The Organisational Culture At Enron Corporation Commerce Essay

This paper analyses the Enron administration civilization and the cardinal issues that finally led to the “ Enron Corporate fiasco ” and why it is so critical that top degree direction is the chief advocate of this civilization determining lower degree employees ‘ behavior of moral logical thinking. Furthermore, as there is a demand to understand how the different types of civilizations may effortlessly assist concern to execute, this essay will place the type of Enron ‘s corporate civilization through using the appraisal instruments developed by Cameron and Quinn ( 1998 ) .

In today ‘s concern environment the civilization has immense impact on organisation ‘s public presentation. It is widely recognized by the directors, that the acceptance of organizational civilization as an effectual control tool, gives the chance to impact on what people think, believe and value ( Ray, 1986 ) .

It is normally known that different administrations have typical civilizations. The civilization of a group can be defined as: ” A form of shared basic premises that the group learned as it solved its jobs of external version and internal integrating, that has worked good plenty to be considered valid and hence, to be taught to new members as the right manner to comprehend, believe, and experience in relation to those jobs ” ( Schein, 1993: pp373-374 ) . Administrations develop their ain civilization through history and construction that gives a sense of individuality. Therefore, every civilization possesses its ain traditions, cognition, art, moral issues, jurisprudence, imposts, and any other capablenesss and wonts acquired by single as a member of society ( Tylor, 1970 ) .It ascertains, through the beliefs, values and norms the manner “ how things are done around here ” ( Mullins, 2002: p802 ) . Organization theory bookmans distinguish that organisational civilizations associate to the construct of an organisation. However, Huczynski & A ; Buchanan ( 2001: p627 ) argue that the facade symptom of civilization “ are its most seeable and most accessible signifiers, which are the seeable and hearable behavior forms and objects ” . In the instance of Enron, the analysis for the company ‘s ruin moved good beyond fiscal and economic argument as the corporate civilization was shown to be a chief ground and lending issue ( Rapoport & A ; Dharan, 2004 ) . The society got a shockwave when it came to that Enron was seen to be an illustration of corporate citizenship and moralss old to its autumn down ( Sims & A ; Brinkmann, 2003 ) while in world the company was heartening a civilization for back-biting direction possessed with exhibiting short-run net incomes and blow uping the company ‘s stock value. Sims and Brinkmann ( 2003 ) point out that this difference between the civilization shown to the populace and investors and the values being enacted within the administration is an illustration of the struggle that can be found between degrees of civilization within an administration as suggested by Schein ( 1985 ) . Conducting the farther analysis of the Enron ‘s ruin it is critical to place the organisational civilization that the company could be identified with. Hence, in conformity to Cameron and Quinn ( 1998 ) and their developed marker standards, there are four types of organizational civilizations identified which include collaborate ( kin ) , create ( adhocracy ) , control ( hierarchy ) and compete ( market ) civilizations. After close research and analyse of the types of organizational civilizations and associating the standards to the instance survey it shows that Enron applied a compete civilization, which to some extent, brought the company to downfall.A Compete ( market ) organisations are focused on relationships- in peculiar, transactions-with providers, clients, contractors, legislators, advisers, regulators, etc. Through efficient external traffics they feel that they can outdo achieve sucA­cess. Compete ( market ) organisations are concerned about fight and efficiency through speech pattern on partnerships and placement ( Cameron and Quinn, 1998 ) . Enron executives spent more clip straitening about repute and acquiring in front than trading with the mundane concern procedures needed to protract the company.A The top directors believed Enron had to be the best at everything it did. When there existed failures and losingss in their concern public presentation, what they did was covering up their losingss in order to protect their reputes alternatively of seeking to make something to do it right. In the instance of Enron, the common end of winning that is often dying in compete civilization organisations, did non interpret past rough concern trades and unethical concern patterns.

In Enron ‘s instance, its corporate civilization played an of import function of its prostration. It was civilization of greed and moneymaking – In Enron, greed was good and money was God. There was a small respect for moralss or the jurisprudence. Such attitudes infused the whole company from the top down to single workers. Organizational civilization supported unethical practises- corruptness, cheating, and bogus patterns were widespread. Many executives and directors knew that the company was following some illegal and unethical patterns, but the executives and the board of managers did non cognize how to do the ethical determinations and corporate ethical civilization. Creative accounting and deceptive net income studies were a affair of mundane process. Denial and repute direction enabled them carry on their unethical and frequently illegal activities. In add-on, if the company makes immense net incomes in unethical manner so single who joins the administration would besides hold to pattern unethical things to last in the company. The direction was blinded by greed and aspiration, their determinations became earnestly flawed. Thus company fell back and directors had to pay in the signifier of mulcts and imprisonment. Therefore, neglect to organizational civilization and misdirection in immense proportions and, chiefly, greed is among the cardinal factors that brought the Enron “ the most advanced company ” to downfall. Enron was looking into the ways of acquiring bigger, greater and more progressive than the other companies at that clip. And it seemed to be truly good on the manner to that mark. However, the analysis of Enron ‘s organizational construction reveals that top directors of any administration at all times must be responsible of everything that happens in their company. Hence, the Enron ‘s top director ( Kenneth Lay ) did non hold his aims, right involvement and mission in the administration. But the success of the concern depends on the executives ‘ abilities to leading, influence on others and how the existent involvements and ends are followed by. K. Lay ‘s place as a president was merely a rubric for the company and as grounds of that is the action of go throughing along the duties to the Jeff Skilling. That could be seen as the countdown of the organizational construction dislocation which is related as the cardinal issue to all the concerns.

A wise decision-making abilities and accomplishment of organizational aims genuinely correlates with the company ‘s organizational construction. In Enron instance, people responsible for doing such wise and of import determinations were evidently those from the top of the direction ; nevertheless they did non truly possess any of the productive aims in their heads. The concluding decision-making was left for the main fiscal and head operating officers whose ability, in the other manus, excluded any sense of any sort of the duty for the effects could happen. The basic involvement, as it seems from the instance survey analysis, was the fiscal profit- money.

Therefore, decision-making was easy blinded with the measure of the concern trades made and money seen, without any of the consideration of the hereafter jobs of the administration, such behavior could do. Harmonizing to Reh ( 2002 ) , “ It is the leader ‘s occupation to supply the vision for the group. A good executive must hold a dream and the ability to acquire the company to back up that dream. But it is non plenty to simply hold the dream. The leader must besides supply the model by which the people in that organisation can assist accomplish the dream. This is called company civilization ” ( p.1 ) . “ By and large, corporate civilization refers to the prevailing implicit values, attitudes and ways of making things in a company. It frequently reflects the personality, doctrine and the ethnic-cultural background of the laminitis or the leader. Corporate civilization dictates how the company is run and how people are promoted ” ( Wong, 2005, p.185 ) .

The leading of the Enron could non get by with supplying the counsel to assist the concern to last. Hence, that is the clear grounds that Jeff Skilling proclaimed the Enron ‘s corporate culture- the civilization of greed, corruptness and misrepresentation. He wanted net incomes at all cost, in add-on the hiring patterns became haunted with happening aggressive, avaricious, unethical employees who could present on the administration ‘s demand for short term net incomes. There is a direct connexion between the manner a concern and its people conduct themselves and the leading within it. There was no regard or responsible decision-making in the Enron. The direction of the organisation was wholly broken down by the company ‘s executives, who displaced their duties to unprofessional staff and there was no strict standart of the public presentation for their concern. “ The senior direction failed to keep a relationship of openness and trust with employees. Staff members who questioned the wisdom of some of Enron ‘s determinations and patterns were either ignored or silenced. Senior direction cared more about self-enrichment than the demands of employees. They showed small respect for significance and moralss beyond the bottom line ” ( Wong, 2005, p.185 ) .And when the top directors turned a unsighted oculus on the legal facets when executing fiscal operations, the clear message of the tolerance of the illegal patterns was sent.

After analyzing the instance survey I suggest that the most of import lesson is that corporate civilization affairs – it can either convey prosperity or catastrophe to the organisation. A company needs to advance an organizational civilization with moral manner of thought as Peters & A ; Waterman ( 1982: p75 ) points out that “ without exclusion, the laterality and coherency of civilization proved to be an indispensable quality of the first-class companies ” . This civilization should be top degree direction as they are cardinal figures, which employees will follow. If executives of a company see the short term bottom line to be the most of import factor to success so lower degree employees will shortly acquire the message and get the “ game ” regulations. This environment is exposed to the actions such as deliberately interrupting the regulations, if consequences can non be achieved within the legal model.

From analyzing the Enron instance it is seen that prostration was brought on by a deficiency of regard, deficiency of concern of direction and existent ends. To indicate out that the tremendous sum of losingss of the company destroyed the lives of the Enron ‘s employees and the investors who trusted and to a great extent invested in the concern. After all taking on to account that organizational civilization is able to convey an tremendous difference and steer the administration to success and prolong sensible wagess ( Hoecklin, 1995 ) by possessing effectual direction ( Miroshnik, 2002 ) , the Enron ‘s illustration demonstrates that when there is unhealthy corporate civilization in the company which lacks the true leading, true involvements, true ends, wise decision-making and the chief issue is greed for money, so such a concern is exposed to go the insolvent.


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