The Pension System In Singapore Accounting Essay

Upon petition of the Government of Mauritius to overhaul the Mauritian Pension System, the World Bank issued a study to rede the Government about the assorted options which are offered to turn to the issue of sustainability of non-contributory pension strategies ( identified as the ‘1st Tier ‘ in the study ) . In the lines of the study, it has been found that despite the fact that BRP is an of import costs element to relieve poorness amongst elderly, the World Bank proposed three ways to cut down the ‘fiscal hazard ‘ . It has been identified that raising pensionable age is ‘compatible with employment forms ‘ . Based on the past events that occured in Mauritius, the 2nd option-targetting- is more likely to neglect once more and the 3rd option is the ‘least effectual with possible constrainsts ‘ .

1.1 Background and context

The background of this survey is to do a projection of the population for the old ages 2013 to 2031. Since population as at 2012 are non available from the CSO, gauging population as at 2012 is a pre-requisite. The methodological analysis used to cipher the forecasted population is the Lee-Carter theoretical account which is fundamentally used to calculate the mortality rate.

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Thereafter, an appraisal of BRP per person has been made, denoted by scenarios A and B, to be able to measure the costs deduction of raising pensionable of raising pensionable age to 65 and 70.

1.2 Scope and Aims

The range and aims of this undertaking is to demo the costs implicaton of raising BRP pensionable age to 65 and 70 as from 2013. An extension to it is the usage of the Implicit Pension Debt ( IPD ) to exemplify the overall impact on the GDP as at 2012 if the authorities had decided to raise the pensionable age to 65 and 70 ( denoted by scenarios 2 and 3 severally ) .

1.3 Accomplishments

In footings of costs deduction, there could hold been a important lessening of 31.06 and 56.90 per centum in widening the eligible age to 65 and 70 severally for the twelvemonth 2013. It has been found that the overall impact altering the pensionable age to 65 is more important than increasing the pensionable to 70, from the scenarios performed with scenario A and B.

Furthermore, it has been analyzed that for the twelvemonth 2012-2031, the overall impact, no affair if BRP per single additions more than expected over the old ages, the overall costs impact can be reduced by increasing the eligible age.

Last, it has been found that out of the scenarios analysis, it has been found that the best scenario would be that the authorities will merely 1.66 % out of the GDP 2012. Otherwise, the worst scenario would amount to 6.51 % out of GDP 2012.

1.4 Overview of Dissertation

After the introductory portion, the undermentioned subdivisions below will follow:

Section 2 is the literature reappraisal which is divided into 2 major sub-sections: the theoretical reappraisal and the empirical reappraisal of assorted writers and establishments.

The theoretical portion describes chiefly the followers:

-What does the pension system consists of,

-What are the types of unfunded types of pension liabilities that exists,

– The importance of holding a multi-pillar system,

-Means proving v/s Universal pension strategies,

-What is Lee-Carter theoretical account and its restrictions,

-What is the IPD about.

The empirical portion describes briefly the Singapore, France, US and Chile Pension Systems. Besides the description portion, there is besides some empirical grounds about Mauritius.

Section 3, the Mauritanian context describes the Mauritanian context as a whole, the challenges which the existent pension suppliers are/ will really be confronting and the development and history of the BRP since its debut.

Section 4 shows that process through which the Lee-Carter theoretical account has been used to gauge the population construction, the premises to be able to utilize the additive arrested development line, the possible scenarios which are being assumed and the results have been analysis including Thursday costs deduction of the BRP if the authorities leaves the BRP pension system unchange or if it had decided to increase the eligible BRP pensionable age to 65 and 70.

Finally, the last subdivision is the decision. It describes what the undertaking has achieved and what are the restrictions about the scenarios which have been set up to do the analysis. What are the future work that can be done to better the restrictions and how the plants can be improved for farther analysis.


2.1Theoretical Reappraisal

Harmonizing to Mark Dorfman and Robert Palacios “ Pensions and societal insurance plans aim to forestall a significant loss in ingestion ensuing from old age, disablement or decease thereby organizing an built-in portion of any societal protection system ”

The pension system has taken a new dimension at an international degree. The World Bank ( 2008 ) identified five pillars in the pension system model.[ I ]

Zero Pillar- In the signifier of non-contributory societal aid which is financed by the authorities out of its budget, normally raised out of general revenue enhancement.

First Pillar- Mandatory parts which is linked to net incomes ; the aim is to replace a part of mean life clip pre-retirement income

Second Pillar- Mandatory defined part program which is managed by an independent investing commission.

Third Pillar-This is a voluntary pillar which can take several signifiers ( DB, DC, Individual Savings )

Fourth Pillar-It is the most modern and non-financial pillar. It includes entree to informal support, non fiscal assets.

The World Bank ( 2008 ) further added that for a pension reform to be successful, two standard has to be fulfilled – the primary standards and the secondary standards.

Under the primary standards, the reform should keep adequateness, affordability, sustainability, and hardiness. Adequacy is the ability to forestall the old-age absolute poorness ; Affordability is one with the fiscal capableness of the person and society ; Sustainability is the fiscal soundness over a foreseeable skyline ; Equitability is the ability of the reform to redistribute income in a progressive manner ; Robustness is the ability to defy in bad economic conditions.

Under secondary rating standards, “ The reform system should be able to lend to growing and end product to be able to supply the promised benefits. To accomplish this, a reform should back up labour and capital market efficiency, reinforce steps to better nest eggs mobilisation and facilitate fiscal market development ”

In one of the most celebrated studies, Debaring the old Age Crisis: Policies to protect the Old and advance growing, it was identified that most of states will be confronting passage alterations and the sustainability of several pension systems is questionable. Specific challenges these schemes/system face are chiefly the increasing length of service and altering demographics which will happen over clip. The writers of the study look the old age crisis non from the position of pension suppliers, instead from the pension schemes participants ‘ position. This ‘increasing length of service and altering demographics ‘ has made many unfunded pension liabilities covered by authorities questionable in many states.

Several beginnings of unfunded pension liabilities are identified in the Robert Holzmann et Al. ( 2004 ) study.

1 ) Guarantees of in private managed DB strategies.

These warrants can take different signifiers. Based on the illustrations given by the writers:

US guarantees involves a premium payment to an establishment to cover liabilities for those who can non make it.

In UK and Japan, persons who opted to ‘ contract-out ‘ of the public strategy, a provided warrant against rising prices hazard ( those DB programs which are under rising prices rate ) in their employer-sponsored DB programs.

2 ) Minimum Pension warrants of publically mandated, in private managed DC Schemes.

Besides the minimal warrant mentioned in the empirical reappraisal, Chile Pension Framework besides involves in warrant a lower limit accrued balance in the single history ( managed by the AFPs ) to run into a pre-specified minimal pension.[ two ]

3 ) Unfunded liabilities of publically managed DB programs.

Those liabilities arise due to ‘Social insurance ‘ strategies that presently dominate pension proviso around the universe. They are found in more than 150 states ; cover huge bulk of the labour force and the aged. They are general known as non-contributory DB programs. Examples mark workers in these strategies are normally military forces and civil retainers

4 ) Unfunded pensions, publically managed DC programs.

The thought behind that programs is to guarantee that the authorities promise can be monitored ( like a authorities bond, but this is considered as a particular non-tradable bonds with a prescribed involvement.

5 ) Other pension liabilities.

Other pension liabilities such as cosmopolitan pension strategies or even means proving strategies are included in this subdivision.

“ The multipillar pension system is defended by three chief theoretical statements that are supported by limited empirical grounds. ” Yan Wang et Al. ( 2001 )

1 ) The multipillar pension system will ease economic efficiency and growing, through taking labour market deformations and by supplying better inducements, increased nest eggs, and better allotment of resources ( James 1999 ) .

2 ) “ It enhances the fiscal sustainability of the pension system and thereby provides better long-run protection for the elderly. “ Yan Wang et Al. ( 2001 )

3 ) It has a redistributive impact and could better intergenerational equity. James ( 1999 )

In Larrymore Willmore ‘s study[ three ]on “ Universal pensions in low income states ” , the ‘Zero pillar ‘ can take three signifiers:

Universal level pension – it is the simplest and normally has the absolute coverage amongst old age people.

Means-tested level pension- Common in developed states and developing states, which target the hapless

Minimal pension warrant for earnings-related pensions- Common in developing states, which is linked to conducive strategies of the pillars II and/or III

Meanss Testing v/s Universal Flat Pension

In Amartya Sen ‘s good known essay on “ The Political Economy of Targeting ” ( 1995, pp.12-13 ) , the major societal costs of agencies test are identified:

Disutility and Stigma

– ” Means-testing is frequently regarded as humiliating and divisiveaˆ¦.it can cut down inducements to salvage and work ” Frank Field ( 1999 ) . Timothy Besley ( 1990 ) added further that this societal cost normally occurs when the agencies testing is considered as excessively rigorous.

Informational Distortion and Incentive deformation

– It is “ a system that rewards cheating and penalizes honestness ” ( Sen, 1995, p.12 ) . That is, under the agencies trial government, people rapidly learned that revelation of information penalizes people who tell the truth, instead than those who hide or falsify the information.

Administrative and invasive costs

-Most of the means trial systems involve immense administrative costs which involve showing of those who are qualified and those who are non.

In add-on to these societal costs identified above, Larry Willmore ( April 2003 ) , a major ailment about means trial system, harmonizing to a authorities curate, is that it gives power to administrative officials and corruptness sometimes accompanies it. However, in the same study, L.Willmore ( April 2003 ) , “ When an applier has right to a pension by merely subjecting cogent evidence of age, the official authorities has small power as compared to the instance where an functionary is asked to attest the applier ‘s income ”

‘On the other manus, cosmopolitan level benefits system is considered as advantageous. This system is considered as simple with low administrative costs. However, there is are doubt about its sustainability that many, if non all, states will see an increasing growing rate of old age people ‘ ( ( L.Willmore ( April 2003 ) ; Timothy Besley ( 1990 ) ) . However, Larry Willmore ( 2003 ) further added that so long as GDP per capita continues to turn, there is no cause for dismaying the cosmopolitan pension ‘s sustainability.

“ The importance of length of service hazard and exposure to it has late been recognized by the international accounting criterions board, which has begun to undertake the job of how to disclosure length of service hazard in fiscal statements ( see Fujisawa and Li, 2010 ) . ” Martin Boyer et al. ( 2011 ) . The writers added that due to the undiversifiable nature of the length of service hazard of a society, it is of import to calculate the figure of decease with a certain grade of truth.

Lee-Carter theoretical account is one of the “ prima statistical theoretical account of mortality [ prediction ] in the demographic literature ” ( Deaton and Paxson, 2004 ) . Initially, “ Lee and Carter developed their attack specifically for U.S. mortality informations, 1933-1987. ” Federico and Gary ( 2007 ) . The writers further added that in the last 10 old ages, “ Scholars have “ rallied ” ( White, 2002 ) to this and closely related attacks, and policy analysts calculating all-cause and cause-specific mortality in states around the universe ”

However, one of the restrictions of Lee and Carter theoretical account is “ that warrant that forecasts ( or backcasts ) from it will non stay consistent with ascertained U.S. mortality informations and it will divert in a manner that will probably besides be inconsistent with many demographists ‘ priors beliefs about the forms of future mortality. ” Federico and Gary ( 2007 ) . Further more, there has been a survey made in the 1993-1987 to calculate mortality for 50 old ages in the hereafter and it has concluded that there is considerable degree of uncertainness in calculating that much.

The World Bank ( 2004 ) identifies that several factors that need to be taken into consideration refering Mauritius.

Mauritians ‘ chance of life thirster has increased.

Life anticipation at 60 was on mean 13 old ages old, now it has increased by 5 old ages more.

Some Mauritians already work beyond their 60th twelvemonth.

Those working in the urban countries and working in the service sectors tend to work till an older age than those in the rural countries in the manual sector which requires much physical attempt.

The economic system is already altering into a service and fabricating economic system.

Some aged and hapless need a higher basic pension

“ The construct of inexplicit pension debt ( IPD ) recognizes that workers and pensionaries have claims on the current or future authoritiess ” Cheikh Kane and Robert Palacios ( 1996 ) . In simpler fiscal footings, it is the present value of all the future pension liabilities that are to be incurred today, if it is non in the hereafter itself.

Harmonizing to Cheikh Kane and Robert Palacios ( 1996 ) , the bing empirical work does non utilize consistent methodological analysis, and there are besides no work that have compared different states has been done. The ground why measuring IPD of doing international comparings are hard is because there is a “ deep-seated struggle between dependability and comparison of projections for pension strategies in different states. ” Martin Werding ( 2006 )

Cheikh Kane and Robert Palacios ( 1996 ) , farther added that “ the value of IPD are utile in sing the deductions of stoping a pay-as-you spell strategy ” but it is besides an of import tool for policymakers to compare the consequences of different reform proposals or scenarios to measure the impact of such a alteration in the pension system.

“ IPD provides a tool with which to measure pension reform that does non presently exist. Decreases to the IPD due to fringy alterations such as increasing the effectual retirement age or changing the benefit indexation regulations could be readily measured ” Robert Holzmann et Al. ( 2004 )

2.2 Empirical Reappraisal

Singapore Pension System

The pension system in Singapore, Mukul ( 1999 ) , consists of:

“ A non-contributory pension strategy for the authorities employees ”

Harmonizing to the study, in between 1973 and 1987 ( transition exercises period ) , the pensionable employees were given the pick to switch to the CPF strategy. In add-on to that, World Bank ( 1999 ) identified that this passage procedure from a PAYG to a funded pension system has led to an addition in the national economy rates in Singapore and Malaysia.

“ A mandatary, publically managed, DC ”

It consists chiefly of the CPF ( Central Provident Fund ) which is a compulsory retirement nest eggs. The CPF, being a provident fund, is based on single history. The most absorbing about the CPF is that it has a great mobility which remains with the employee in occupation passages procedure but, it besides has expanded its range to accomplish societal, political and other aims. The CPF has been able to supply place ownership, pre-retirement investings, life, place and wellness insurance and others like loans for third instruction in Singapore. In simpler footings, the CPF acts as a strategy for retirement and as a encouragement in the public assistance for the single holder.

The success of the CPF is mostly attributed to the advantages given by the authorities. Mukul identified that CPF acts as a revenue enhancement tax write-offs for retirement backdowns ; and over clip, CPF has going more crystalline and has offer significant liberalisation in the investing determinations.

“ The provident fund for certain classs of Armed forces forces called the Savings and Employees Scheme ”

– This strategy is much more generous than the CPF strategy.

France Pension Framework

Harmonizing to the web site, hypertext transfer protocol: //, it is undeniable that the reforming the pension system will hold be forceful mode either today or in the following few old ages to come:

“ In France, the general regulation is that you must retire at age 67 and you can retire from age 62, every bit long as you have worked 41 ( now ) so 42 yearsaˆ¦ However, in some professions, people can retire every bit early as 55 or even 50 and many early retirement populace plans have been established. Women gain two old ages per kid. After large work stoppages, it has been decided in 2003 that civil retainers, who needed merely 37,5 old ages work when private sector needed 40 would follow the general regulation ( but really increasingly ) . In October 2010, in malice of immense work stoppages, the system was changed and the ages were modified from 60 to 62 ( minimal age ) and from 65 to 67 ( normal age ) . ”

France pension system is composed of: –

1 ) Basic Scheme

“ The basic pensions of the general strategy are paid by the Pensions and Occupational Risks Fund ( CARSAT ) , the National Old-Age Insurance Fund for Employees of Ile de France ( in the instance of the Paris part ) and the General Social Security Fund ( in the instance of the Overseas Departments ) . ”

– ” Retraite par repartitionaˆ¦ is based on the thought that the money collected among active people is non invested but instantly redistributed to retired people. ” This pension pillar is more preferable in France as compared to the instance of US ) .

2 ) Compulsory Supplementary Schemes.

They are “ auxiliary pension strategies for employees and are administered by auxiliary pension establishments and by the federations heading these establishments. For private-sector employees, auxiliary pensions are administered by ARRCO ( Association for Employees ‘ Supplementary Schemes ) , covering all classs of employees ( managerial and non-managerial ) , and AGIRC ( General Association of Retirement Institutions for Executives ) covering merely managerial and executive staff. ”

The sum of parts paid is on the footing of a mention salary/income which is so converted into points.

– ” Retraite par capitalisation ” is similar to Americans which involves, for case, pension financess and corporate programs. However in France, this pension pillar constitutes a little proportion of retirement income. “ For the Gallic it is merely unthinkable that the pension you get could depend on the failure of your employer or past employer ( cipher could believe the Enron narrative ) . ”

– ” Retraite Complementaire people over a certain income, and is besides based on “ repartition ” rule and hence wholly independent of the hereafter of the companies you worked for. ”

U.S Pension Framework

The Four Pillars of U.S Retirement, Prudential ( 2008 ) , focused of the chief alterations in the U.S Retirement pillars that have been observed. In the study, the American pension model is a multi-pillar theoretical account, more specifically a four pillar theoretical account.

Social Security of U.S system is the nothing pillar, as per World Bank ( 2008 ) , and the societal insurance plan is non merely for retired individuals. The plan is extended to “ dependants of retired workers and lasting dependants of asleep workers ” . The plan is now referred as the Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance ( which has broadened to disenable individuals ) .

In add-on to the societal security, there is the Auxiliary Security Income ( SSI ) and the Medicare and the Medicaid available to retired persons ( Brady et al. ( 2012 ) ) .

Employment-based programs, the ‘mandatory ‘ pillar, are considered as an of import beginning of income for U.S workers. With the debut of the 401 ( K ) program, growing of DC has begun. There is grounds than there is a displacement from DB benefits to DC, that is, the income generated in the retired age will depend on the public presentation of their investing. The DC programs in the U.S offer persons more flexibleness and control. ( Examples: The persons have the ability to travel in between occupations without losing the benefits in the program ; investing picks, plus allotment and pay out options ) .

“ Employer-sponsored defined benefit programs pay the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation ( PBGC ) a premium, which serves to see some part of the acquired rights of covered workers if support is deficient to cover liabilities at expiration. ” Robert Holzmann et Al. ( 2004 )

Personal Savingss involve Individual Retirement Accounts ( IRAs ) , rentes and other personal nest eggs such as Bank sedimentations, common financess, fixed income, and Equities. There are two types of IRA, the traditional IRA and the Roth IRA. The grounds which was found is that U.S nest eggs rate is inferior to that of other developed states. These personal nest eggs are voluntarily done and represent the voluntary pillar as defined in the World Bank study.

Finally, there is this new construct which the World Bank has defined as the non-financial support. In the study of U.S, the 4th pillar is defined as the ‘retirement picks ‘ . The retirement picks intend to capture the lifestyle picks and the fiscal choices- when to get down retirement ; whether to work in retirement ; where to populate ; how to apportion assets ; how to change over assets to income ; how to protect assets. In add-on to that a prudential survey made showed that merely 20 % of pre-retirees are “ good informed ” on the “ how to ” of the retirement picks.

Chile ‘s Pension Reform of 1980 ( known as the “ APF System ”

Chile ‘s pension reform has been a great success and has been taken as theoretical account by many Latin American states ( Peru, in 1992 ; Colombia and Argentina, in 1993 ; Uruguay, in 1995 ; Mexico, Bolivia and El Salvador in 1996 ; Nicaragua and Dominican Republic in 2000 and 2001 severally ) and other states like Hungary, Poland and Latvia ( Rodrigo R. et Al. ( 2001 ) ) .

The most interesting about the Chilean Pension Reform is that it has non merely been able to cut down the authorities intercession in the Pension System drastically but besides been able to pull people to travel for the APF system. The passage procedure has been compulsory for those working after 1st January 1983 and voluntary for those before. The APF system in itself is a multi pillar.

The Social Security/provided under pillar one are the welfare pension plan and the pension programmes of the Armed Forces ( Rodrigo R. et Al. ( 2001 ) ) . Under the welfare pension plan, a minimal pension is granted to people over 65 years-old or handicapped individuals who have income lower than 50 % of the minimal pension ( the plan is incompatible with grosss of other pension ) .

The two chief map of the province is to supply some warrants and supervise and modulate the whole system. The authorities gives warrants for life rentes paid by insurance companies. In instance of bankruptcy of the insurance companies, the authorities minimizes the losingss of the pre-retirees or the retired persons. The alterations made in the pension system are implemented with the position to promote the pension market to be more competitory with high returns and low administrative costs ; cut down authorities shortage in the pension budget.

The writer, Arenas et Al. ( 1999 ) , estimated that the Total Social Security debt would go on to diminish bit by bit from 3.6 % to 3.1 % in 2010. The long term consequence of replacing the old pension system to the new one is positive in about all projections ( see Bennett and Schmidt-Hebbel, 2001 or Favre et al. , 2006 ) , every bit good as in the World Bank estimations of the development of the inexplicit pension. “ In absence of the

structural reform, the pension inexplicit debt in 2010 would hold been 1.5 times the Chilean GDP ( vs. 25 per cent after reform ) ” Angel Melguizo et Al. ( 2009 ) .

From Rodrigo R. et Al. ( 2001 ) ‘s study, ’empirical surveies showed deficient grounds to decide the impact of the reform on salvaging ‘ . However, figures shows strong growing in Chilean ‘s national nest eggs ; positive impact on private voluntary nest eggs ( though non a really of import 1 ) .

Empirical grounds about Mauritius.

Based on a scenario established by L. Willmore ( 2003 ) , it has been found that the Numberss of workers per retired person in the twelvemonth 2000 was 7.5 and will drop to 2.5 workers in less than 40 old ages. Increasing its retirement age to 65, under ceteris paribus, the writer evaluated that alternatively of 2.5 workers per retired individual, there will be 3.9 by the twelvemonth 2040.

‘Basic Retirement Pension which has come to be regarded as an ‘entitlement ‘ by most Mauritians and has a strong poorness decrease consequence. It was introduced to supply a minimal income warrant for the aged when most o f the Mauritanian population was hapless ‘ World Bank ( 2004 ) . Simulations undertaken in the study suggest that the BRP ‘reduces the portion of hapless individual senior grownups by 35 per centum, of aged twosomes by 61 per centum and of aged life with non-elderly by 30-50 per centum.

Though the importance of BRP is highlighted and that some high income earners do non trust on the cosmopolitan pension, many writers and establishments like IMF and World Bank questioned about the sustainability or affordability of a cosmopolitan pension. The study that World Bank ( 2004 ) issued talk about three options to better the sustainability of the existent system ( under the cosmopolitan government ) . The options are: raising pensionable age, presenting agencies proving, and cut downing the benefit degree.

Introducing agencies proving, based on past experiences has brought several negative deductions and cut downing the benefit degree has been discussed in L.Willmore ( 2006 ) that due to political restraints ( refer to the History of BRP ) , cut downing benefit degree will be less likely to be done specially when the World Bank study ( 2004 ) said that “ the portion of its over-60 population is expected to more than three-base hit in the following 50 old ages ” .

Based on IMF staff appraisals on distribution Benefits tabular array in 2006 ( shown in per centum by quintile ) , it is found that at that clip, 38.7 % of BRP benefits go to the richest 20 % of the state.

Projections made by the World Bank ( 2004 )

The study has undertaken an inexplicit pension debt ( IPD ) by dismissing the future pension duties by a rate of 8 per centum. The consequences under current pattern was an IPD 221 and an IPD of 111 with the debut of a madatory retirement at 65.

The universe Bank reported that it is extremely advisable to cut down the basic pension liabilities ( in which BRP takes a big portion ) to be sustainable in the hereafter.


3.1 Brief Overview about Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the most diverse pension system around the universe. In fact, it has all the pillars which are set up under the World Bank get downing with the fiscal facets to the non-financial facets. However, the most distinguishing characteristic of the state is its ability to supply a non-contributory cosmopolitan pension strategy.

The non-financial facets can be the advantages and installations offered by the formal and informal system which are given to the pensionaries or future- pensionaries in footings of services. The illustrations of non-financial facets installations given by the CPF is to supply place ownership, pre-retirement investings, life, place and wellness insurance and others like loans for third instruction.

In this subdivision, the Mauritian pension system has been divided into the World Bank Pension System Conceptual Framework. That is, the Mauritian pension system will be segmented into non-contributory, contributory, and voluntary strategies.

3.1.1 Actual Pension System of Mauritius

Non-contributory strategies available are soon Basic Pensions and the Public Service pension ( known as Civil Service Pension Scheme ) and the Statutory Bodies Pension Fund. The contributory strategies involve chiefly the National Pension Fund ( NPF ) , National Saving Fund ( NSF ) . The voluntary strategies involve pension strategies set up by insurance companies or employers ( Personal pension strategies ) , the Sugar Industry Pension Fund ( which is managed by a Board, under Section 19 of Sugar Industry Pension Fund Act ) and Individual nest eggs.

Refering the last pillar which is fundamentally a non fiscal pillar, in Mauritius, there is the Health and Housing policy which are available to pensionaries and members of a contributory fund.

3.2 Components of Pension System in Mauritius

3.2.1 Basic Pensions

Basic Pensions are by and large financed from general revenue enhancements and are accounted in the authorities ‘s statement of Outgo of the Consolidated Fund[ four ]. Examples of basic pensions are the Basic Retirement, Basic Widows, and Basic Invalid pensions.

3.2.2 National Pension Fund

The NPF is a compulsory defined benefit strategy, which has been created in 1978 and ruled under the National Pension Act 1976. The demand to maximise return, need for security, demand for liquidness, and need for national development are the four investing aims that the Investment Committee is seeking to equilibrate.

The standard part rate is set up at 9 % of net incomes, employers- 6 % , employees-3 % . However, most employees in the sugar industry have their part rate valued at 13.5 % , employer-10.5 % and employee-3 % . It is of import to foreground that public retainers and every low income earners are excluded from the compulsory part, which means that they do non have contributory and hurt pensions granted to members of NPF merely. The pay-out benefits will depend on the points which have been accumulated through-out the old ages until retirement.

3.2.3 National Saving Fund

NSF, on the other manus is a defined part strategy ( contributed by the employer ) whereby at retirement, a ball amount is paid to the retired member of NSF. Previously known as the Employee Welfare Fund, it is set up under the National Saving Fund Act 1995. The part rate is really amounted to 2.5 % of the employee ‘s income which is entirely contributed by the employer. As compared to NPF, civil retainers are included in this strategy.

One of the chief unfavorable judgments related to NPF and NSF is that they investing made is non plenty diversified. For illustration, for NPF/NSF 2011, investing in local authorities bonds has amounted to 63.2 % and 80.7 % out of the sum portfolio which evidently is beyond sensible[ V ].

3.2.4 Statutory Bodies Pension Fund and Civil Service Pension Scheme

The pension strategies under Statutory Bodies Pension fund Act 1978 are required to be administered by SICOM ( State Insurance Corporation of Mauritius ) . This strategy is on the passage procedure towards a conducive strategy. Based on Statutory Bodies Pension Fund Act, officers[ six ]who are appointed on or after 1 July 2008 have to lend to the strategy.

Civil Service Pension Scheme has been revealed to be “ excessively generous ” by the World Bank. “ The replacing rate of a private sector worker will hold a replacing rate of 53, a civil retainer will have a replacing rate of 87 ( 20 from BRP ) ” World Bank ( June 30, 2004 ) . The outgo on CSPS amounted at Rs 710 m in 1998, increased to Rs 788 m in 1999, Rs 889 m in 2000. In 2001, the outgo increased by about 37 % ; 2006/2007 ‘s CSPS outgo grew by around 12 % amounted to around Rs 354 m ; 2010/2011 ‘s costs increased by Rs 113 m.

3.2.5 Pension Schemes, set up by insurance companies, any other authorised companies or employers

They need the blessing and supervising of one of these establishments: the Registrar of Association under the Employees Superannuation Fund Act 1954 ; the Mauritius Revenue Authority under Income Tax Regulations 1996 ; and the Financial Services Commission under the Financial Services Act and the Trusts Act. The private pension sector has really of around 1500 strategies under MRA, about 50 under Registrar of Association and around 15 under the Trusts Act.

However, it is of import to observe that a Private Pension Act is presently under dialogue. Harmonizing to Aon Hewitt, one of the of import consultative houses in pension system in Mauritius, there will be several benefits to the new passage to come. Amongst others, the regulative aims will be maintained in a just, safe, and efficient manner ; promote assurance ; and just intervention to donees.

3.2.6 Sugar Industry Pension Fund

Consequently to the Sugar Industry Pension Fund Act, which is fundamentally a defined contributory strategy ( part rate out of the employee wage ) , there are several conditions to be able to go members of this strategy. Amongst others, the conditions are:

-The need that the employer is being straight related with the procedure of sugar industry as per the act.

-The employee should non be listed in the passage subdivision 4 ( 3 )

3.3 Challenges in front in the MPS

From a seminar on 22nd August 2012, “ Deductions of the new private pension strategy statute law ” , undertaken by the Swan Group, it has been indentified 4 of import challenges that the pension industry in Mauritius is really facing:

1 ) Increasing Life Expectancy. In fact, life anticipation is increasing all over the universe, non merely in Mauritius. However, the nucleus jobs is the increasing spread between the retirement age and life anticipation of the single, where-by the inability to calculate, with some grade of truth, the life anticipation of a specific person

2 ) Lack of involvement from younger people to put for the hereafter. That is they prefer to pass more for the current benefits.

3 ) There is a belief that the employer will supply the pension ( which may non be the instance )

4 ) Lack of willingness to understand the pension system ; how it works and so on.

3.4 Basic Retirement Pension ( BRP )

Since the research methodological analysis that will be based on accessing BRP, it will be worthwhile to how an overview the BRP in Mauritius.

3.4.1 History of BRP

In 1950-1958, policymakers were looking to cut downing their financial costs. They have introduced an single income trial excepting 20-25 % , comparative to the cosmopolitan system. The means trial at that clip was traveling to be harsher whereby informal sector ( like possible support from girls and boies ) were taken into history. Honest citizens, at that clip, were shocked to see that they had their pensions reduced. They rapidly learned to unwrap information to avoid the cut-off on their pension. In 1958, the testing was abolished and the system returned back to catholicity.

In 1965-1976, for the 2nd clip, a mild income trial was introduced. The procedure is about registering and paying revenue enhancement disqualifies people to obtain their pension support from the authorities. The system was non as intrusive and there were non so much corruptness as the old 1. However, the job was that the inducements to unwrap or falsifying information had non been resolved.

For the 3rd clip, on August 2004, an income trial on BRP was imposed. In this one, pensionaries ( & lt ; 90 Yrs old ) with one-year income greater than Rs 208,000 had their pensions reduced by 50 % *1/12 of the extra sum which was above Rs 208,000. However, the party at that clip lost the national elections of July 2005, and the new authorities eliminated the targeted attack once more back to the cosmopolitan system.

In 2008, the authorities has introduced a general gradual addition in retirement to 65 old ages old. However, for BRP the eligible retirement age has been affixed to 60 old ages.

3.4.2 Eligibility

The general eligibility demands to hold entree to the BRP are:

Every Mauritanian Citizen aged 60 or supra ;

The individual should hold resided in Mauritius for an sum of 12 old ages ( on or after its 18 old ages old )

The abode making does non use to Mauritian citizen aged over 70 or over.

Non-citizens must hold resided in Mauritius for at least 15 old ages on norm ( on or after its 40 old ages old )

Those who are eligible to BRP as at 2013, the sum every bit at 2012 has been adjusted to counterbalance for the addition in cost of life. Harmonizing to the budget 2013, “ As from January 2013, the monthly BRP will travel up to 3, 494 rupees for pensionaries aged 60 to 89 old ages, to 10,404 rupees for those aged 90 to 99 old ages and to 11,807 rupees for centenarians. ”

This represents on norm an addition of 4.3 % .

3.4.3 Collectible Sum

Once eligible, the sum receivable would be as per the budget indicates.

For the budget 2013, the sum collectible to those eligible is indicated below


A Rs.





& gt ; 100



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