The Personal Entrepreneurial Strategy Essay

What is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the procedure brought by enterpriser of seeking the new chances, set abouting inventions and transforming them into marketable goods or services. Entrepreneurs use their endowment in the resorts and work it out. They dare to take hazards to get down a new concern and make a new market. Normally, enterprisers have the passion to make a new goods or service that satisfy clients ‘ demand and be the concern proprietor.

Entrepreneurs are such the of import individuals who have the cardinal function in all economic activity today. This is because it ‘s entrepreneurial, creativeness, invention and energy that drive growing and chance in bing and new markets. They are able to seek chances to gain by fulfilling clients ‘ demands and enrich people live.

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The Personal Entrepreneurial Strategy Essay
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Entrepreneurs are optimistic because they are willing to take the hazard for their resorts to derive the net income and believe that it can success in the hereafter. In add-on, they must ever update themselves mundane and acquire new information in order to carry through clients ‘ demands and counter competition. Otherwise, they will be rejected by the market for non accommodating the new tendency.

Furthermore, enterprisers are besides good in selling their goods and services against the competition. They can pull the clients by presenting the singularity and difference of their merchandises and services compared to other rivals. Before that, they must hold done some research for clients ‘ demands and offer their merchandises and services in attractive ways than other rivals.

A successful enterpriser can be a market leader every bit good as a tendency compositor. There are some successful enterprisers such as Tony Fernandes who introduced AirAsia, low cost air hose with the tagline “ Now everyone can wing ” , Steve Jobs who is the co-founder of Apple, introduced new tendency of personal computing machine and smartphone like Mac, iPhone, iPod etc, Mark Zuckerberg who launched Facebook, the popular societal networking website linking people around the universe.

Profile of the Past

Personal Preferences

There are two types of energy. One is positive energy which can convey you the greatest sum of personal satisfaction and sense of enjoyment. And, another negative energy that gives you the greatest sum of personal dissatisfaction, anxiousness, discourages and discontent.

The first beginning of energy is the involvement on the things. If these are the things that I am interested, I will hold energy to set more attempt and passion to make it. Second, household ‘s love and support besides can give me energy. With household ‘s support, I will be extremely motivated to make the things. Besides that, my household will besides be happy for what I am making. Last, good environment is besides one of the of import thing that can give me energy. With the good status of environment such as good teammates, good working topographic point etc, I will be motivated and bask making the things.

On the other manus, there are some beginnings of energy can besides crush me down when I was non strong plenty. Troubles faced are the hardest for me to get the better of it. I will lose the bravery to complete the undertakings while confronting some jobs and troubles that make me experience anxiousness. The 2nd beginning of energy can take away my energy is the force per unit area. Pressure may do me stop and give up making the things that I might hold halfway done. Finally, bad environment of the on the job topographic point is besides one of the beginning of energy can convey me dissatisfaction. I will be deficiency of motive on making the things in a bad environment that cause me unhappy and hapless public presentation.

I am appreciated for holding this class. It helps me to believe out what I will go in the hereafter. In 20 to 30 old ages, I would wish to hold a high quality of life style with a condominium and a auto. I wish I can be an enterpriser in Information Technology field. Of class I need to hold salvaging for my hereafter program in order to pass money sagely. I hope that my friends around me could hold good attitude and good life style but non involved in bad wonts, offense and illegal activities. A flight of aspiration can do me to acquire an ideal life style. What can crush me down is deficiency of involvement on the things which can do me no bravery to accomplish the ends.

Idea Generation

What is thought coevals? Idea coevals is to bring forth thoughts for new ventures. An old German adage says, “ Every beginning is difficult ” . Before you begin, think creatively and you will be surprised that the figure of interesting thoughts you can believe of.

There are some thoughts I have generated. I hope that I could construct a concern that allows people to take order for drink or sweet from the web site. Besides that, I wish to make a coach system, which can bring forth clients ‘ measure to their house with the entire sum of money they spend in per month. Customers can merely scan with the coach card alternatively of taking out the money from the billfold which may devour a batch of times when there are many clients. We may bring forth a lector reserve system that helps pupil to reserve a peculiar clip slot of lector for audience.

There are common properties of concern I wanted to come in. First, the involvement of the occupation range can excite me to come in the company. Furthermore, the high income can besides actuate me to acquire the occupation. A good environment is besides of import for me to concentrate on making the concern. I besides wanted to come in a turning company particularly international company compared to local company. There are some common properties of concern I did non desire to come in such as no involvement with the concern. Low income besides can impact me to bring forth to low quality of occupation public presentation. I did n’t desire to come in a concern with bad environment because I might deflect with bad or dirty environment which makes me uncomfortable to making the occupation.

I would wish to get down my ain concern someday because it brings me a greatest sum of satisfaction by pull offing good my ain company. It may hard to get down a concern at the beginning. But if you ne’er give up and get the better of the jobs when confronting troubles, you will gain a batch of net income when your company grows good in the market. I will be the foreman to order employees to execute the day-to-day undertakings alternatively of taking order from upper director. When the company earns net income, the gross will goes to me instead than take regular wage.

To get down a concern, I must pass my money sagely in my entrepreneurial journey. I would pass the most money at location portion of my concern. This is because a scheme location can acquire a batch of clients easy in order to increase the gross revenues. Second, I would apportion more money at life style and work manner to command the size of concern, rate of existent growing, work load and so on. Following, I will apportion the money at personal development to derive cognition in making concern. Standard of life will be the 4th point I will put to go a rich businesswomen. Finally, I will pass the same sum of money at impact on ecology and environment, position and prestigiousness and capital required.

Personal History

I have worked for three companies. The first company I entered was Home Recipe Restaurant when I was 15 old ages old. I found the occupation in a shopping composite because I wanted to pass my vacations to gain some money after holding PMR scrutiny. At first I worked as a waitress who in charge of taking orders for clients, functioning and uncluttering the nutrient and drink. After a period of clip, I occupied as teller who handled the payment. I worked for 12 hours each twenty-four hours for about 2 months in the eating house. I had learnt the communicate accomplishment with clients. During the weekends, the eating house took a batch of orders from clients that might impact the velocity of cooking nutrient. This was because there were merely two chefs in the kitchen and each nutrient demand to cook it one by one. I had to conmfort clients with my communicate accomplishment so that they would non acquire angry.

The 2nd occupation was a portion clip feast waiter at Eastern & A ; Oriental Hotel. My friend introduced me to work when I was 16 old ages old. I used to put up and guarantee the scene of tabular arraies wholly before the event started. During the event, I served the nutrients and drinks to invitees with the figure of table assigned by the director. Besides that, carry through what a invitee needs is besides one of our duties such as refill the ruddy vino when it was about finish. I spent my weekend to work to derive excess money. I have of all time worked for festival like Christmas twenty-four hours and New Year twenty-four hours to gain higher income. I worked for this hotel for about 2 old ages. An add-on thing I had learnt from being a feast waiter was pull offing people. Normally, there were two people assigned to in charge four tabular arraies. I faced a job before where every feast waiter was busy functioning nutrient to invitees and my teammate was smoking in the lavatory. That clip I served four tabular arraies of invitees myself without him. From that onwards, I managed people without acquiring any problem.

The latest occupation I had was a client support at Senphoenix Network. This is my brother ‘s company and I worked as a portion timer when I was 17 old ages old after the SPM scrutiny. This is the company that offers e-commerce shopping cart package and website customization to clients. When I was holding semester interruption during diploma life, I would travel my brother ‘s company and work for him. I was assigned to larn with Adobe Photoshop, HTML and CSS when I was zero cognition for IT field. I had besides learnt how to put up an e-commerce templet for client. Then, I managed to back up and keep clients ‘ web sites and use my communicate accomplishment to answer day-to-day electronic mail.

During my diploma life, I joined Community Sociology because I wanted to hold a different life alternatively of analyzing every twenty-four hours. Our purpose was to assist kids and do them happy in rural country. The biggest undertaking was to form a cantonment for kids in a rural country. My place was an adjunct leader of reding to soothe kids during the cantonment. I managed to soothe a child while he was being bitten by other kid. Besides that, I was assigned to plan and make their name cards and brochures. I have applied my design accomplishment utilizing Adobe Photoshop in making the name cards alternatively of manus pulling. In add-on, we went to the nearby lodging country for community service. We helped them to unclutter the unneeded grass in their vase and rinse their floor. I enjoyed assisting villagers with my teammates during the community service.

Role Model

There are many success enterprisers in the universe. The concern hero that I have admired is Tan Sri Anthony Francis Fernandes, better known as Tony Fernandes. He is a Malaysia Indian enterpriser and owned Tune Air Sdn. Bhd. He can go such a popular enterpriser because he introduced the Malaysia largest low cost air hose, AirAsia with the motto of “ Now everyone can wing ” .

Tony Fernandes was born on April 30, 1964 in Kuala Lumpur. At the age of 12, he left Malaysia to analyze at Epsom College in Surrey, England. He besides completed his surveies from the London School of Economics in the twelvemonth of 1987. From 1987 to 1989, he worked as an hearer in Virgin Atlantic and became the fiscal accountant for Richard Branson ‘s Virgin Records. In 1991, He officially admitted as Associate Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ( ACCA ). Now he is one of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales ( ICAEW ). From 1992 to 2001, he started in the Warner Music and became the South East Asiatic regional vice-president. After that, he left the company and program to run a budget no-frills air hose. From these points I can see that he is a individual willing to larn and make bold to woolgather to do his dream come true.

However, life is ups and downs. Malayan authorities rejected his application to run a low-priced air hose for a licence. In 2001, Tony Fernandes met up with Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. He was advised to purchase an bing air hose alternatively of running a new concern. AirAsia was launched in 1993 and owned by a government- owned pudding stone, DRB-Hicom. At that clip, AirAsia was a heavily-indebted air hose. He took the hazard to mortgage his place and bought the company with two ageing Boeing 737 jets and $ 11 million in debt. After the September 11 onslaughts of 2001, concern did non travel smooth but he ne’er gave up. He managed to turn AirAsia into a profitable air hose within two old ages. Now, AirAisa can be so successful that operates scheduled domestic and international flights crossing 25 states.

I am admired Tony Fernandes because non everyone could take hazard to mortgage his place and purchase a heavily-indebted air hose. Besides that, he ne’er gave up on his concern when he faced the troubles. He managed to bring forth a new thought and do everyone possible to wing with a low-cost monetary value and yet AirAsia is able to gain net income without losing money.

Profile of the Present

Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses

No 1 is prefect because everyone has their ain strengths and failings. My strengths are work hard on the things I am interesting. I will seek my best to set attempt on it to acquire good consequence. I am willing to give to my sleep hr and amusement hr, merely to do it done. It can be one of my failings excessively. This is because I will non hold the bravery to make it when it comes with non interested on that thing.

Furthermore, I have self subject. I will do a agenda for yearss in order to transport out the undertaking. For illustration, before the due day of the month of the assignment is coming shortly. I will coerce myself to get down working on it so that I have more clip to do this assignment better. Then, it will non detain the due day of the month. Besides that, some of the things I will non acquire involved such as offense, illegal activities, smoke, clubbing etc. This is because I do n’t desire to do the errors that I will repent for it, and besides do my household, friends disappointed on me.

I besides have the ability of accommodating to a new environment. Depends on the status of environment, I will accommodate to it in order to last. We can non ever lodge to old life style merely because these are something that we are familiar with and used to it. I may necessitate some times to accommodate to a new environment. After that, I can acquire used to it. For case, I came from Penang and I may non acquire used to Kuala Lumpur life style. I took some times to accommodate it and now I love to populate in a large metropolis with the convenient installations like LRT, many picks of merchandises and services that Penang does non hold.

One of my failings is fright of failure. This contains many factors that make me afraid of failure. The first factor is I give myself excessively much of force per unit area and outlook. Besides that, my household gives me money to farther analyze in Advanced Diploma in Internet Technology cum Bachelor of Science Degree. I do n’t desire to let down my household because their money is difficult to gain. Therefore, I will seek my best on making everything to guarantee that I will non neglect.

Sometimes, I can non make up one’s mind myself on what should I make when they come with many picks. I would take longer clip to believe the effect of taking this way. This may because I afraid of brand incorrect determination that make me repent it. I will doubt and inquire for my friends ‘ sentiment and suggestion for mention before any determination made.

Puting All Together

Not everyone can go enterpriser because it needs to take a firm stand for what you have been stand for. It is difficult to get down a new concern at the beginning because the company is still new in the market and no 1 knows it. The first few months or even old ages the company may non derive net income. At this phase, you may necessitate to use loan from bank, borrow money from household or friends to back up your company disbursals. Then, use the money in puting your company such as hire qualified employees, do advertisement and publicity, spread out your concern and so forth. You may necessitate to give your amusement hours or household hours to make research for what clients ‘ demands, heighten the bing merchandises or services merchandises and upgrade yourself. Besides that, you besides have to be entire submergence to pull offing your concern. You must be speedy to acquire new information and use it to your concern. Otherwise, some of import information you may lose up. A heavy work load is besides one of demands enterprisers trade with.

You have to occupy with respond to client electronic mails, selling program, pull off employees and so away. It is impossible for one individual does it all at the same because an enterpriser is still a human. Therefore, you may necessitate to allow person else to make the humble work and concentrate on the large image. An enterpriser besides needs to be long term committedness in his concern in order to derive net incomes on the venture. Get down a new concern that relates to activities that you are interested. It will assist you to perpetrate more in your concern that you enjoy in. Furthermore, capital resources are besides one of of import things that entrepreneurs need to perpetrate with. Huge resources are needed when the concern is get downing. Do non give up and work out the fiscal job, you will derive net income in return at last. A dynamic squad besides can assist entrepreneurs success in the concern. When you are environing by the originative and intelligent people, it will influent your province of head. Entrepreneurs are non heroes, they besides need intelligent teammates to increase the productiveness and the velocity of concern growing.

Thinking Ahead

Personal Entrepreneurial Strategy

After complete my surveies in Advanced Diploma in Internet Technology cum Bachelor of Science Degree, I want to acquire a occupation foremost. After get the working experiences, I wish I could construct a company with supplying package to clients. The package can be an application or a system for concern intent. Customers can supply the demands of the system, and we will seek our best to carry through their demands. It may devour some times to bring forth the application. The concluding merchandise will be really alone because it is merely customized to the clients. I hope that my company can be impressive to people. When people needs a plan for concern intent, the first company they consider is mine.

I must get the better of my failings such as fright of failure and vacillation before get downing a new concern. If I do non get the better of it, I may neglect on my entrepreneurial journey. Never afraid of failure, base once more where you fall, and work it out. There are many bravery books can be found in book rock and I should read more on it.

I want to be a success, good known enterpriser in IT field at the age of 30. When the concern is stable in the market, I would rest and allow my employees making the occupation. I want to go around the universe with my lover or my ain. This may because my wonder makes me to see the different civilization, people, and environment of the counties. I am willing to larn new linguistic communication to link with the people and adapt to other counties.

Besides that, I wish I can pass more clip with my household. My parents work hard and gain money for me to acquire degree certification. When I study in other province, the clip rushing with household will acquiring lesser and lesser. If I started new concern, I will take longer clip to immerge for keeping my company. Therefore, I wish to attach to my household with the quality clip.


I would wish to take chance to thank for giving me this opportunity to larn this topic. Thanks Mr. Aric Low and Mr. Tan for the counsel. It makes me cognize what I should make for my hereafter. Put the ends and accomplish them.

Entrepreneurs are non born, but they are made. To be a success enterpriser, one must the intelligent and originative head. Notice for what clients demands and utilize advanced head to get down a concern. Use the strengths to get the better of the failings of the company in order to pull more clients and increase the gross revenues of merchandises and services. One must hold to passion on making their concern. Otherwise, he/she can non stand longer for his occupation due to miss of motive.

I wish I can be a popular businesswoman at the age of 30, and take the remainder of life to see and research other new things that I have non done it before.


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