The official portal of the UAE Government Essay

The official portal of the UAE Government

The authorization gateway of the UAE Government is It is a piece of the elected e-Government system and a existent development during the clip spent e-Transformation in the UAE. This gateway brings all eServices gave by the UAE elected and neighborhood authorities organic structures under one umbrella. It likewise gives informations with regard to acquiring to the taxpayer goaded organisations through cell telephones and other comparative electronic appliances, and different agencies, for illustration, ATMs and unfastened installment machines. The point of the entryway is to give more and better online disposals to the public of the UAE and include them in the disposal ‘s schemes, Torahs, and unfastened investing activities with a unequivocal aim of achieving to straightforwardness.

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The official portal of the UAE Government Essay
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The map of the authorization entryway is to travel approximately as a lone window or a lone subdivision indicate for clients get to the diverse elected and nearby authorities eServices. The entrance to boot encourages assisting correspondence between the clients and the legislative assembly agents and e-Participation through treatments, sites, surveies, studies and on-line networking. is the guardian entrance for the sub-entries on e-Participation, eServices, m-Services and UAE Open Data.


The UAE Government gives a range of disposals through its authorization gateway The eServices are ordered into disposals for people, organisations and invitees. Through the eServices, it is presently simple for the public of the UAE to gain an mixture of disposals without go forthing their place or office infinites. The entrance has a propelled enquiry office to assist persons seek for the disposals they need to acquire to. The entryway likewise contains an country on interchange implies for acquiring to taxpayer goaded organisations.


The entry likewise gives satisfactory informations on the different disposals that are accessible through cell phones and how to gain them with the aid of inordinately grew short codifications and versatile applications. The entry has connexions to download advanced cell applications for Blackberry, iPhone and Android. Inventive and encouraging pick for the concern was propelled in 2013 when a PDA application for concern hitch and authorizing was uncovered in Dubai.


One of the important high spots of the upgraded entrance is the incorporation of e-Participation channels. The elective gateway has drawn in different phases like assemblages, sites, negotiations, overviews, studies and on-line networking instruments like Face book, Twitter and YouTube to reach the overall population and connect with them in dynamic correspondence with the disposal as to their guesss and brushs on taxpayer supported organisations, attacks and so on.

Open Data

Under Open Data, authorities information and information is made accessible to the general population. Persons can now hold entry to fiscal information, public penetrations, and so forth. Open Data could gain standbies, economic experts and specializers specifically and general society all in all.

Global Information Technology Report ( GITR )

As per The GITR 2010-2011, UAE was positioned foremost amongst Arab states and stood 24th amongst 138 states assessed in the Networked Readiness Index ( NRI ) , demoing the significance the state provides for Information and Communication Technology as a pressing instrument for pecuniary widening, upgraded productiveness and modernisation. Harmonizing to GITR 2010-2011, the UAE scored 3rd rank in authorities readying and 5th rank in single position to use ICT, 18th rank for ICT-accommodating concern sector environment and 28th rank for ICT foundation in the UAE. The UAE is one of the few states in the territory that has kept up its digesting move in the e-Readiness placement graph. The UAE shot up six places in NRI ; from 29th place amongst 127 states surveyed in 2007–2008 to 23rd amongst 133 states looked into in 2009–2010.

ICT model and entryway

The UAE has a standout amongst the most exceeding Information and Communication Technology frameworks in the territory every bit good as over the Earth. As per Telecommunications Regulatory Authority ‘s ( TRA ) May 2011 figures, the UAE has 196.3 cell telephone ranks every 100 renters and with 1,417,519 web subscribers, the UAE has 62.4 web clients every 100 residents. The UAE has phenomenal broadband disposal and this was confirmed by Cisco ‘s broadband quality reappraisal in the twelvemonth 2010, puting the UAE on 8th place comprehensively.

E-Readiness placement

E-Readiness or Networked Readiness Index ( NRI ) measures the degree of preparedness of a state ‘s disposal to convey disposals and informations online and the general quality it conveys to the general population. E-Readiness or the Readiness Index includes the disposal ‘s capacity to use Information and Communication Technology ( ICT ) to assist their fiscal conditions and general unfastened public assistance.

UN e-Government Survey

United Nations Public Administration Network ( UNPAN ) to boot leads a comparable overview and distributes its give an history of e-Government placement. The study called UN e-Government Survey was distributed every twelvemonth until 2005 yet subsequently turned into a two-year distribution. The UAE ‘s general positioning harmonizing to the UN e-Government Survey has experienced legion good and bad times. UAE ‘s rank rose for two uninterrupted overviews ; it jumped from 60th rank in 2004 by 18 places to be at 42nd place in the twelvemonth 2005 and after that rose by 10 places to be at 32nd place in the twelvemonth 2008. On the other manus, its rank took a unstable dip in 2010 carry throughing 49th place. Then once more, by and large, UAE was positioned 4th in the territory in 2010 study.

UAE Vision 2021

Under the criterion of Vision 2021, the UAE attempts to be among the best states on the planet by 2021. Vision 2021 provinces: In a solid and safe brotherhood, proficient and originative Emiratis will surely piece a focussed and strong economic system. They will boom as a strong society clung to its personality and appreciate the most notable ways of life with a supporting and practical environment. Vision 2021 sets out its ends in four categories: United in duty, United in destiny, United in acquisition and United in booming. Vision 2021 to boot graphs duties sing the UAE Government, dressed ores of which are:

•The UAE wo n’t chair the gait of its thrust for development. In the pecuniary and authorities circle, the UAE will spread out on parts of incredibility to do its theoretical account abroad, while continually developing to do new game modifiers.

•Legal constructions and taxpayer driven organisations will be intended to supply organisations with the effectual environment that they require so as to develop, flourish and market inventive ideas. Regulations will progress effectual markets and guarantee licensed invention. Organizations will thrive between the general population and private sections, nudging development and augmenting unfastened doors. The UAE will turn into one of the best topographic points on the planet to work together.

•The UAE will back up high quality of life based on world-class unfastened model, taxpayer supported organisations, and a rich recreational environment. The UAE authorities ought to supply occupants with first base, disposals, and relaxation assets, doing a rich sphere in which they can appreciate balanced and fulfilling lives.

•Emiratis will advantage from client centered taxpayer goaded organisations whose quality is exhaustively checked and continually progressed. Intuitive e-Government will give topics a peculiarly antiphonal and effectual channel of disposal from unfastened powers.

•We need the UAE to alter its economic system into a theoretical account where development is driven by larning and promotion. Gainfulness and aggressiveness will come to adversary the best on the planet, as a effect of involvement in scientific discipline, invention, advanced work all through the cloth of the UAE economic system.

•Outstanding informations and correspondence foundation will set up our organisations together and publish them a chief border as they execute and interface with the universe. Remarkable subjects will likewise reap the net incomes of adept connection in their computerized lives as they hunt online down information and the satisfaction

UAE Government Strategy 2011-2013

UAE Government Strategy highlights the demands for the legislative assembly amid the old ages from 2011 to 2013. It structures the premiss whereupon the authorities substances could add to their key and operational agreements. UAE Government Strategy establishes the model for Vision 2021.The process is isolated into seven general criterions, seven critical demands and seven cardinal authorising agents. The seven general criterions are:

•Enhance the portion of authorities elements in concocting feasible ordinances and incorporated attacks by fruitful arrangement and mandate

•Enhance successful coordination and coaction among elective elements and with nearby authoritiess

•Focus on conveying great, client driven, and incorporated taxpayer supported organisations

•Invest in human plus abilities and create innovators

•Promote productive plus disposal inside authorities elements and influence dynamic associations

•Pursue a society of glare through cardinal sing, consistent executing alteration, and prevailing consequences

•Enhance downrightness and responsible disposal instruments all through the authorities elements

UAE Government Strategy 2011-2013 points of involvement its committednesss in the field of e-Government under cardinal authorising agent, customer–centric disposal. All Federal Entities will travel towards concentrating on their clients and comprehension their demands. Taxpayer supported organisations will be outlined, re-built, and streamlined to turn to all the issues of diverse client parts and their desires. These taxpayer driven organisations will be given through imaginative and powerful channels, which address their client ‘s necessities and vouch their entryway to great disposals.

The UAE Government will carry through its clients by altering its disposals to give a consistent and astonishing client brush by accelerating move towards e-Government, encompassing client division, authorising helpful entree to Government benefits through imaginative and client amicable conveyance Stationss, re-designing and streamlining techniques for quality and opportune taxpayer supported organisation conveyance, and integrating taxpayer supported organisation conveyance.

Emirates e-Government

Emirates e-Government is in charge of making, put to deathing and maintaining up the e-Government plan at the elective degree in the UAE. This includes redesigning and passing the traditional modus operandis for conveying the taxpayer supported organisations and holding the disposals conveyed electronically through the sending of cutting border Information and correspondence in Vision, Mission and Values.

Vision:An ideal empowering environment in which the UAE ‘s ICT country will lift as a innovator in the world-wide commercial centre.

Mission:To endorsing the UAE ICT country by screening competition, to procure the premiums of protagonists, to upgrade the position of eServices, to stimulate guess, development, promotion and preparation, to run into our corporate societal duty, and to realize best patterns in ordinance and supervising.




•Team Spirit

•Loyalty and Belonging

•Excellence Culture



Emirates e-Government has set up the UAE ‘s authorization entryway, which is a important point of mention during the clip spent e-Transformation in the UAE. This entry brings all eServices and informations gave by the UAE elected and nearby authorities organic structures under one umbrella.

Activities and recompenses

Emirates e-Government innovators different activities that support the betterment of the e-Government plan in the UAE. It is efficaciously included in projects that advance the usage of eServices and Information and Communication Technology ( ICT ) instruments by the authorities substances and people in general in a protected and feasible attack to carry through better conveyance of disposals and great disposal. Emirates e-Government systematically holds workshops for interior staff and authorities workers on subjects placing with e-Government, cloud disposals, for illustration, Morasalate and Malafate, IT inclines, feasible use of ICT to achieve to the component ‘s aims and so on.

Agreements and Guidelines

Emirates e-Government drafted assorted regulations for national authorities substances in the UAE. These regulations manage sites, online networking usage, web content. Emirates e-Government to boot issued bill of exchange studies identified with e-Participation and unfastened information. These regulations contain suggestions on the substance manner, lineation, format, handiness high spots and so forth to do the cardinal authorities sites as per the cosmopolitan benchmarks of web substance and program as set around World Wide Web Consortium.

The Guidelines for Social Media Usage won Emirates e-Government the 2011 ‘Social networking Initiative of the Year ‘ recompense. The regulations record was arranged in organisation with and wide backup from Dubai School of Government ‘s Governance and Innovation Program and as a squad with the UAE Government elements. Senior Advisers at Information Technology research house Gartner Inc. moreover ; United Nations e-Government Program to boot offered their support and suggestions in puting up Local e-Government Programs

E-Government in the UAE has been launched and is successfully runing at local degrees as good. The authoritiess of six out of the seven emirates, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman and Fujairah have launched their official portals.

These entries are executed to convey the disposals and informations of the single authorities ‘s substances under one umbrella to give brisk and simple entree to the disposal searcher. The entrywaies offer legion intuitive and value-based disposals, for illustration, measure installments, license refillings and so on. What ‘s more, Abu Dhabi and Dubai authorities entries offer informations and advocate to dwellers, organisations and invitees on related affairs, for illustration, how to bespeak wellbeing card, how to acquire drivers ‘ license, or how to seek visa.

The entries intend to be practically advantageous. They endeavor to keep fast to the different regulations on site substance grew by Emirates e-Government taking into history the proposals set around World Wide Web Consortium ( W3C ) . Numerous nearby e-Governments are likewise dynamic on online networking, for illustration, face book and Twitter ; supplying general society with simple entree to authorities elements and governments. The disposal substances keep people in general educated about their disposals and activities, reply to their enquiries and connect with them in strengthening discourses placing with the taxpayer supported organisations, schemes and so forth.

The UAE Government is traveling for the electronic alteration or e-Transformation of immense Numberss of its disposals at the elective degree. The UAE authorities is doing legion moves to carry through this. H. H. Sheik Mohammed container Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai focused on, while impeling the elected gateway of the UAE that “ e-Transformation in the UAE and the procurance of elected and neighborhood benefits through one entrance adds to upgrade the province ‘s aggressiveness and opens up more extended chances for direct correspondence with group assemblages and efforts to better the viability and productiveness of legislative work in the state. ”

Awards and awards

GCC e-Government AwardThe UAE is efficaciously included in the GCC e-Government Award. The award is held biyearly in one of the GCC states.

The 2nd GCC e-Government Award the 2nd GCC e-Government Award was held in Kuwait from November 13 to 15, 2011. UAE substances have packed away the greater portion of the recompenses. The elective entryway of the UAE authorities ( ) has accomplished the primary topographic point among the six GCC authorities entrywaies.

The chief GCC e-Government Award the first GCC e-Government Award was held in Muscat in the twelvemonth 2009. The UAE won five recompenses that twelvemonth.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority ( DEWA )won 2nd award for e-Bill Payment under the categorization of best eService. General Civil Aviation Authority ( GCAA ) won the 3rd award for the best e-Content on their site.

Middle Easterner e-Government Web AwardThe Award tries to authorise imaginativeness in the lineation of e-Government sites, convey the best informations and correspondence invention to do their disposals efficaciously accessible to general society and do a straightforward and procure computerized environment.

Advanced Innovation AwardEmirates e-Government has gotten the ‘Specialized Innovation Award ‘ in the categorization of Information and Communication Technology ( ICT ) for its corporate site ( ) .

Best Strategic Website Award Emiratese-Government has gotten the ‘Best Strategic Website ‘ in the categorization of authority authorities substances sites for the UAE authorities functionary entrance ( ) .


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