork will be much higher.

_ Making a carnival in the group: to constructing a to the full squad, the director will hold to cognize how to make a just for every member because they have different accomplishments, therefore the duty of director is assigned sensible plants, cipher can be stress and experience deadening because of disregard. Furthermore, the leader should besides cognize the manner of cultural members, create chances for each member to they can portion and learn from each other, do n’t allow the struggles to cut down the effectual work of teamwork.

_ Carefully detecting the group: It is hard for directors to follow worker, but it is necessary thing that director have to execute, because there will be individual who does n’t work or lazy and another members will experience dissatisfied. Therefore, the director should discourse on a regular basis with every member to update the state of affairs of them.

_ Making the suggestion: when employees make errors, the director does non fault them, delight discuss with them to they can let go of where the job is and steer them to work out it. Or, when they complete the occupation good, the director should be praised them because this can creates a friendly and comfy for everyone.

Constructing a good teamwork is non merely a minute and can does in conversely, it requires the director must be after and good thought. The of import thing of all is to give the orientation of group, how can keep work in groups to accomplish the highest efficiency

The benefits of teamwork:
The theoretical account of teamwork is utilizing popular because it can advance a head of cooperation, combination, cognition and common support among members in order to making new solutions for every issue. The accomplishments and cognition of teamwok will convey great benefits to the person. But the biggest benefit of teamwork is utilizing all the common resources that had taken from the group. Each person ‘s accomplishments and self-monitoring group will make favourable status to finish their accomplishment. Even if these issues can be resulted by persons, but it be deliver to a teamwork assigned to work outing, it still has privated benefits: will increate to do determinations and public presentations, and will hold ability for analysing clearly more single.

Besides, the benefits of teamwork are besides expressed through the flawlessness of each participant. Join treatments, learn the intent and cultural groups, each individual will be able to work out jobs that related to work. Therefore, everyone can advance their possible because the group could make working environment where every personal is assigned duty, authorization, shared and believed are set in the head.

In short, motive is really of import and necessary, that aid people overcome all troubles and failures to peope can finish their occupations and ends. In addion, I besides recognize that utilizing a teamwork for working will hold effectual benefits and complete work faster. Besides when woking in group, we easy catch up information faster, sharing and receive experiences or accomplishment.


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