The Nestle Corporation Essay

THE NESTLE CORPORTAION The Nestle Corporation Constance Wall Dr. Roy Nafarrete BUS 499, Strayer University July 24, 2010 The Nestle Corporation The Nestle Corporation The purpose of this paper is to showing the Sustaining Growth in Mature Markets that Nestle have accomplish. They are: visions and missions that Nestle have be proved through the success of the company: a description of the characteristics that are added to the success are the following elements are the Current Competitive Landscape: Globalization, Technology, Knowledge, Strategic Flexibility, Quality and Profit Pool.

This paper with conclude with… The Current Competitive Landscape From instant coffee, baby formula and bottle water, Nestle crunches is more than just chocolate. Nestle is the world’s #1 food company in terms of sales. Nestle is the world leader in coffee (Nescafe’). The Nestle Company is one of the world’s top bottle water makers, one of the largest frozen pizza makers, and a big player in the pet food business (Purina). It’s well known for the global food brands include Buitoni, Maggi, Milkmaid, Carnation, and Kit Kat. The Nestle owns Gerber Products and Jenny Craig.

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Nestle also own approximately 30% of the cosmetic giant L’Oreal. Globalization Nestle makes a lot of chocolate, but they also the company that have other products that are success all around the word. Nestle describes itself as a food nutrition, health, and wellness company. Recently, Nestle Nutrition a global business organization designed to strengthen the focus on their core nutrition business. They believe strengthening their leadership in the market will better the business and to reinforce their competitive advantage. Nestle has created a The Nestle Corporation usiness as an autonomous global business. From the standpoint of food producers and food companies in the United States the most important issue is price, and keeping the price as low as possible. Nestle has aimed at becoming the leader of the industry with combined strengths. Quality For 140 years, nutrition has been at the heart of Nestle’s philosophy and research. The quality of the Nestle Company is the foundation of the food, nutrition health and wellness company. Nestle promise their customers that it is safe o consume. It complies with all relevant laws and regulation.

The quality of the Nestle products is to win consumers trust and preference. Nestle is committed to offering products and service to all customers that meet their needs. The management takes lead in making sure that the objective and demonstrates its commitment towards quality. All Nestle functions across our value chain are fully responsible to follow mandatory norms. The quality is to strive for zero defects and no waste. Nestle has adopted “No Waste” meaning we constantly look for competitiveness and opportunities for continuous improvement of the quality standards delivered to customers.

A food safely regulatory and quality requirement in every step of our value chain is reinforced. Technology Nestle having technology that is changing daily. Nestle has created a supermarket boat to barge down two Amazon River tributaries as it competes with reaching the emerging-market of customers cut off from brand goods. Nestle the world’s largest food company sends a boat with a 1,000 square feet of supermarket space to 18 small cities and 800,000 potential consumers. The boat carries 300 different goods including chocolate, yogurt, ice cream and The Nestle Corporation uices. “Direct Distribution gives them a competitive edge over regional competitors who don’t have the resources to do this kind of thing”. (James Target, an analyst at Consumer Equity Research in London). Mission and Vision of Nestle Nestle‘s vision is that they believe that research can help make better food so that people live a better life. Good Food is the primary source of good health throughout life. Nestle strive to bring consumers foods that are safe: of high quality and provide optimal Nutrition to meet physiological needs, In addition to nutrition, health and wellness.

Nestle product bring the consumer the vital ingredients of taste and pleasure. As the consumers continue to make choices regarding foods and beverage hey consume, Nestle helps provide selections for individual taste and lifestyle preference. Research has always the key part of the heritage at Nestle and an essential element of our future. We know there is still much to discover about health, wellness and the role of food in our lives and continue to search for answers to bring consumers Good Food for Good Life. Principles that Guide Nestle Strategy The principles that guide Nestle’s strategy are that none of Nestle shareholder owns more than 3% of the stock”. (Peter Brabeck-Letmathe) US investors who, together hold over 30% of the capital can purchase ADRs through sponsored program. The company is committed to delivering shareholder value through sustainable, capital efficient and profitable long-term growth. The Nestle Corporation Leadership Nestle’s developed its business internationally and became aware of the fact that food product have to be closely linked to local product have to be closely linked to local eating and social habits.

From the very start Nestle always shown respect for diverse cultures and traditions. Nestle leadership endeavors to integrate itself as much as possible to embraces cultural and social diversity and does not discriminate. Nestle’s leadership believes that its activities can only be of long-term benefit to the company if they are at the same time beneficial to the local community. Global thinking and strategies can best expressed through local action and commitment. Management at all levels is more concerned with continuously adding value to the company than exercising formal authority.

This implies the right to make a mistake, but also the readiness to correct it and to learn from it. Conclusion Nestle is more people, product and brand oriented than systems. Nestle seeks to earn consumers confidence and preference and to follow and anticipate consumer trends, creating and responding to demand for its products. Nestle is committed to the concept of continuous improvement of its activities, thus avoiding more dramatic one-time changes as much as possible. REFERANCE 1. www. Forbes. com Olson, Parmy (retrieved on July 23, 2010) 2. The Settle Times, Dantas luri and Mulier Tom , June 22,2010 3. Nestle. com


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